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  1. Factors for removing occupants first by aerial
    Emotional in vicinity..location and severity of fire...time element...akro...FATSLIDE...frightened..agitated..threatening to jump..location of fire...immediate vicinity of fire/smoke..doubt..endangered by fire/smoke
  2. Fdny ICS system
  3. In commercial hi-rise which truck company is responsible for determining the evacuation stairs?
    3rd due truck
  4. At a collapse which engine companies may assist with the removal of lightly buried victims?
    The 3rd and subsequent engines
  5. CFR depots should have a min.( ) blankets in there stock and engines should have a min.( ) blankets in there stock
  6. When inline pumping the main for the hydrant must be at least how big
    6 inches
  7. What unit is responsible for taking pictures at a vacate
    Battalion chief
  8. Where should 2nd due truck inside team go when there will be a delay in getting water on an uncontrolled fire?
    Fire floor or floor below
  9. How many lengths of high pressure can you use to connect to a building?
    Up to 2
  10. How far can a high pressure engine be from Siamese connection when being used?
    Not more then 1 length
  11. Which engine is the high rise nozzle company?
    The 4th due engine
  12. Who is the water resource unit on a 10-70
    The 2nd to arrive engine company
  13. What is the order for extinguishing fire at a collapse?
    1. Building and surrounding debris 2. Exposures 3. Vehicles
  14. During chainsaw ops. The officer must be within visual contact of who?
    The control person
  15. Chainsaw ops..the circle of danger is how big and who is allowed in it?
    10' radius...only operater and control person
  16. Roof saw ops...size of circle of danger and who is allowed in it?
    20' radius..operator, control person and officer
  17. Generally ICS resources should be limited to how many?
    5 ...cflop
  18. In a taxpayer fire call for an extra engine and truck when?
    When 2 hand lines operating in a store
  19. 2nd alarm in a taxpayer when
    Fire in cellar..cockloft...or adjoining store
  20. Who endures Siamese is connected at taxpayer fire
    3rd due engine
  21. Who carrys the k tool at NFP MDS ?
    Ladder officer or irons man
  22. 10-45 code 2 can be associated with what color tag
    Red or orange
  23. Hydra ram opens to a maximum of how many inches
    4 inches
  24. Updated calculations show bow string truss roofs only hold what percent of the original calculation
  25. How quickly can a cast iron column fail in a fire?
    30 minutes
  26. A heavy body of fire can cause a collapse in a taxpayer in as little as -- minutes?
    20 minutes
  27. What are the 3 basic factors necessary for a back draft?
  28. In most cases the high point of a cockloft in a taxpayer is where?
    The front of the building
  29. How many saws and men must be used when cutting a hole in taxpayer roof
    2 saws and 4 members..also roof sector can be company officer or chief
  30. In taxpayers who announces when hose line operation is to commence
    The engine officer
  31. You special call an extra engine and truck at a taxpayer fire when?
    2 hand lines in operation
  32. 2nd alarm in a taxpayer when?
    Fire in cockloft..cellar...or adjoining occupancy
  33. Taxpayer...when can u use 1 3/4 handline?
    After initial attack...and in adjoining occupancy when fire conditions permit
  34. Who ensures Siamese is hooked up to at taxpayer fires?
    3rd due engine
  35. Who is responsible for shutting down utilities at a taxpayer fire?
    1st due truck
  36. Who is responsible for shutting down utilities at a collapse?
    2nd due truck
  37. In under river tubes where do you evacuate passengers?
    Along the running rails opposite the 3rd rail
  38. Blue lights on the air train are where?
    Each end of the platform and every 800 feet
  39. How often do the air trains run during peak time
    2-4 minutes
  40. How many hours of company trained chauffering should you have before going to chauffer school?
    5 hours
  41. What 10-25 codes require an immediate response from con ed
    Code 1 fire extending to building from manhole, conduit, or transformer or code 4 smoke or fire issuing from a transformer
  42. How long can u stay buyoant in your bunker gear?
    1 minute or less
  43. How many people will a inflated length of 2 1/2 hold a float?
    Up to 10
  44. What is best suited for holding more people straight line or looped length of inflated hose?
  45. What is the 5-10-20 rule?
    5" from side airbag..10" from front airbag and 20" from passenger airbag
  46. If you are using ladder pipe what is the proper height angle and psi.
    70-80-90....70° 80 ft high and 90psi
  47. How much faster do you lose body heat in water then in air?
  48. How many tides are there in a 24 hour period?
    4...2 in 2 out
  49. How does a riptide pull you?
    It pulls you swim parallel to shore to get out
  50. Where should the 1st line be stretched for a PD cellar fire?
    To the entrance that gives quickest access to the fire
  51. Who can make the decision to reposition the 1st hose line at a PD fire?
    Only a chief officer
  52. When the 1st line can't advance down the stairs at cellar fire what does the 2nd line do?
    It goes to the exterior entrance
  53. What is the paramount concern in the desicion to advance a hose line down the interior cellar stairs?
    The risk of injuries
  54. In a PD where does the 3rd line go?
    Wherever the IC orders it to
  55. When an engine back stretches on a PD they should do what?
    Consider dropping 2 lines in front of the building....for a fully involved PD leave room in front for a tower ladder and consider stretching a 2 1/2 line
  56. During search and rescue in a PD what is the primary concern of the engine?
    Protect the interior stsirs
  57. In a cellar fire in a PD when the 2nd line is stretched via the exterior stairs what is the 2nd due trucks responsibility?
    Search of the cellar
  58. How should you position the truck at a PD fire?
    So you cover 2 sides
  59. At top floor fires in a PD what should the 2nd due truck due?
    Remain on the floor below until needed...check floors below to ensure the fire did not start below...and due not block the stairs
  60. What are the tools for the outside team at a
    Portable ladder...6' halligan hook and or portable ladder when operating from a tower ladder
  61. On a peaked roof PD where do you put the aerial to the roof
    At least 5& above and to one side of the peak
  62. What does 1st due roof bring to a flat roofed PD
    Halligan...6' halligan hook and lsr
  63. What does the 2nd due roof bring to a flat roofed PD ?
    6' halligan hook and the saw
  64. How do you judge that the outriggers of a tl will be clear?
    Use a 6' hook
  65. The floor area of a the basket is approximately how many feet
    15 sq. Feet
  66. When can a member use the tl fixed ladder
    When no other solution is possible
  67. Which is the most effective way of communication between the pedestal man and the man in the bucket
    The intercom
  68. Who in most cases should perform delicate movement of the tl ?
    The pedestal man
  69. When should tl intercom be checked?
    Daily And in the initial stages of putting tl into operation
  70. Detailed members cannot operate on pedestal of tower ladder unless what?
    They are presently assigned to a tower ladder or are a qualified lcc-tillerman
  71. How can you prevent the scrub area of a tower ladder from being reduced?
    You can correct by placing the front end angled about 15° from the building line..this will put the front end further away then the rear
  72. When is it advantageous to position tl perpendicular to the fire building?
    When the ground is of doubtful stability such as vacant lots or other unpaved areas
  73. With fire in an h type how should you extinguish fire with the tl?
    Start from the throat and move your way outwards...also start by extinguishing fire from the bottom up
  74. Maximum floor basket level of a tl from grade level is....and the maximum degree angle is...
    Elevation 70' and angle is 75°
  75. The basket while touching a point ( ) ft horizontally from center of turntable can reach a basket flood level of what?
    32 feet and 65 feet
  76. Tl scrub area covers the front of the building ( ) high and ( ) wide and will cover ( ) feet frontage
    60 feet high and 50 feet wide...100 feet frontage......also 7750 sq. Ft. When center of turntable is 32 from building and cab is at a 15 degree angle from the building line
  77. Who keys the hydrant on inline pumping
    The back up man
  78. The basket can reach how many feet below grade
    10 feet
  79. How many feet from building in order to drop tower ladder below horizontal?
    25 feet
  80. What is the actual working height of tower ladder ( ) when boom is at a 75° angle?
    70 feet
  81. How should the tl be operated on hills?
    Apparatus should be facing down hill and the boom should be facing uphill
  82. Grade slopes of up percent maybe treated as level ground?
    4 percent
  83. Maximum slope a tower ladder can be operated non is....
    15 % grade set by the manufacture
  84. What angle should the boom be raises to to drain the waterways on a tower ladder ?
    60 degree angle
  85. What do you need for a portable ladder operation from a tower ladder basket
    One 20' ft ladder preferably a combo ladder...15' of 1/2" rope fitted with hose strap hook secured threw 6th rung of portable
  86. When do members not where shorts?
    Akro PEACH..public education day...annual inspection...complaint investigation...hydrant inspection
  87. Rules for sprinkler requirement 1938 code?
    Area exceeding 10000 sq. Feet
  88. Rules for sprinkler protection 1968 code?
    Area's exceeding 10000 sq. feet
  89. Rules for sprinkler protection in 2008 building code?
    Full Building area exceeding 12000 sq. Feet or combined are on all floors exceeding 24000 sq. Feet or or any area over 3 stories or any high rise
  90. Which units should start with at least 2 school trained chauffers?
    Satellite unit..planning vehicle and collapse rescue and deacon units
  91. If the chauffer takes leave after the start of a tour what should happen?
    Notify battalion...remain in service with a school trained chauffer or a company trained chauffer
  92. Who should be notified to voucher currency at any operation where large amounts of cash are discovered?
    Fire marshalls
  93. What is the only maintenance you can perform on the house watch computer?
    Replacing the paper and ink jet cartridge
  94. How many rolls of paper should each unit maintain in the company office?
    2...spare rolls may be secured at battalion headquarters
  95. When should the teleprinter emergency power system be tested?
    On the 1st of every month
  96. If the audible alarm of teleprinter IPS is going off who should the officer contact?
    Notify the supervising alarm dispatcher
  97. What are the single action keys on the MDT?
  98. As the IC a progress report is required his often to the dispatcher?
    Every 10 minutes for the 1st hour AMC every 15 minutes thereafter
  99. When is a fire considered incendiary?
    When all accidental causes have been eliminated
  100. Materials arranged to spread fire from its point of origin to other areas of an occupancy are called what?
  101. Material arranged to start and feed initial fire are called what?
  102. Gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, alcohol, paint thinner, cut or disconnect gas lines are considered what?
