Stakeholder Management

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  1. Why is it essential to identify all stakeholders on a project?
    • Any missed will be identified later and probably request changes (which may cause delays)
    • helps create a better organized project that considers all stakeholder's interests
  2. What classification tools can be used to group stakeholders by qualifications like authority level, impact or influence, or requirements?
    • power/interest grids
    • salience models
  3. Stakeholder Management Plan vs Communications Management Plan
    The communications management plan emphasizes (the how communication). The stakeholder management plan, explains the why of communications. Portions of these two plans are often created together.
  4. Controlling stakeholder engagement requires you to compare ________ against the __________ to look for variances.
    • actual work
    • project management plan
  5. Stakeholder Register is an input to what process(s) group(s):
    • Collect Requirements
    • Plan Quality Management
    • Plan Communications Management
    • Plan Risk Management
    • Identify Risks
  6. Stakeholders' individual communication requirements are documented in the:
    Stakeholder Management Plan
  7. To meet stakeholder needs, resolve issues, and make sure they remain interested and active is essential to __________ process.
    Manage Stakeholder Engagement
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