Philosophy Egoism Hobbes

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  1. Descriptive Egoism/Psychological Egoism
    • all human action is done because a person doing it believes it is in his own self interest
    • aim is own welfare
    • (description/fact)
  2. Normative Egoism
    • what one SHOULD do not what they actually do 
    • why you should act? action is moral if its done for your self interest
  3. Ethical Egoism
    Necessary and sufficient for an action to be morally right that it maximizes one's self interest
  4. Two types of motion
    • vital - innate and automatic (breathing, blood flow, etc)
    • voluntary - active and directed (walking, speaking, etc)
  5. endeavor
    starting place of voluntary motions
  6. hobbes chart of endeavor
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  7. appetite/desire
    move toward it => love => good
  8. adversion
    move away from it => hate it => evil/bad
  9. contempt
  10. human nature in its natural state defines good vs evil. Thus
    actions are based on self interest
  11. happiness/felicity
    to get what you desire as often as you can continually (power! More power = more happiness because of self interest)
  12. state of nature/natural condition of mankind
    • life without gov/authority is war (ie post apocalyptic) 
    • constant combat and fear and death
  13. state of nature is equal because
    • biggest and strongest can be killed via fraud so everyone's equal
    • we are all have to face death
  14. why do we leave state of nature/natural condition of mankind
    • in our best interest (selfish)
    • fear + self interest via reasoning

    thus enter social contract that has sovereign
  15. Laws of Nature
    • 1. Assume the other side wants peace, it don't back to war
    • 2. Give up absolute freedom and accept limited freedom that is acceptable to other people (and vice versa) ie i won't kill you, don't kill me. 
    • 3. Keep your promises/contracts.
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