  103. Mechanical, chemical, or electrical means used to initiate a fire are what
    Ignition devices
  104. At a fatal fire how would CO cause a victim to look?
    Appear life like(pink to cherry red lips,eyelids or skin)
  105. How should you package evidence to preserve it?
    Use a 1 gallon metal can such as a NEW paint can..evidence can be cut it folded to fit in the can...if a new can is not available use a clean glass jar...try to AVOID plastic containers....a plastic bag may be used in emergencies and in pairs
  106. What is the pattern of normal fire travel?
    Upward and outward. Burning or charring against the lower length of a wall or door may indicate an accelerate was used
  107. What burn pattern may help to identify the point of origin?
    a V pattern...absence of this could mean an accelerant was used
  108. What does small crazing mean?
    Intense and rapid heat build up and will be found closer to the point of origin
  109. What does large crazing mean?
    Indicates remoteness from the point of origin and relatively slow heat build up
  110. What does checkering of glass mean?
    Usually results from water being applied yo the glass. This indicates the window was still in place when ff operated
  111. Wood burns at approximitly ( ) inch every ( ) minutes
    1 inch...45 minutes
  112. Blocking apparatus shall be placed at least how many feet behind the first operating unit?
    50 feet
  113. When are members required to where high visibility safety vests?
    When operating on all highways day and night...don't vests before getting off the rig...they should be stored in the cab
  114. What are the exemption for members yo not wear high. Visibility vests on highways?
    Members directly involved in and in the immediate vicinity of firefighting, hazardous materials mitigation, or technical rescue
  115. When should flares be used?
    At night or periods of reduced visibility and cones should be used during both day and nighttime operations .one should be lit before leaving apparatus.
  116. In hybrid vehicles what is the color of the high voltage cable?
    Orange but in some instances it can be blue
  117. If the rear of a garbage truck must be raised to extinguish the fire what is the minimum distance anyone should be from the truck during this process
    50 feet
  118. What should be stretched at a taxpayer when there is a heavy to medium fire condition?
    2 1/2 line
  119. When can you use an 1" 3/4 line in a taxpayer?
    After the initial attack and when fire conditions are compatible in exposures?
  120. In taxpayers who who shall announce when the initial one should commence attack?
    The engine officer
  121. If there is an interior stair to the cellar, and conditions permit where should the 1st lines be stretched?
    It must be stretched to the top of the cellar stairs to prevent the spread of fire and to permit operations on the 1st floor
  122. If the first line in a taxpayer fire can advance down the cellar stairs where should the 2nd line go?
    It should go to the top of the stairs to protect the members in the cellar and prevent upward extension
  123. If there is a heavy fire in the basement of taxpayer and it can not be controlled what should you do as a last resort?
    Flood first floor with stang nozzle or tower ladder pipe as a last resort
  124. Who ensures that the sprinkler is supplied in a taxpayer?
    The 3rd engine
  125. At a store fire in a taxpayer where should the 1st 2 lines go?
    To the store involved...subsequent lines can be stretched to the adjoining stores
  126. Who can order a cockloft nozzle into operation?
    ONLY a chief officer....conflict with taxpayer sec 7.3.3 B.
  127. In what structure can you directly operate a line into a hole in the roof?
    Taxpayers only...all interior operations must cease and personnel withdrawn to a safe area
  128. On what taxpayers can you operate streams into the cockloft via the exterior by removing signs or vents?
    Older taxpayers pre 1920
  129. Taxpayers...when fire has control of the cockloft and the need for exposure protection is critical what should you do?
    Position the engine to utilize the deck pipe...inline pumping will allow room for placement of the towerladder
  130. 1st handline should be stretched where when there is a serious fire in the cockloft?
    To protect the most seriously exposed occupancy/building...when exposures not in danger into store under main body of fire
  131. 2nd engine in a severe cockloft fire should do what?
    Assist with 1st line or when conditions permit stretch 2nd may be permissible to skip stores in order to get ahead of the fire
  132. What is the responsibility of the 1st due truck at a taxpayer fire?
    To locate and identify the hazard may prevent from doing this...then 2nd ladder will do
  133. The basket of a tower ladder can be positioned how many feet above street level in order to direct a stream into a store?
    1 or 2 feet
  134. It is the responsibility of who to shutdown utilities at a taxpayer fire?
    The 1st due truck
  135. Where do taxpayer fires usually originate?
    At street level usually in the rear...usually storage or utility area
  136. What does a roofman 1st or 2nd due take to the roof at a taxpayer fire?
    Saw and hook...subsequent companys to bring axe or halligan and saw
  137. Truck companies other then 1st or 2nd arriving should report in with what at a taxpayer fire?
    10 or 12 foot hooks besides normal tool assignment
  138. When there is fire on 2nd floor of a taxpayer added emphasis should be on what?
    Need for aerial to roof for ventilation and irons team to take stairs to to second floor
  139. When two or more Lt.s are on duty in a double house they share responsibility. Who is primarily responsible
    The senior lt
  140. Company officers on duty shall immediately notify Bc's of all injuries and illness occurring in qtrs. True or False
    False...only injuries
  141. How early should fire officers report for duty?
    15 minutes to exchange info
  142. Where do the copies of the bf-4 go to?
    Original stays on the rig...copy goes to boss....(dupe to the dope)
  143. When can the officer converse with the chauffer?
    Speed of apparatus....information to relay...route to be taken SIR
  144. When going against traffic you may use one-way streets against traffic for more then _______ only when absolute necessary. When responding on a one way street against traffic, a full stop must be made before entering the intersection
    One block
  145. What can you issue to a person who does yield the right of way to responding apparatus?
    Issue a summons
  146. When using an MST tip to vent by putting the stream out the window how far back should you stand?
    4-5 ft.
  147. A single 90° kink in a 1 3/4 line can result in a loss of how many GPM or more?
    20 gpm
  148. What provides the largest flow of hydrant connections?
    35' soft suction
  149. Which hydrant should engines avoid the use of?
    Red Satellite Water system hydrants
  150. Where is the date of issuance found on hose?
    Female coupling
  151. If operating hose line from adjoining apt. To extinguish fire, the line can be operated through small holes in a common wall.These holes should be made at approximately what level?
    Waist level
  152. When dealing with buildings that have stairwells that wrap around elevators, a utility rope stretch can be made via the stair shaft window in some cases. When would we forgo this method and just stretch up the stairs the fire apt.?
    If the fire is below the 3rd floor
  153. What should the first and second do engine company do at a building collapse?
    The first and second do engine companies should take separate hydrants on separate mains if possible... Outside of the block
  154. What type of PV system may be difficult on impossible to detect during nighttime hours?
    Integrated and flush mounted
  155. If there's any form of hazing going on who must the officer report the incident to?
    The officer must report the incident in writing up the chain of command to the chief of department
  156. One 27 inch gasoline powered fan moves approximately___ times more air than a 16 inch electric box fan
    5 times
  157. Who may call Con Ed from a scene
    Only a chief officer
  158. The second do engine officer shall provide handy talky communications between the standpipe outlet and the nozzle remaining at the outlet until?
    The hose line is operating at the correct nozzle pressure
  159. In the vacant buildings what is the most paramount concern regarding operations
    Life Hazard and the safety of members
  160. In vacant buildings what is the most important aspect determining the initial attack strategy
    Structural stability
  161. In vacant buildings what is the most important consideration in size up
    Protection of life
  162. During in line pumping the engine company chauffeur here's a 3 buzzer tone in the cab. This indicates?
    Area to the rear is clear for backing up and under proper supervision
  163. The contamination control line is the boundary between what
    The contamination reduction zone and the support zone
  164. Distances of under River Rail tubes vary from what to what
    650 feet to 1 mile
  165. The resource unit is a functional unit within the_______ section?
  166. Tillerman signal buzz means what?
    To stop
  167. tilller man buzzer...2 buzzer tones means what
    Tiller man is ready to respond
  168. Tiller man buzzer...3 buzzes means what?
    The area to the rear of the apparatus is clear for backup
  169. If terrorist activity is suspected who should you notify
    Bureau of Fire investigation
  170. What percentage of confined space casualties started out as rescuers?
  171. What is a permit required confined space?
    Any space that poses a danger to anyone that enters it
  172. Atmospheric hazards are what percentage of all confined space deaths?
  173. In confined spaces when can a member use(breathing air) there scba?
    When the atmosphere is verified safe
  174. Atmospheres that are simply asphixants account what percentage of deaths?
  175. Who carries oxygen meters to detect a lack of air in confined spaces?
    Rescue and hazmat
  176. You should do these 2 things when going into a confined space?
    You should use a FD ladder when conditions permit and tie yourself off
  177. Prior to entry into a space one member should be designated as
    The SCBA control timer....this member should ensure that each member has a full SCBA cylinder for entry and write down the time each member Dons their face peace
  178. As a general rule each member operating with a____ minute cylinder must be withdrawn to fresh air in_____ minutes in order to ensure their safety
  179. Each member entering a confined space must be secured by a what?
    A bowline on a bight and slippery hitch to a life-saving rope
  180. The weight supporting capacity of a tower ladder is what when compared to an aerial?
    At least 800lbs compared to only 250lbs for an aeriel
  181. Once the boom or ladder of a tower ladder or Ariel ladder is in position what should be done
    All personnel must be removed from the turntable and the engine shutoff to prevent accidental movement
  182. The IC should ensure the response of who to all confined space incidents
    Advanced Life Support personnel from EMS
  183. What are PCBs primarily used for?
    Cooling liquids in electrical transformers and capacitors
  184. What is the primary consideration at PCB incidents?
    The safety of civilians and fire personnel
  185. Where should transformer registrations be sent to?
    Toxic substance unit, fire prevention
  186. Combustible materials must not be stored within a PCB transformer or within how for?
    5 meters= 16.4 feet
  187. Deactivation of transformers is to be performed by who?
    Con Ed person ell...NEVER to be done by fdny personnell
  188. When should decontamination procedures occur at PCB transformer incidents?
    Members are exposed to PCBs of 50 ppm or higher
  189. The inspector general responsibilities include?
    Corrupt or criminal activity or conflicts of interest....the 3 Cs
  190. In the event that an employee cannot determine whether he should contact bits or the inspector general what should he do?
