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  1. Accountability
    Characteristic of information that exists when every activity involving the information can be attributed to a named person or automated process.
  2. Authentication
    Validation that the claimed identity of supplicant is indeed the person or entity requesting authorized access to a system or facility.
  3. Authorization
    "Permission granted to properly identified and validated supplicant by an authority to access
  4. Availability
    A quality or state of information characterized by being accessible and correctly formatted for use without interference or obstruction.
  5. C.I.A. triangle
    "The industry standard for computer security since the development of the mainframe. It is based on three characteristics that describe the utility of information: confidentiality
  6. Communications security
    "The protection of an organization’s communications media
  7. Community of interest
    A group of individuals united by shared interests or values within an organization.
  8. Confidentiality
    The quality or state of information that prevents disclosure or exposure to unauthorized individuals or systems.
  9. Control Synonymous with safeguard
    " A security mechanism
  10. Critical path method (CPM)
    A networking dependency project diagramming technique similar to PERT.
  11. Decisional role
    "Management role that involves selecting from among alternative approaches
  12. General business community
    A group of nontechnical business managers and professionals within an organization.
  13. Identification
    The ability of an information system to recognize individual users.
  14. Informational role
    " A management role that seeks to collect
  15. Information security (InfoSec)
    " The protection of information and the systems and hardware that use
  16. Information security community
    Those members of an organization who are assigned to protect the information and the systems that process it.
  17. Information technology community
    Those technology professionals that support the business objectives of the organization by supplying and supporting information technology.
  18. Integrity
    " The quality or state of being whole
  19. Interpersonal role
    " A management role that includes interacting with superiors
  20. Leadership
    A management role that addresses the direction and motivation of human resources.
  21. Management
    The process of achieving objectives using a given set of resources.
  22. Manager
    A member of an organization who coordinates the work of employees order to accomplish organizational goals.
  23. Network Security
    "The protection of an organization’s data networking devices
  24. Operations
    " Managed
  25. Operations Security
    The safeguarding of the organization’s ability to fulfill operational activities without interruption or compromise.
  26. Organization
    " The management principle dedicated to the structuring of resources to support the accomplishment of objectives. Also
  27. Physical Security
    "An aspect of information security that addresses the design
  28. Planning
    "The process that develops
  29. Policy
    The set of organizational guidelines that describe acceptable and unacceptable behaviors of employees in the workplace.
  30. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
    PERT was developed in the late 1950’s to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding engineering projects associated with government acquisitions such as weapons systems.
  31. Projectitis
    The phenomenon of becoming so engrossed in project administration that meaningful project work is neglected.
  32. Project management
    "The application of knowledge
  33. Projects
    Projects are discrete sequences of activities with starting points and defined completion points.
  34. Scope creep
    A project phenomenon that occurs when the quantity or quality of project deliverables is expanded from the original project plan.
  35. Security
    "To be protected from the threat of loss; protection from that which would do harm
  36. Slack time
    The difference in time between the critical path and any other path. It identifies how much time is available for starting a non-critical task without delaying the project as a whole.
  37. Work Breakdown Structure
    A planning approach that breaks a project plan into specific action steps.
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