Psychology Chapter 10

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  1. Visual Code
    When you remember something by using a mental picture
  2. Acoustic Code
    Remembering something by saying it out loud
  3. Retrieval
    Obtaining information that has been stored in your memory
  4. Episodic
    A type of memory of chronological events
  5. Maintenance Rehearsal
    A system for remembering that involves repeating information over and over
  6. Semantic
    A type of memory dealing with language and grammar
  7. Elaborative Rehearsal
    Linking new information to material already known
  8. Confabulation
    Filling in memory gaps
  9. Echoic Memory
    A type of auditory sensory memory
  10. Recognition
    This provides insight into how information is stored into our memory
  11. Short term
    A type of memory that's limited to about 7 unrelated items at one time
  12. Proactive Interference
    When earlier memories block you from remembering later information
  13. Long Term
    A type of memory that's stored over long periods of time
  14. Procedural
    A type of memory that doesn't require conscious recollection
  15. Iconic Memory
    A type of visual sensory memory
  16. Sensory Memory
    Memories with very brief memory storage
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