    Contact the inspector general
  191. In case of emergency or non business hours how should you get in touch with the inspector general?
    Call FDOC
  192. If a theft occurs at the scene by an employee who should the IC contact and how?
    The FDOC via cellular phone who will relay the info the IG
  193. How should BITS be notified during emergencies or non business hours
    Threw FDOC
  194. If u want follow information in regards to an arrest of a member who should you notify and how
    BITS and by written request
  195. If your on the watch and the IG shows up what should you do?
    Ask for ID and make no announcements to anyone unless directed to do so...they have access to anywhere they want go
  196. What are the 3 components of the air branch?
    1) the air recon chief 2) the high rise roof teams 3) the medevac plan
  197. When will the air support plan be activated?
    Doubtful 2nd alarm for 10-76 or 10-77...10-60....all doubtful 3rd alarms....or any time on order of the IC where it would benefit operations
  198. What does the NYPD helicopter radio transmit at?
    25 watts
  199. What are the 3 phases of the air rescue high rise plan
  200. When do you go into the alert phase for the air support plan?
    Transmission of a DOUBTFUL 3rd alarm associated with a 10-76 or 10-77
  201. Who does the decision to assemble rest with during air support plan?
    The IC
  202. The decision to airlift during air support plan lies with who?
    The IC who is a staff chief
  203. Under normal conditions, it can be anticipated that a time span of approximately ____ minutes can be expected between the orders to assemble and lift?
  204. How should air rescue teams board and depart the air rescue ship?
    From the front within the field of vision of the pilot?
  205. When should the MD PFD(personnel floatation device) be inspected?
    Weekly and before and after each use...notify research and devolpment of problems
  206. If you get a run for or encounter and EDP what should you do?
    Signal 10-47 for an edp
  207. How many turns should you take around the gated hook when getting ready go lower a member?
    4 turns
  208. When being lowered on a rope how far apart should your feet be?
    12 inches with toes pointed up
  209. How much of the anti chaffing device should be draped over the edge?
    About 5"
  210. Over time how much can a life saving rope shrink
    8 to 10 feet
  211. Are LP gases lighter or heavier then air?
    Heavier (1.5 to 2 times heavier)
  212. How should you approach LP gas fires and emergencies?
    From upwind...keep nozzle low and aim upward
  213. How far should you keep people away from tanker trucks in an emergency?
    500' from the sides and 1000' from front and rear
  214. What is effective on small LP fires?
    Dry chemical and carbon dioxide extinguishers
  215. When you see a rise in volume of fire or more noise or bubbling or blistering on a tank shell what should you do?
    Withdraw forces immediately to a safe area
  216. What is effective in dispersing LP gas?
    Water spray and it should be used a soon as possible
  217. How much will one cubic foot of propane liquid expand to as a gas?
    270 times as gas
  218. What is the identification number for compressed natural gas vehicles?
    1971 and required to have a warning placard on the front and rear( nys only)
  219. Natural gas is composed of ____% methane and ____% other gases
    95% and 5%...the terms natural gas and methane are interchangable
  220. Do propane cylinders bleve?
  221. Do compressed natural gas cylinders bleve?
    No...subject to failure but do not bleve
  222. Is natural gas lighter or heavier than air?
    Natural gas station s lighter then air
  223. What is the flashpoint of methanol?
    54° F and it is slightly heavier then air
  224. What type of foam must be used on methanol fires?
    Alcohol type foam....dry Chen and purple k are good for small fires
  225. What are the 5 ways a chemical can gain entrance into the body? contact(absorption)...Ingestion...puncture/ wound....eyes
  226. Shipping papers for a truck are called what?
    The bill of lading
  227. Shipping papers for the railroad are called what?
    The waybill
  228. Shipping papers for aircraft are called what?
  229. Shipping papers for ships are called what?
    Cargo manifest
  230. If u are able to identify a hazmat substance who should you notify?
    Chemtrec and the hazmat response team
  231. What amount of hazardous material requires placards to be on a truck?
    OVER 1000 lbs.
  232. If u come upon an illegal drug factory who should you call?
    Hazmat...PD....and dept. Of health
  233. Who establishes and directs decontamination of Fire Department Personnel at asbestos incidents?
    Safety Battalion
  234. Who must arrange for replacement of contaminated apparatus and equipment to restore units to service as soon as possible?
    The IC
  235. What is the ignition temp. Of carbon monoxide?
    1128° F
  236. What is the lower and upper explosive levels of CO?
    LEL is 12.5% and upper is 74%.....CO is slightly lighter then air
  237. What is the maximum safe working level for CO?
    35 ppm over and 8 hour period....residential is 9ppm over and 8 hour period
  238. If your CO detector goes out of service who should you notify?
    Exchange at the battalion each battalion has one spare CO detector
  239. If CO detector exceeds 35ppm it will flash and vibrate how often?
    Every 1 second
  240. If CO detector exceeds 100ppm it will flash and vibrate every?
    1/2 second
  241. When is your uniform inspected?
    Between April 15th and June 15th
  242. When is it optional for an officer to wear his tie?
    Between 2300 and 0900
  243. When must you were a long sleeve shirt?
    Oct 1st thru April 30th
  244. Unless otherwise directed how should reports be forwarded?
    A single copy...promptly threw official channels..and to the chief of operations
  245. When should monthly and quarterly reports be dated and by which date should reach their destination?
    Dated the 1st and reach their destination no later then the 3rd?
  246. When and where is an unusual occurrence report to be sent?
    By 0900 of the following business day to the bureau of operations...FAXED...or during weekends and holidays to citywide command chief
  247. What must be placed in the bucket when used for ventilation purposes?
    The irons...roof saw..6' hook and LSR
  248. When operating on a roof of questionable stability how far is the operator allowed from the bucket and what kind of knot must he be tied off with?
    No more then 10 feet and uses a bowline with a 15' loop
  249. If cutting a peaked roof from a TL basket how should you make sure the 1st cut?
    Parallel to the ridge pole
  250. Cuts in brick walls with the power saw should be triangular with the vertex angle facing which way?
    Facing upward
  251. How should you place the TL basket when getting ready for removal of a victim from a window?
    Place the middle railing level with window ledge...for obese or incapacitated place top rail at window sill
  252. If tower ladder must be repositioned a long distance what should be done?
    Lines should be stretched to new area before TL stream is minimize the time its shutdown
  253. What is best source supply for TL?
  254. Supply water to base of TL at?
    200 to 250 psi
  255. Relay pumper adjacent to TL should have in excess of ___ psi intake pressure with water flowing?
    80 psi
  256. Nozzle pressure of tower ladder should generally not exceed?
  257. If the limit switch finger gets stuck in a canted position on a TL how can you fix this?
    Use a 6' hook...fleet maintenance must be notified
  258. When should anything involved with the TL basket/boom/outriggers be inspected?
  259. TL...a visual check of compression and tension bolts at turntable 5th wheel shall be made from for missing or sheared bolts when?
    During mud, at operations or in quarters
  260. Prior to what date are members allowed to opt out of CFR?
    January 1st 2001
  261. How many CFR qualified members must a company have in order for someone to opt out?
    14 CFR qualified
  262. If u want to do a mutual in cfr, what must you do?
    A CFR mutual form must be faxed to the BOT prior to the scheduled class
  263. How many CFR firefighters are required to start each tour?
    At least 2
  264. In order for a unit to be in service as a cfr-d unit how many CFR members do you need?
    2 members( firefighter or officer)
  265. CFR...what does the "A" Airway firefighter do?
    Responsible for stabilizing spine...airway...and cardiac response begins ventilation...carry O2 bag
  266. CFR...."B" boss is responsible for what?
    Portable radio and handlight
  267. CFR..."C"... checker...responsible for what?
    Conducting patient assessment...cardiac arrest...checks pulse and begins compressions...trauma bag
  268. CFR..."D"..defib/documenter...responsible for what?
    Completing the pcr....cardiac arrest...hooks up and operates defib
  269. CFR..."E" for what?
    Initially remain with apparatus and help carry any additional equipment needed
  270. CFR...what is a segment one response?
  271. The 1st due CFR unit or second due will be assigned to every segment____ call identified by ems
    Segment one(choking/arrest)
  272. CFR...when approaching scene officer should do what?
    Observe for safety...identify patients...ensure bsi...determine need for additional resources
  273. A pcr is not required when a company is on scene at any cfr-d assignment unless?
    Patient care is provided
  274. When requesting an ambulance..companies must provide what information to dispatch for relay to ems?
    CUPS status...age...chief complaint...if CPR initiated...pulse and resp. Rate
  275. Do you have to do a pcr even if the person is obvious DOA? confirm the patient exhibited the criteria for obvious death
  276. CFR...what should a company do if no patient is found?
    Review the response ticket for additional info..after that verify with neighbors or security...after that still none...enter 10-92... make notification in company journal
  277. When a patient refuses medical aid?
    A pcr must be filled out
  278. CFR...if a physican is on scene what should ask from him?
    His 6 digit nys license number and record it on the pcr
  279. CFR...if esu is on scene first...when should you remain on scene?
    If they have no defib
  280. the event you need medical advice on a CFR run who should you contact?
    Telephone the fdny/ems telemetry physician...the number should posted on the chart that holds the pcr..telemetry can also be used for international language bank
  281. In the event a parent refuses care to their child what should a CFR unit do?
    Notify fdny telemetry...and do not leave until ems arrives
  282. When u suspect child abuse at a CFR run what should you do?
    Report it to ems...and record it in the company journal
  283. If you get a run to a nursing home and they provide you with their own dnr is it valid?
    Yes...the due not have to utilize the nys out of hospital DNR form
  284. If given a health care proxy are you to continue with per hospital care?
  285. With biological exposures...casual exposure is what?
    Contact but without eye, mouth, other mucous membrane, non-intact skin, or parenteral contact(by injection) with blood or other potentially infectious materials.
