CHW3M1 - Dark Ages

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  1. How was social class divided?
    Those who fought (nobles and knights), those who prayed (men and women of the Church), and those who worked
  2. Whats a fief?
    Someone who gives land
  3. What's a vassal?
    Someone who tends land
  4. What are the three ordeals people would use to see who was guilty or not? Explain or die
    • Fire (hold hot iron bar for three seconds, then bandaged and if it heals in three days not guilty)
    • Water (thrown in water, if drown not guilty)
    • Combat
  5. What's the feudal hierarchy?
    • King/Monarch
    • Nobility (Lords)
    • Knights
    • Peasants/Serfs
  6. Torture of water
    Throw water down someone's throat
  7. Thumbscrews
    For accomplices; screw da thumbs
  8. Stretch on a rack
    On a board, stretched, disjointed limbs. Mainly for men
  9. Why was Anne Askew the only woman to be stretched on a rack?
  10. Scolds Bridle
  11. Who is Charlemagne?
    • Merovingians ruled France. They needed help ruling France so they got a chief administrator named Charles Martel, who was the Mayor of the Palace. This title was greater than the kings, but his son Pippin wanted to be king, so POPE SAID K
    • Peppin's two sons Charles and Carloman ruled side by side, but then Carloman died. 
    • Cahrles fought against Germany and Lombards and wanted everyone to convert or die
    • Pope Leo III got into shit and Charles saved him and Charles became the Emperor of Rome
  12. What did Charles do?
    • Execute those who wouldn't convert
    • Made his landowners good
  13. What is monasticism?
    Monks achieving solitary asceticism
  14. What did St. Francis of Assissi do
    • Made everyone literally trust in God
    • Gave all he owned to the poor
    • Preached against excess wealth and power
  15. What are St. Clares
    • Founded by St. Clare by Santa Clare del Sciffi
    • Nuns taking vows of poverty and chastity
  16. What happened to people who thought otherwise of church ideas?
    Heretics & were threatened with ex communication
  17. What did Simony and Concubage do?
    • SIMONY: bought offices with Church
    • CONCUBAGE: married priests, accumulated money
  18. What were the Crusades?
    The Crusades were a set of holy wars against Muslims for Jerusalem (because Medieval Ages were super Catholic and want Jesus but Muslims were like EH MAN NO WE GOTTA GET ALLAH). There were eight crusades but only the first four mattered because fuckers. For over two hundred years Europe and Asia fought for them piece of land. The only successful crusade was the first one in 1095-1099 and that just established the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem which provided more lands for knights travelling fun stuff. The other crusades just cared about taking Jerusalem but it never happened haha losers Muslims for life ayeeeeee moeed
  19. Why did people join the Crusades?
    Honour and to get into heaven
  20. Effects of the Crusades
    • no more feudalism because everyone sold their land haha losers
    • Increased power of church and pope
    • Stirred trade with middle east
    • Brought ideas like university yay diversity in knowledge super swag
    • Liberation - opened a whole new world
  21. Who caused the black plague and why did it go cray (unhygienic lil shits and also everyone was so close like one big family)
    also people stacked bodies outside yay
    Black rats because unhygienic shits and everyone was so close
  22. What's a flaggelent
    People who whipped people because they thought the Black Plague was God's punishment
  23. Name some cures for the plague
    Flowers, hot drinks, charm, leeches, smoking, laxatives, mercury
  24. Name the effects of the plague :(((
    • One third of the popular died wow fuck u
    • Lords needed slaves and the remaining healthy ones were like K BUT U GOTTA PAY ME HIGHER BITCH
  25. Why did Medieval towns rise
    • Medieval towns rose to popularity bc Roman trade routes reopened yay econony!!!! Swag!!!! Also better farming techniques thank u based god for the heavy plough
    • oh and more peasants came how swaggie now we have people who make more land and make it swaggified and better your welcome Belgium for your dumb ass marshes, and you too Spain for irrigating you guys. yeah u need us
    • BUT WAIT!!! THERES TOO MANY PEASANTS!!!! AND NOT ENOUGH LAND!!! that's fine mother fuckers we can go trade. As the size of villages grew so did the number of artisans and full time traders and then as civilization advanced so to did specialization in jobs so now the peasants are EVERYWHERE MWUAHAHAHAHA WORLD DOMINATION even in towns because there's so many of us and we can make a town

    • So basically
    • Trade routes
    • New farming techniques
    • Masses of peasants harbouring land, trading, spexializing, and selling their shit and making raw materials
    • =
    • towns and cities

    oh and no more peasants relying on nobility because they strong and independent and don't need their wealth
  26. Romanesque architecture
    Romanesque - copied Rome with the barrel vault and the arch LAME. They used stone, vaults (semicircular or pointe sections of a surface resembling a barrel or tunnel cur in half lengthwise
  27. Byzantine architecture
    Byzantine = Basilicas because they were religious mother fuckers and domes because Islamics did it too and RELIGION!!!
  28. Gothic architecture
    • GOTHIC (from Barbaric Visigoths in Rome) - stone more precise haha losers, buttresses, solid walls and pillars, (pointy) arch, high castles and towers, light interiors with windows, gargoyles
    • Byzantine yay church
    • Romanesque arches and vaults and barriers
    • Gothic everything else
  29. Four things church did that made them suck (absenteeism, sale of indulgences, nepotism, moral decline)
    • Absenteeism - even if you were ABSENT in participation you still got money and privilege
    • Sale of Indulgences - you sold yourself to indulge, aka if you sin just pay the church
    • Nepotism - you got connections? Then you Ne-KNOW-tism haha laugh
    • Moral decline - concubines babe
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