Philosophy Relativism Wong

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  1. relativism
    idea that experience, thought, evaluation, and reality is relative to something else. ie truth
  2. Moral Relativism
    • 1. moral judgement are true or false or right or wrong only relative to standpoint
    • 2. No standpoint can be proved objectively superior to any other
  3. universalism
    belief that there's only 1 truth
  4. Descriptive Relativism
    claim that if you look around, different cultures have different point of beings (fact, observation)
  5. Normative Relativism
    • wrong to judge or interfere with the moral beliefs and practices of different cultures with different beliefs than own 
    • promote tolerance
  6. Meta-ethical Reletivism
    moral judgments and their justifications are NOT absolute or universal but relative (based on descriptive, is subjective)
  7. moral objectivism/universalism
    moral judgement is true or false in a universal or absolute sense and you can find this out if you're rational and well informed
  8. historical examples
    • Protagoras (sophist) - man measures all things (true and false) 
    • Herodotus - king Darius Greeks vs Callatians and the dead and ask them to do each others
  9. key point in relativism
    custom is key over all (tradition rule morality)
  10. Ruth benedict
    wrong to impose your view on others, morality is expression of culture and approved habits (no universal moral judgments)
  11. support of relativism 
    1. Diversity of moral views
    is a fact that cultures have different moral beliefs. Therefor there is no universal morality. If it was objective, you'd only have 1 moral view.
  12. support of relativism 
    2. Moral Uncertainty
    If morality is objective/universal, then there would be no moral uncertainty. But there is moral uncertainty therefor morality is not objective
  13. support of relativism 
    3. Situational Differences
    Something that is moral in one case is can possibly not be moral in another. If they were objective, they would work in all situations.
  14. David Wong 
    when is morality wrong
    when it generates conflict at the core and not just it's latent function (ie discrimination and slavery)
  15. David Wong
    west vs east
    • west - think for ourselves, individual rights, overall emphasis is on the self 
    • east - common good, the community, overall emphasis is on the whole society

    thus relativism is right because both are correct
  16. Function of Morality (Wong)
    • 1. regulates conflict between people
    • 2. regulates conflict within an individual

    if meets both criteria is moral, and can produce more than 1 correct answer
  17. support of relativisim
    • diversity of moral views
    • moral uncertainty 
    • situation differences
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