  286. With biological exposure...what is non casual exposure?
    Is eye, mouth, other mucous membrane, non intact skin, or parental contact( by injection) with blood or other potentially infectious material
  287. Upon notification of a biological exposure the company officer shall?
    Direct member to fill out md- x3 and fax the md-x3 and the pcr to the medical officer on emergency duty
  288. Where should CFR companies drop off their red waste bags?
    At their respective CFR depot
  289. When should you were a N-95 respirator?
    When caring for someone with suspected tuberculosis
  290. Where can u obtain a disposable body bag?
    From the deputy chief on scene
  291. Put deceased victim in how many body bags?
  292. How should you clean work surfaces contaminated with airborne, blood borne or other infectious materials?
    With warm water and soap and then bleach
  293. If an item needs to go out for decon what should you do?
    Double clear bag and labeled for collection by SOC
  294. Who is responsible for operating a vehicle in reverse gear?
    All members
  295. What do you fill out for all department accidents and incidents?
  296. Who should u tell a civilian to call when the allege the dept. Is responsible for an accident?
    The comptrollers office
  297. No later then how long should a cd-19 be submitted after an apparatus accident?
    No later then 96 hours
  298. As a responding apparatus when do you have the right of way?
    When other vehicles yield it to you
  299. If you discover fire retarded treated plywood who should you notify?
    Phone call to adjoining companies followed by a written memo
  300. The lifesaving rope can lose what percentage of its strength when it is wet?
    10 to 15%
  301. At what temperature will nylon rope lose strength and when will it melt?
    300° and 482°
  302. When the lsr is placed out of service who should you notify?
    Admin. Division by phone and fax and have it immediately replaced
  303. When repacking the rope where do you place the hook when starting?
    In the left front corner making a counterclockwise circle
  304. When should the life belt be inspected ?
    Weekly and before and after each use
  305. when should a lifebelt be placed out of service?
    When it is subjected to an impact load which can be a member falling 3 feet or more...personnel harness also
  306. Anytime anything with the lsr goes out of service which to forms need to be filled out?
    Rt-2 and scf-2
  307. What is the minimum breaking strength if the personnel harness?
  308. The PSS should be inspected when?
    Start of each tour and semi*annually...jaju
  309. much role should you pull threw the exo to ensure it works?
    3-6 inches
  310. How much rope should be between the exo and the anchor hook?
    8 inches
    From division they have 10 spares...or off hours soc
  312. What form do you fill out for OOS PSS?
    Rt-2 and SCF-2 and mark in office and company journal
  313. When can a chainsaw be used for structural fires?
    Only on pier fires
  314. When operating on slopes were must the chainsaw operator stand?
    Uphill of the tree or log
  315. While cutting downward with a chainsaw you will experience a......?
    Pulling reaction....and pushing reaction when cutting up
  316. What is the circle of danger for the chainsaw?
  317. Trees are.....conductors of electricity?
  318. Sap is a.......conductor of electricity?
  319. Chainsaw....what is bucking?
    Cutting the log into sections
  320. If chainsaw needs repairs what do you do?
    Send to tech services with an rt-2
  321. ChainSaw is to be examined and tested when?
  322. Request rides in dept. Vehicle get permission from who?
    Chief of ops
  323. Members may respond to press inquiries with what info?
    Type of incident...number of patients...and hospital being transported to
  324. How many cfr-d FF are needed at the start of tour?
    At least 2
  325. In order to be in service as a cfr-d company what is the minimum number of cfr- d trained members required?
    2( firefighter or officer)
  326. When requesting an ambulance...provide the following info. To dispatch?
    Cups status...age...chief complaint..if CPR initiated...pulse and respiratory rate
  327. Resuscitation efforts will begin unless the following appear:
    Obvious death...dependent lividity...rigor mortis..decomposition....valid dnr
  328. Must you fill out a pcr if a patient is DOA?
  329. After exhausting all searches a patient is not found what should you do?
    Enter 10-92 and take mark in company journal
  330. Cfr- if a Dr. Is on scene and offers his assistance what should you get from him?
    His 6 digit licence number
  331. When is a pcr required?
    When patient care is provided?
  332. If you suspect child abuse what shall you do?
    Tell ems on scene..make a mark in company journal
  333. a valid DNR is what
    A copy...patients physician must have signed and dated and contain the patients's signature and the date issued......a nursing home can use there own form..does not have to be a nys form
  334. How do you obtain an incident history printout?
    You must contact field com. Within five days of the incident
  335. What is the only maintence you can perform on on teleprinter?
    Replacing the paper and ink cartridge
  336. When should you test the Starfire emergency power system?
    On the 1st of each month
  337. What are the single action keys on the MDT?
    10-4...10-84...10-14 and 10-20
  338. What is the flashpoint of methanol?
  339. What type of foam must be used on methanol fires?
    Alcohol foam
  340. What is the basic rule of protection from hazardous materials
    Time distance and shielding
  341. What is the minimum staffing for a soc support ladder?
    At least a trained officer and 3 trained ffs
  342. When responding on a run and you get stopped for a verbal can you continue into original box?
    Yes if human life is NOT in jeopardy on verbal
  343. The lobby control unit fall under what section?
    The logistics section
  344. The systems control unit operates under which section?
    The logistics section
  345. Combustibles must not be stored within how many meters of a PCB transformer?
    5 meters or 16.4 feet
  346. When should temporary front pieces be accounted for ?
    At roll call...if lost file lost property report after contacting last detail
  347. If there any changes to the house front door combo who should you contact?
    The supervising dispatcher
  348. If the CPC rig was stored in qtrs. What should be done to it?
    All doors should be locked at all times and keys stored at either house watch or company office..also spare set in office
  349. If there is illegal entry of quarters who should you notify?
    Battalion...division..police...IG(only if theft by dept. Employee) marshall
  350. If you can feel pain through your hood what should you do?
    Immediately leave the area unless it can be immediately cooled by a hose line
  351. How do you clean the hood?
    Using Luke warm water with liquid detergent...never ring out a hood
  352. How do you obtain loaner gear?
    Call soc fax back form division messenger will get it
  353. When should you inspect your hood?
    At the start of each tour and after each use
  354. If bunker goes out of service for a burn and the member received ml because of it what happens to his gear?
    Safety battalion will inspect or give you instructions
  355. If you are subpoena for patient health information what should you do?
    Forward it to bureau of legal affairs
  356. If someone requests a copy of a pcr what should you do?
    Refer them to ems operations or legal affairs
  357. The greatest hazard from solar panels is what?
    Shock from DC current
  358. What is the order of solar panels smallest to biggest?
  359. Which kind of solar arrays may be impossible to detect at night time?
    Integrated as well as flush mounted arrays
  360. What do you shutoff to ensure power does not enter a building from a PV array?
    The inverter
  361. If you discover a PV array on a roof at a job what should you do?
    Immediate notification to company officer and ic....also inform ic if PV system is involved in fire
  362. using water on PV system can only be approved by who?
    The ic and after the power is confirmed off
  363. When putting water on PV array how should it be done?
    Fog nozzle at a distance at a 30 degree spray pattern
  364. Do PV arrays produce electricity at night?
    No however lightening flashes can cause it too
  365. If you discover a PV array on bisp what should you do?
    Enter it into cids
  366. When turning corners no apparatus shall be driven in excess of what speed?
    15 mph
  367. May only pass another apparatus going in the same direction when?
    Unless signaled to do so by the officer in command of the apparatus ahead
  368. If u can't locate the vehicle owner of a car fire what should you do?
    Give dispatcher...make..model...license number and location of vehicle
  369. If property is missing and FD is accused who do you notify?
    The IG and if its a 10-41 code 1 then IG and fire Marshall...if none of above pd
  370. If there is theft of property with illegal entry into quarters who do you notify?
    PD and report to chief of ops....if FD employee suspected then notify IG and report to chief of ops
  371. If you are responding on a 2nd or greater alarm as a truck and are ordered to the roof what shall you include?
    LST...utility rope...hose roller..and life belt...HULL
  372. Office reporting into the command post shall report in alone and have members stand how far away?
    At least 25 feet
  373. If a member recieves an injury by an area protected by Ppe that causes medical leave what should happen?
    That article of ppe is confiscated and officer notifies division of safety
  374. Ladder pipe....the correct angle of the ladder will be that when the horizontal distance is between____Feet to____feet(___° to____° angle)
    15 to 25 feet and 70°to 80° angle
  375. What are the length of aerial ladder stabilizers?
  376. What is the interlock diverter valve?
    Allows the flow of hydraulic fluid to either power the stabilizers or the aerial ladder
  377. When 1st to arrive on the 1st alarm what hydrant connections should be used
    The 10' small suction or 35' connection
  378. When other then 1st to arrive on 1st alarm what connection should be used?
    10' soft...hard...or 35'
  379. When arriving at 2nd or greater alarms what hydrant connections?
    10' hard suction
  380. When drafting what suction should be used?
    10' hard suction
  381. When residual pressure drops below what from a hydrant an engine needs to be augmented?
    15 psi
  382. When the ppg is malfunctioning on an engine what should you do?
    Place apparatus oos
  383. If you have to use the rpm mode on a ppg what should the engine do?
    Any hoselines in operation should not advance and back out immediately
  384. An scba is pressurized to what psi?
    4500 psi
  385. A scba is to be hydrostatically tested every how many years
    5 years...if greater then removed from life of scuba is 15 years
  386. When does your vibralert go off in terms off air left in scuba?
  387. Inspect spare cylinders for full pressure when?
    Weekly on mondays
  388. How can u identify a training cylinder?
    Blue top
  389. What does the PRA red ice the pressure yo in your scuba ?
  390. Who should you contact if you need a spare small or large face piece?
  391. When will the per alarm in the scba pak alert sound?
    20 seconds
  392. When will the pak alert on the scba go into full alarm?
    12 seconds after the pre alarm starts
  393. If while using the scba, the batteries begin to approach the end of there life, the sensory module will begin to sound a chirp every 2 seconds and the green light on the control module will go out. What is this for?
