Intro to Anesthesia

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  1. anesthesia
    loss of sensation
  2. anaisthesia
    • greek word
    • "without feeling" or "insensibility"
  3. general anesthesia
    • reversible state of unconsciousness, immobility, muscle relaxation, and loss of sensation throughout the entire body produced by administration of one or more anesthetic agents
    • patient cannot be aroused even w/ painful stimulus
  4. surgical anesthesia
    specific stage of general anesthesia in which there is sufficient degree of analgesia and muscle relaxation to allow surgery to be performed w/out patient pain or movement
  5. sedation
    • drug induced CNS depression and drowsiness that varies in intensity from light to deep
    • minimally aware or unaware of surroundings but can be aroused by noxious stimulation
  6. tranquilization
    drug induced state of calm in which the patient is reluctant to move and is aware of but unconcerned about it surroundings
  7. hypnosis
    • drug induced sleeplike state that impairs ability of patient to respond appropriately to stimuli
    • can be aroused w/ sufficient stimulation
  8. narcosis
    • drug induced sleep from which the patient is not easily aroused
    • associated w/ admin of narcotics
  9. local anesthesia
    loss of sensation in a small area of the body produced by admin of a local anesthetic agent in proximity to area of interest
  10. topical anesthesia
    loss of sensation of a localized area produced by admin of a local anesthetic directly to a body surface/surgical/traumatic wound
  11. regional anesthesia
    • larger areas targeted
    • loss of sensation in limited area of the body produced by admin of local anesthetic in proximity to sensory nerves
    • (nerve blocks, epidural)
  12. epidural anesthesia
    provide pain control of the rear quarters and pelvic region
  13. balanced anesthesia
    • admin multiple drugs concurrently in smaller quantities than would be required if each were given alone
    • maximizes benefits of each drug, minimizes adverse effects, allows anesthetist to provide appropriate levels of anesthesia for patient
  14. most anesthetic agents have a very ________ therapeutic index
  15. all drugs associated w/ altering pain will:
    • lower BP (hypotension)
    • cardiovascular depression (bradycardia)
    • respiratory depression
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