    Low battery condition
  394. Is the pak alert on the scba intrinsically safe?
  395. When should the scba be inspected?
    After 0900 and 1800 roll call...start of mud..and after each use
  396. If the nose cup assembly or voicemitter on a face piece is damaged what shall be done?
    Placed out of service and letter head report to chief of ops
  397. Four distinct blows on the shoulder and then getting pulled in one direction means what?
    Another member knows of an emergency and you should follow in that direction
  398. Fast long is the low pressure hose?
    20 feet
  399. Fast long is the hose for the UAC high pressure hose?
    5 feet
  400. When do you inspect the pack tracker?
    After each use and the start of each tour...also for OOS rt-2 and to msu
  401. If u want corrective lenses for your face piece what should you do?
    Send in an eye exam that is less then 1 year old
  402. How long should company journals be obtained for?
    20 years
  403. In the company journal where do you record chiefs visits?
    Pages 500-498
  404. In the company journal where do you record drills?
    Pages 497-495
  405. If u need an interpreter what should you do?
    Use the language card issued to all units and then call the language line services
  406. What color is the first responders bridge manual ?
    Green and is carried on every apparatus
  407. As a company officer how do you set a pretty incident guidline for a building?
    You fill out pg guideline form and email it to battalion who will then accompany you to site check it out and toward it to division .....every company should have a of binder
  408. Who shall be included on your bf-4 ?
    Only members actually riding at that time...print 2 copies on for officer and one for rig
  409. When due you submit a preliminary bf-4?
    Any time you are waiting for manpower...until then include members currently riding
  410. When should drill requests be received by the planning unit?
    At least 14 days prior to scheduled date..the schedule is also forwarded to all divisions and battalions at 1600 the day before and 0700 of actual day
  411. How many trained chauffers shall hazmat start tour with?
    Two LCC school trained
  412. Which units need at least 2 school trained chauffers?
    Satellite unit...planning vehicle...collapse rescue and decon units
  413. What units should start with 1 school trained chauffer and 1 company trained chauffer?
    Foam units...airport hose wagons ..companies designated as backup units
  414. Tractor trailer apparatus and designated backup should Start tour with at least what chauffers?
    1 school trained chauffer and at least 1 school trained tractor trailer chauffer
  415. What stairwell is the first consideration for pressurization by the fans?
    The attack stairwell on orders from the IC
  416. What is the priority order for use of ppfs?(fans)
    Attack stairwell ...evac stair...then public halls
  417. Proper placement of positive pressure fans is?
    4 to 6 feet away from doors and 80 degree angle.
  418. 1 positive pressure fan can pressurize a stairwell up to how many stories?
    10 stories and 2 fans can do 40 stories
  419. When using the box fan what is the proper positioning?
    6 to 8 feet back and at 30 degree angle
  420. In extreme situations what can you use to escaped an elevator?
    A length of hose..if u use more then one you must tie them together first and then couple them
  421. If there is an elevator accident who must the IC inform?
    The if must notify the department of buildings threw the dispatcher
  422. In single car blind shaft where shall access ways be provided?
    Every 3rd floor but no more then 36 feet
  423. Elevators after what date are required to have a top hatch?
    1938...and elevators after 1968 top hatch is not required to be openable from the inside
  424. What should be done  upon receipt of complaints or notifications from any source relating to conditions involving possible violations of law at premises or locations within the administrative district?
    A prompt inspection to determine actual condition...reports shall be forwarded and proper entries recorded in the company journal by the officer on duty...for complaints not in your district accept particulars...mark in company journal and forward to admin. company by phone
  425. When there is a complaint of place of public amusement and entertainment such as theaters, sports arenas, convention halls, dance halls, cabarets or similar occupancies what should happen?
    such complaints will be immediately  telephoned to the admin. BC...the BC will investigate with appropriate company
  426. When notified of structural or occupancy hazards dangerous to life  or property what should be done?
    An immediate inspection and send info to dc and bc on duty and forward a report to the bureau of fire prevention via chain of command
  427. When fireworks are discovered what shall be done?
    A summons shall be served notify fire marshals and call police for confiscation and disposal...bureau of fire prevention notified followed by report with full particulars
  428. When shall all private/charter and colleges and universities be inspected?
    Inspected during every school year
  429. When should familiarization drills be conducted at public schools?
    Every 2 years from the most recent familiarization drills...or from the last inspection date...NOT to be conducted during BISP
  430. During BISP when do required reinspections happen?
    They will be performed at the beginning of the period
  431. Which members shall perform BISP?
    An officer, or acting officer and not less then 3 firefighters, exclusive of the chauffer
  432. What is the only times you can enter a place where intoxicating liquors are manufactured  or sold?
    In performance of duty or to procure the meal
  433. Who must get approval from to wear your uniform outside of any job related function?
    The chief of operations
  434. When can u sell tickets for any event?
    When you get approval from the fire commisioner
  435. If you are arrested or given a desk appearance ticket who shall you notify?
    Notify the officer on duty of the members assigned unit. notification shall include nature of charges, date, time, and location of incident...members next tour or visit to bhs...must fill out BP-69(arrest of member report) and forward to bureau of personnel...officer on duty immediate notification to BITS
  436. If a member has committed a criminal offense who should the officer notify ?
    Immediately the DC and BC on duty also notify BITS for arrest
  437. How often should a hydrant be inspected?
    At least twice a year
  438. Hydrants with there drain valves plugged shall be marked with what letter on maps and hydrant cards?
    The letter P
  439. If a person is using a hydrant unlawfully what should you do?
    Notify them they are not allowed to do that...If they continue issue a summons and notify PD
  440. What times of the day should hydrant inspection duty be performed?
    between 0930 and 1700
  441. How many member shall perform hydrant inspection duty?
    An officer or acting officer and no less then 3 firefighters exclusive of chauffer...same as BISP
  442. Who should you notify if you cant perform hydrant inspection duty in accordance with the schedule?
    Division battalion and dispatcher by phone
  443. Who do you send a request to for an installation of a hydrant?
    In writing to the bureau of operations
  444. What should you write on a hydrant disc?
    company number and individual disc number in black on one side
  445. What is the white hydrant disc for?
    Out of service hydrants
  446. What is the yellow hydrant disc for?
    Frozen hydrants
  447. What is a blue hydrant disc for?
    For placement on a 3'' Siamese of auxiallary fire protection system that is not working properly
  448. When should auxiliary fire protection equipment in tunnels and on bridges , also towers, shafts and approaches there to be inspected?
    semi annually during the months of april and October...Akro...BOATS...Bridges October April Tunnels Semi-annualy
  449. How do you get the closed length of portable ladders?
    Take the full length divide by 2 round up add 2...ex...35 divide by 2 = 17.5 ^ 18+2 = 20' bedded length
  450. What ladders do the marine companies carry?
    They carry 12' and 20' straight wood hook ladders...they are painted black except 18'' from each end which are painted identification and length are stenciled on outside of ladder
  451. What are advantages of aluminum ladders?
    • They are generally lighter and stronger
    • they will not weaken with age,..long life expectancy
    • they will bend but not break nor fail suddenly
  452. What are disadvantages of aluminum ladders?
    • conduct heat very rapidly
    • if exposed to heat of a fire it may lose its strength
    • a discoloration tech services shall be notified
  453. If ladders can not be held securely on the rig who should be notified?
    Am immediate notification to tech services by telephone... entry in company not go out of service use temporary fastenings
  454. Where should the numerical length of each ladder be made on it?
    • on the side rails within 12 inches of the end of the ladder
    • straight ladder- each end of each rail
    • extension ladder- butt end of each rail of bed ladder
  455. Where should the unit designation be marked on each portable ladder?
    within 18 inches of each butt end
  456. how much space do you need minimum behind the trucks to get all the portables out?
    minimum 20 feet
  457. What is the climbing angle for a portable ladder?
    65-75 degrees
  458. What is the formula to obtain 75 degree angle?
    Place the base 1/4 distance away from the building the total working length...(working length is from the base on the ground to where the top of its support is)
  459. Portable ladder placement tip -placed at window
    tip level with window sill
  460. Portable ladder placement tip- placed at roof
    tip shall be at least 2 feet above the roof or parapet
  461. Portable ladder placement tip- placed alongside a fire escape on a building wall
    tip shall be 1 to 3 feet above the fire escape railing
  462. Portable ladder placement tip - placed against a fire escape
    tip shall be slightly above the fire escape railing
  463. How do you butt a portable ladder?
    place left foot in bottom of center rung....right foot positioned behind him...both hands grasp the ladder beams...if member is working off to one side, take foot from center of bottom rung and move it to opposite side member is working
  464. If a portable ladder is left  unattended who should secure it?
    secured at the tip by the first member to climb it
  465. how do you climb a portable with a tool in hand?
    Grasp underside of beams normally except the hand with tool grasp side of rail...NEVER carry tool in center of ladder
  466. On an icey portable ladder how should your feet be postioned?
    The should be next to and against each rail
  467. How do you perform the leg lock on a portable?
    The locking leg is placed over and under the rung that is two rungs above the one which the member is standing
  468. Portable ladder capacities...collapsible ladders?
    up to 300 lbs.
  469. Portable ladder capacities--roof straight and extension ladders(26' or less)?
    up to 500lbs
  470. Portable ladder capacities==extension ladders(27 to 35 feet)?
    up to 600 lbs
  471. How can portable ladders be used other then for climbing?
    • across a doorway to restrict access to an area
    • they may be placed over holes in floors
    • used to support overhead doors
    • used on frozen ponds or lakes for rescues
    • used in bridging cave ins where a person is partially buried
    • forcible entry
    • venting lexan windows
    • used as a brace for partial floor collapses
  472. if a fire escape is overcrowded where can a portable be raised to, to help relieve this?
    It can be raised to the first balcony opposite the drop ladder
  473. In a brownstone what is usually the quickest way to get a portable to the rear?
    take the ladder through the second floor of an adjoining brownstone, passing it out the rear window to another member in the rear yard...take with butt facing towards the rear...use extension ladders
  474. How should you vent a window with a tool when on a portable ladder?
    extend your arms upward and slant the tool downward
  475. Whenever you have a defective portable ladder what should you do?
    Place the ladder out of service and notify tech services...NEVER use a defective ladder
  476. When should a visual inspection of portable ladders be made?
    weekly and after each use...wash with warm soapy water
  477. what should you use as lube for a portable ladder?
    Candle wax, paraffin and grease
  478. What maintenance do you do for pulleys on portable ladders?
    the ball bearings usually require 1 to 2 drops of oil once a year
  479. What kind of power do solar panel systems operate on?
    DC direct current
  480. Do photovoltaic systems produce electricity on cloudy days and at night?
    Yes on cloudy days and no not at night
  481. What is the size order of photovoltaic equipment?
    smallest solar cells can be connected to form modules and modules can be connected to form arrays
  482. What are common outputs for residential pv arrays?
    600 volts
  483. What pv arrays may be impossible to detect at night?
    integrated as well as flush mounted arrays
  484. should you cut any wires of a pv array?
  485. What should be the prime emphasis for ventilation in buildings with pv array systems?
    The opening of skylights/scuttles as well as horizontal ventilation
  486. If u discover a pv array at a job who should you immediately notify?
    your company officer and the IC...also inform the IC if the pv system is involver in fire
  487. The IC should delay what until it is confirmed that the pv system is shutdown?
  488. If you are going to use water at a pv system fire how should you do it?
    A fog nozzle, utilized at a distance, and set a 30 degree fog pattern
  489. What can you use to extinguish incipient fires on a pv system?
    Class C(dry chem) portable fire extinguishers
  490. What has proven to be effective on battery fires?
    dry chem or foam extinguishing agents
  491. Do disconnects eliminate the electric current coming from the pv array?
  492. What can energize a pv system at night?
    Lightening flashes
  493. On buildings with sloped roofs where will be pv arrays generally be located?
    On the south and west facing sides
  494. When electrical shutdown of a pv system is required who should you call?
    request the response of the appropriate utility company and consider calling the pv installers whose contact is usally located on a key component
  495. If you find pv system which may have a hazardous condition what should you do?
    request the admin. battalion chief to respond
  496. Who authorizes the use of rescue response task forces?
    borough commander or command chief in consultation with the affected divisions
  497. What does an initial rapid response task force consist of?
    an officer serving as task force leader, 4 firefighters and two apparatus
  498. What company should a supervisor consider adding to a RRV taskforce?
    A towerladder
  499. At minimum what equipment should a RRV task force be equipped with?
    • 2 chain saws
    • spare chains
    • chain saw fuel
    • elevator keys
    • 1 dewatering pump
    • NFPA approved equipment for chain saw operations
  500. What should be the primary means of communications for RRV task forces?
    • DARS UHF handheld radios...
    • next 800mhz radios if DARS goes down
    • after that Cell phones if DARS and 800mhz go down
    • finally department radio
  501. What is required whenever an RRV task force activation has occurred, regardless of whether the critique is formal or informal
    An After Action report
  502. What are the threats to a first responder from a chemical suicide?
    • 1. Inhalation(primary)
    • 2. skin absorption or caustic-acid contamination
    • 3. flammability
    • 4. Blood - borne pathogens
  503. What code do you transmit for a chemical suicide?
    10-80 code 1...ensure NYPD response
  504. What are some of the possible signs of chemical suicide?
    • appear to be sleeping
    • show signs of chemical exposure
    • cyanotic
    • red in color(similar to CO poison cases)
    • victim wearing gloves or goggles
    • tape around windows or doors
    • presence of chemical containers
  505. What should you do upon discovery of a patient of a attempted chemical suicide?
    remove patient from hazardous environment and check for responsiveness if assessment meets criteria for presume death treat as a crime scene
  506. Should you ventilate before or after entering a suspected chemical suicide?
    Ventilate prior to entering
  507. Why should you stretch a charged hoseline at a chemical suicide and what type?
    Primarily for decon and it can also be used to disperse the vapors...fog stream
  508. What are the 3 types of suspended scaffold emergencies that units respond to?
    • unoccupied swinging scaffold
    • occupied stalled scaffold
    • occupied hanging or off level scaffold
  509. What tools may be needed for scaffold emergencies?
    • Forcible entry tools
    • high rise pressure-sensitive tape
    • power grip suction cups
    • utility ropes
    • LSR if occupied
  510. Can a member go out on an unoccupied scaffold?
  511. What are occupied stuck scaffolds usually caused by?
    • Overheated hoist motors
    • loose electrical connections
    • tripped breakers
  512. Communicate with stuck scaffold workers and obtain the following?
    • physical and mental state
    • if they know the cause and if they can correct it
    • any coworkers inside the building to help
  513. What is used as a last resort at a scaffold emergency?
    removing the windows and bringing the workers in that way
  514. If a hoist motor has overheated at a scaffold emergency how long should you let it cool before trying to reset it?
    15 minutes
  515. At a scaffold emergency what should the roof team inspect?
    • roof anchoring systems
    • parapet
    • safety lines
  516. On a flooded roof how do you clear a drain?
    clear blockage with a 6' hook....NEVER use your hands
  517. You turn all valves and shutoffs clockwise except what at basic emergencies?
    Hydrant nut and and hydrant street shutdown?
  518. How many turns to shutdown a hydrant at the street shutoff?
    17 turns counterclockwise...not until 12 turns will you notice a difference in in pressure...nut is usually off center on street side
  519. Are we allowed to move downed electrical wires?
    No...wait for utility company to come and de-energize the wire
  520. Immediately upon confirming that live electrical wires are down and creating a situation that places human lie in danger you should?
    first arriving unit contact dispatcher...specify location and request forthwith response of utility co. and request BC to respond
  521. How far away from a downed wire shall you remain while operating a fog nozzle?
    at least 25 feet
  522. Can you enter a power substation?
    Yes only if human life is in jeopardy
  523. Where are oil burner shutoff's located?
    • In a pd at top of interior stairs
    • In OLT, brownstone or frame building top of interior stair
    • In NLT or apt. house outside of the boiler room
  524. What percentage of people infected with TB actually become sick?
  525. Where is TB most easily transmitted?
    crowded, congested, and poorly ventilated areas, such as hospitals, prisons, and shelters
  526. What must you wear if you enter an area of known active TB?
    The N95 respirator
  527. What affords a member the greatest degree of protection against TB?
    The SCBA
  528. If the dept. medical officer determines that a member has been exposed to TB what happens?
    member may be ordered to BHS
  529. How long can rabies survive outside the body?
    For a few hours in saliva and fluids and a few days in side of dead animals
  530. Any individual with an exposure to rabies should contact who?
    contact BHS before end of tour
  531. Biological exposures require the completion of what form?
  532. What is the best way to keep clear of MRSA?
    Proper not share things
  533. What percentage of people are colonized with MRSA but are not sick or ill?
  534. If an apparatus is infested with bed bugs what should you do?
    Place apparatus OOS..notify batt. div. and dispatcher
  535. What should you do for a patient that has bed bugs?
    Wrap patient with dept. supplied sheets and or blankets to limit the spread of bed bugs from patients clothes
  536. Purple K has demonstrated a superior extinguishing capability in combating what type of fires?
    Methanol is also effective on gasoline, diesel and compressed gas fires
  537. When should a purple k extinguisher be checked and where should it be sent when oos?
    at the start of each tour and thoroughly examined once a month...sent to tech services with an rt-2
  538. What is the length of hose on a wheeled extinguisher unit?
    100feet stretch entire amount of hose before use
  539. How do you operate with a purple k can?
    • approach fire from upwind..
    • stop 10-12 ft from fire hold nozzle at 45 degree
    • direct stream 6inches ahead of flame
    • move in side to side motion
  540. How can you tell by looking at a hydrant if it is on a dead end main?
    A white line under the name on the barrel indicates this hydrant is on a dead end maain
  541. The Dresser low pressure hydrant will provide a _____%_____ discharge then the smith low pressure hydrant
    10-15% greater
  542. Chapman and eddy hydrants open which way?
    the opposite of the smith and dresser hydrants
  543. How can the 35ft. soft connection be used?
    It should only be used as a supply line
  544. What hydrant connection provides the least water flow?
    A 50 ft. length of 3 1/2 hose
  545. What hose connection must be used for drafting?
    The 10ft. hard suction
  546. How do you turn on a yellow parkway hydrant?
    It must be turned on using a curb valve key
  547. What are Red Air cock hydrants?
    Hydrants on a 30 inch diameter or greater mains...painted red and are an excellent source of water(on high and low points)
  548. Are engines allowed to use red satellite water system hydrants?
    Engine companies should avoid use of these hydrants...good for satellites
  549. Where does a broken custodian wrench go?
    to tech services...each division has 3 spares
  550. Who will have more influence on the outcome of a fire operation than any other member on the scene?
    The engine company officer
  551. After the engine company officer has determines that a hoseline is needed what shall be relayed to the members unit?
    the location, route, and number of lengths required in the stretch
  552. Properly trained firefighters should be able to perform the what tactics with out the officers personal supervision?
    • hose estimate and removal from rig
    • positioning rig at a serviceable hydrant
    • connection to hydrant
    • stretching a line
    • supplying booster water
    • operation of large caliber stream
    • supplying standpipe and sprinklers
  553. If the ladder is forcing the door to the fire area, the engine officer should proceed to the area immediately below the fire and?
    • determine the layout out of the area
    • look at the ceiling for signs of structural weakness or holes
    • look out window to determine location and extent of fire
    • when returning to the fire floor, look out stairway window in order to gain a different view of the fire from below
  554. What is critical to the safety of any firefighters operating on the floors above?
  555. How must the nozzle team begin every interior attack through the door to the fire area?
    crouched low, near the floor, regardless of conditions
  556. What does one or two slaps on the back of the nozzle firefighter by the officer mean?
    open or close the nozzle
  557. What does 4 slaps on the shoulder of the other members and then pulling them in a direction mean by the engine officer?
    Means get the fuck out
  558. How can you vent out a window using a solid stream?
    Remove the mst, direct stream out window stand 4-5 feet back and partially shutdown nozzle
  559. What are assignments that may be delegated by the engine officer to the nozzle team?
    • direction of stream
    • rate of advancement
    • open the nozzle in an emergency
    • partial shutdown of nozzle to regain control
    • calling for more line
    • sweeping floors with stream
  560. What is the primary responsibility of the ECC?
    The safe delivery of the personnel, rig, and equipment to a reported fire or emergency and the delivery of water to the operating firefighting force
  561. When backstretching connection to a hydrant can usually be accomplished using what?
    3 1/2 inch hose or the 35 foot yellow hydrant connection
  562. If the engine company is present on the fire floor prior to opening the door to the fire area how should the officer and nozzle team position themselves?
    on the same side of the entrance and remain low
  563. As a general rule the nozzle should not be opened on smoke?
    True,...except if fire or high heat is encountered...they you can do it to cool area or push gases back
  564. Which way can a firefighter advance the line if the stability of the floor is in doubt?
    The leg forward method
  565. If there is debris or ruble or even housing projects or concrete buildings what's a good way to advance the line?
    Duck walking
  566. Generally you should not operate the stream directly overhead. What are some of the exceptions in an emergency?
    • when the room lights up overhead
    • fire rolls overhead or from behind
  567. What is the cardinal rule of engine operations?
  568. If it becomes necessary to withdraw an attack hoseline from a position due to fire intensity what should you do?
    the stream  MUST be kept in operation and the line should be backed out
  569. When the nozzle firefighter wants to change the direction or elevation of the stream, the back up member must maneuver the line behind the nozzle firefighter in what direction?
    The opposite direction
  570. The success of an engine company hoseline operation relies on the actions of who?
    The control firefighter
  571. A single 90 degree kink in a 1 2/4 line can result in a loss of how many gpm?
    20 gpm or more
  572. A hoseline with 3 kinks could lose ___gpm or more, resulting in an ineffective and unsafe fire stream
  573. Who is the water resource officer?
    The second arriving engine officer
  574. Who keeps track of the members going to the floor above?
    2nd arriving engine officer
  575. Who monitors the dept. radio and answers for the battalion and division aide if either fails to respond to repeated calls from the dispatcher?
    The 2nd arriving ECC
  576. Who is the water resource unit?
    The 2nd arriving engine
  577. which hydrant connection provides the largest flow of all the connections?
    The 35 foot soft yellow  connection
  578. Which hose shall only be used as a supply line from the hydrant?
    The 10 foot small connection
  579. Where should you report lost or stolen hydrant wrenches?
    On the lost property report(fs-112)
  580. What is the max working pressure of 1 3/4 , 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inch lines?
    250 psi
  581. High pressure engine companies carry 3 inch high pressure hose with 3 inch couplings. This hose has a max working pressure of?
    600 psi
  582. The satellite water system uses which size hose?
    5 inch diameter hose
  583. Each engine company should maintain a minimum of how many lengths of 1 3/4, 2 1/2, and 3 1/2 inch hose?
    20 lengths of 1 3/4, 30 lengths of 2 1/2, and 10 lengths of 3 1/2...This includes hose for winter operations, standpipe operations and replacement lengths stored in quarters as well as that which is carried in apparatus hose beds.
  584. Where is the hose manufacturer's name or trademark and the date of manufacture on the hose marked?
    both ends of hose, not less then 4 feet from couplings
  585. Where is the coupling manufacturers name or trademark and date of issuance to unit marked on the hose?
    Female coupling
  586. Where is the engine company and registry numbers marked on the hose?
    male coupling
  587. Where is the date of issuance for hose to be recorded?
    The Company journal
  588. Line pressures in excess of 250 psi can only be ordered by who?
    The Incident Commander
  589. In order to supply the correct pressure in a hose line the following info must be known?
    • type of nozzle / and tip
    • number of lengths and size
    • number of floors or stories above or below grade
  590. At a nozzle pressure of 50psi, the 1 3/4 inch line will flow approximately ___gpm
    180 gpm
  591. What is the primary attack lines used at structure fires?
    1 3/4 inch
  592. The use of 1/ 3/4 hose would be inappropriate and a company officer should not order stretched if any of what conditions exist?
    • the line is used for a purely defensive position
    • an advanced fire on arrival
    • large volume of water is required
    • large body of fire in a large uncompartmented area
    • when the officer cannot determine size or extent of the fire area
  593. When can you drive over 5inch hose with the rig?
    Only when it is properly bridged
  594. How can you  thaw out hose and couplings?
    • Use the thawing apparatus
    • Heat from exhaust pipe of the rig
  595. How can you transport frozen hose to quarters?
    • on pumpers, provided long round turns are made when placing on rig
    • can place it on aerial apparatus, lay it out straight
  596. When is the hose on the engine removed and cleaned from the rig?
    In the spring and fall each year...must check all hose  for serial numbers for replacement due to age
  597. which numbers on the serial number stamped on a length of hoses number determine year?
    The first 2 numbers....hose is good for 10 years
  598. If the serviceability of a length of hose is in doubt, test it to____psi?
    250 psi
  599. Where can you get spare washers for hose?
    Tech services...companies should maintain spare washers
  600. No more then how many lengths of 1 3/4" shall be used in any hose bed?
    6 lengths
  601. Engine companies shall not carry less than how many lengths of 2 1/2 and 1/3/4 hose rolled or folded and the necessary fittings to place a line into operation?
    3 lengths of each
  602. The following defects noted during an inspection would exclude a hose from being tested?
    • Abrasions
    • mildew or rot
    • burnt hose jacket
    • worn hose jacket
    • dried, cracked or broken gaskets
    • damaged couplings: i.e. out of round
  603. During hose testing stretch a maximum  of how many lengths from rig to hose test gauge?
    maximum of 2 lengths of 2 1/2"...relief valve on gauge must be kept closed
  604. When doing hose test how many lines can be stretched off the manifold?
    6 lines
  605. How many lengths of hose can be stretched off of each line on the hose testing manifold?
    up to 6 lengths from the 2 1/2 gates
  606. A movement of ____inch or more during the hose pressure would indicate the male butt and hose are separating. If this happens what should be done?
    1/8 of an inch....Place length OOS
  607. How long should a pressure of 250 psi be maintained when doing the hose test?
    5 minutes
  608. Where should one firefighter be positioned during the annual his test?
    15 feet to the left of the manifold...a burst in the line will move the hose to the right
  609. Disparate treatment of a person or group listed on the FDNY eeo policy which adversely  affects employment and retention in service is what?
  610. unwelcome verbal or physical conduct which has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individuals work performance, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment is what?
  611. True or False...Recipient determines whether or not the behavior is unwelcome. The impact, not the intent, is the determining factor in assessing whether sexual harassment has occurred
  612. Examples of the workplace as far as eeo is concerned are?
    • firehouses
    • drill site
    • fire/emergency scenes
    • BISP/hydrant inspection
    • FD Headquarters, medical office
    • FD affiliated functions...including parades, marathon runs, ball games, funerals, company dances, parties and picnics, whether they occur in the city or out,...on or off duty
  613. EEO...Face to face communication works___ percent of the time to stop offensive behavior?
    90 percent
  614. EEO--If there is offensive material to you on a bulletin board should you remove it?
    No have officer or EEO officer to remove it and keep as evidence...have it dated by he officer and forwarded to the E.E.O. officer, after phone notification
  615. What law prohibits harassment/discrimination whether actual or perceived?
    The New York City Human Rights Law
  616. If a member tells the officer of an EEO related complaint what should he do?
    Contact the EEO officer immediately. Interrogations or investigations shall not be initiated even at the request of by the EEO officer or BITS
  617. A complaint must be filed with the FD EEO Officer within ____ form the date the alleged harassment/discrimination occurred.
    (1)one year
  618. Besides EEO where else can you file a sexual harassment complaint?
    with BITS
  619. Where can new incinerators be installed?
    In hospitals and in municipal buildings
  620. New buildings are only permitted to install compactors or incinerators?
    Compactors...except hospitals and municipal buidlings
  621. What's the operational priority in a compactor?
    Put the fire out
  622. What's the operational priority in an incinerator?
    clear the blockage
  623. Is a compactor fire a structural fire?
  624. Is an incinerator fire a structural fire?
    No...its an emergency unless it extends from the shaft then its a structural fire
  625. What are the color codes for incinerators and compactors in city housing projects?
    RED for incinerator....GRAY for compactor
  626. At an incinerator fire if smoke is present on the uppermost floor, there may be a clogged or blocked what?
    spark arrester or fly ash collector
  627. Can  you burn off a blockage at an incinerator fire?
    Yes if they blockage can not be freed by other means
  628. What are some possible ways to free a blockage at an incinerator fire?
    • Bent reinforcing rod can push it down or use hook
    • tie a heavy weight to a rope and drop it from it above
    • burn it off
    • If all else fails, a hose line can be used from the floor above to extinguish the fire
  629. Where does the roof firefighter go for a incinerator fire?
    • To the roof to vent the stairwells and check the spark arrester for blockage
    • VERY important before roof FF leaves stairwell leaves lobby he chock open ground floor door
  630. Members attempting to clear a blockage from the base of the incinerator should shut off what?
    The auxiliary burner before commencing operations
  631. If the engine company is to assist in searches at an incinerator fire what should generally be done?
    The officer and 2 men should remain in the lobby
  632. True or False...The compactor room should be fire resistive, protected by a fire door and supplied with an automatic sprinkler?
    TRUE...also a water outlet and hose are required in the room
  633. At what temperature will a sprinkler head in a compactor go off?
    135 degrees F
  634. At a chute fire for a compactor the first engine company to arrive will proceed where?
    To one level above the burning material, stretch a line and operate into the chute to extinguish the fire
  635. Where does the OV of a ladder company operate at a compactor fire?
    With an engine company to provide access to the chute and check for extension
  636. Where does the officer and FE team operate at a compactor fire?
    In the compactor room
  637. At a compactor fire what must the officer and FE entry team do first before commencing operations?
    Locate the electrical shutoff and shut power to the unit before operations commence...generally on the wall in the compactor room
  638. When there is fire in an compactor unit(not chute) where does the engine company stretch from?
    It stretches to the first floor and operates the line into the chute to put out fire
  639. For fire extending from a compactor and into the room what tactics should you use?
    The same as a cellar fire
  640. What tools do you need on the roof to hoist a ladder?
    • Utility rope
    • ladder roller
    • life belt
    • Irons
    • officer and 4 men
  641. How should you place the aerial apparatus in relation to the fire building when you want to put the ladder pipe into operation?
    25' to 35' from the building, with turntable centered for maximum coverage of stream...conflict with own addendum 21A which says 25' to 30'
  642. What is the max height, angle and psi for the ladder pipe?
    • 70-80-90
    • 70 degrees
    • 80 feet
    • 90 psi
  643. Where do you clip the ladder pipe onto the aerial ladder?
    On the 1st and 2nd rung
  644. Where are low expansion foams extremely useful?
    On fire and spills involving flammable and combustible liquids
  645. Where are high expansion foams useful?
    they are intended to fight fires of class "A" combustible materials in areas that are inaccessible to firefighters, such as cellars and ship holds. Not suitable for outdoor fire
  646. What are the advantages of foam?
    • Foam extinguishes progressively
    • Foam provides lasting control
    • Foam can prevent ignition
  647. What kind of foam concentrate does the department currently use?
    • Fluoroprotein
    • Alcohol Resistant Fluoroprotein
    • Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
  648. What are the two main families of foam concentrates:
    • protein based compounds
    • synthetic detergent based compounds(AFFF AND HI EX FOAMS)
  649. What is a foam solution?
    The mixture  that results when foam concentrate is proportioned at a predetermined rate with water
  650. What are the times that we may be operating in or near a non-aerated foam blanket:
    • An oil burner
    • A fire at a airport where the port authority may use AFFF, avoid entering until a stable foam blanket is applied
  651. What are the 4 primary methods of extinguishment using foam?
    • Smothering
    • Suppressing
    • Separates
    • Cools
  652. What type of foam is particularly effective on gasoline ethanol?
  653. Can you use salt water to make foam with fluoroprotein concentrate?
  654. What type of foam is the superior fire extinguishing concentrate for hydrocarbon fuels(gasoline, fuel oils, etc.) as well as polar solvents) alcohols, ketones.?
    Fluoropolydol...alcohol resistant foam
  655. What is fluoroprotein color coded?
  656. What is Alcohol( Fluoropolydol) foam color coded?
  657. What is hi-expansion foam color coded?
  658. What is AFFF foam color coded?
  659. Can you connect an engine that has foam concentrate in it to a hydrant?
    NO...backpressure in the foam line could force foam solution into the domestic water supply
  660. The FDNY purchases foam concentrate that is used in the __% to __% proportioning ratios?
    3% to 6%
  661. An educator can be used with what  type of hose?
    1 3/4 inch hose line...every engine can use
  662. Hand line foam operations are usually good for small operations like an oil burner, gas pump knocked over, car fire with ruptured gas tank, or a small spill aprox. how many square feet?
    600 square feet
  663. Master streams at foam operations are good at spills or misahaps of ____square feet?
    over 2000 sqaure feet
  664. How many 5 gallon cans of Fluoroprotein foam concentrate are ladder companies supposed to carry?
    2 five gallon cans
  665. How many 5 gallon cans of Fluoroprotein foam concentrate are engine companies supposed to carry?
    3 five gallon cans
  666. What does the foam educator issued to engine companies flow between?
    95 and 120 gpm
  667. A first alarm assignment of three engines and two ladders should provide ___ gallons of foam concentrate and up to ___foam hand lines for control.
    65 gallons....3 handlines
  668. How many foam depots are there and how much of each foam do they carry?
    19 foam depots and they care 50 five gallon cans of  each
  669. What can the foam carries be used for?
    • Augmenting supply of concentrates
    • provide additional attack capability with their deck pipe or hand lines
    • Pump concentrate from their booster to satellite units or foam tender
  670. What are excellent attack units on medium scale flammable and combustible  liquid incidents, such as overturned gasoline tank trucks?
    The Foam Carrier... supply with 3 1/2 hose...have ready before foam  carrier arrives
  671. What makes up the bulk foam delivery system?
    • Satellite Units...proved 2000gpm pumper as well as satellite apparatus which has large capacity nozzles both 500 and 100gpm aerating foam nozzles..500gpm may go on any 2 1/2 threads
    • Foam Tender....transports 3000 gallons of foam concentrate..fluoroprotein
    • Foam Coordinators...2 foam coordinators will respond on all 10-86 and 10-87 signals
  672. If a foam operation is beyond a first alarm assignments capabilities what do you transmit?
  673. How should you direct foam in a confined area: tanks, pits. etc...
    At the back wall of tank if there is room ...if there is no room or tank is close to ground direct foam ahead of area and bounce on to affected area
  674. With 1 hand line in operation at a foam op(first alarm assignment) you will be able to extinguish approximately how much square feet and how long will it last?
    approximately 600sq. feet and will last approximately 22 minutes
  675. When can you enter a foam blanket?
    It should be limited to rescue of a trapped or injured victim...when members enter a foam blanket they disturb it...a foam hand line shall be directed at the back of there knees to fill in the blanks
  676. If a tanker truck has a leak at the bottom of the
    tank and the product has a specific gravity of less then 1 what can you do?
    You can add water to the tank so the product floats up to the top
  677. Can you upright a tanker that has rolled on its side?
    NEVER attempt to upright a loaded vehicle
  678. Where is the best place for a foam assembly point?
    The best placement is at an intersection where the units can come in from one direction and leave by another
  679. Can the AFFF foam used by the PAPD, and Fluoroprotein foam used by the FDNY be used together as finished firefighting foams?
    Yes...the AFFF will push the fluroprotein aside
  680. What is one of the main priorities for the fdny at plane crashes at airports?
    To supply water to the crash trucks
  681. What should first alarm units do for plane crashes not at the airport?
    • Put hand lines into operation as per foam ops
    • Obtain a good water source and set up foam carriers
    • At large scale incidents the foam cannons may need to be placed into operation
  682. What is the first consideration at bulk oil facility fires?
    To supply the in house fire protection systems with what is needed
  683. At bulk oil facility fires it is important to get at least one of what as close as possible to the tank?
    A tower ladder....if possible leave access for the satellite
  684. What is essential for exposures at bulk oil facility fires?
    Quick water applied to them
  685. What is much more dangerous at a bulk oil facility fire. A tank full of vapors or a full tank?
    A tank full of vapors. Use water only when tank is steaming...shutdown once it stops steaming
  686. Bulk oil facility....The identifying clue to recognizing a pressurized container is what?
    The rounded ends...THESE MUST BE COOLED...operate hose lines from the side of tanks
  687. Bulk oil facility....What indicates a serious BLEVE potential?
    If the pressure relief valve increases in noise and/or the flame jet increases in height, withdraw with all but unmanned lines
  688. What should the IC relay to foam carriers at bulk oil facility fires as they arrive?
    The location and direction units should approach to allow an orderly assembly of foam units
  689. Bulk oil facility...if it is necessary to open drains at dykes to allow water run off who should you consult with?
    Plant personnel
  690. How much foam concentrate can marine companies carry?
    Large fireboats can carry up to 1200 gallons of foam concentrate....portable foam bladders can carry between 1300 and 2000 gallons
  691. When do foam carriers, foam tenders, satellite units as well as their back up units conduct drill as a task force? the spring and fall each year
  692. When do foam carriers, foam tenders, and satellite units take part in familiarization drills at bulk oil facilities?
    During MUD from June 15th through Sept. 15th
  693. What is the general shelf life rule of fluoroprotein and Alcohol Resistant Fluoroprotein?
    10 years
  694. What is the shelf life for AFFF and Hi-Ex foams?
    Approximately 20 years
  695. If there is no date stamped on a can of foam when the officer inspects it at a depot what should be done?
    A date should be affixed on it with an indelible marker...depots should assure oldest cans are used first
  696. When cans of foam reach there shelf life what should be done with them?
    They shall be used for drill purposes
  697. Immediately after the conclusion of a foam operation, all components of the system shall prepare an inventory of concentrate remaining in storage. The inventory shall specify?
    • The type of concentrate used
    • The amount of concentrate used
    • The amount of concentrate remaining in storage and the type and amount of concentrate requested for replenishment. This inventory report shall be faxed to the first responding foam coordinator
  698. When cleaning foam educators how long should you flush them out?
    Flush for at least 15 minutes with water
  699. When should foam educators be tested?
    • Weekly at MUD...operate line with educator, place hand over concentrate intake tube and feel for pressure....if no pressure check for:
    • 1. washers
    • 2. Educator proportioning valve is not set at zero
    • 3. The Ball in educator is not stuck
  700. All engine companies with foam carriers will conduct drills when?
    Monthly on the 1st MUD of the month
  701. Any foam nozzle or educator not functioning properly will be sent where?
    Tech services RT-2
  702. What is the expansion ratio necessary for a foam to be considered Hi-Ex foam?
    200/1 to 1000/1
  703. What does hi-ex foam container look line?
    It has a yellow band
  704. What should pump pressure be for hi-ex foam operations?
    Between 200 and 220 psi
  705. For how long after foam ops should the ECC flush the system?
    For 15 minutes
  706. Foam chute applicator the chute should be ___foot ____in diameter then the mouth of the generator?
    1 foot larger
  707. The chute cannot necessitate the delivery of foam to a level____ than that of the generator?
  708. Proper foam expansion is dependent on an adequate supply of?
    Fresh air...It may be necessary to stretch a handline with a fog nozzle to keep the area around the generator clear of any contaminants that may be drawn into the generator
  709. Members operating in a foam environment must be equipped with what?
    • PPE
    • SCBA
    • Search Rope
    • hose line and tools for checking path in front of them
    • Entering without SCBA is not permitted
  710. What size are the generators the foam carriers and satellites carry?
    7500 CFM generators
  711. What is a combustible liquid?
    A liquid with a flash point of 100 degrees F or higher
  712. What is a flammable liquid?
    A liquid with a flashpoint below 100 degree F and a vapor pressure of 40 PSIG at 100 degrees F
  713. What is the closed lengths of the extension ladders? 35', 25', 24' 16'
    • 20' 15' 14' 10'
    • Divide the total operating length by 2...round up and then add 2
    • Ex: 35'/2 equals 17.5 round up 18 +2 = 20
    • 25'/2 = 12.5 ^ 13=2 =15'
  714. What types of ladders do the marine companies carry?
    12' and 20' portable hook ladders with wood beams...they are painted black except for the hooks and base of beams which are painted white 18'' from end...length and co. # stenciled on exterior of both beams
  715. What are two basic types of aluminum portable ladders?
    Solid beam and aluminum construction
  716. What is the rung spacing on portable ladders?
    14 inches
  717. Portable ladders....Who should always check the ladder lock assemblies to insure that they are completely engaged on the rung?
    The first member ascending the ladder
  718. On a brownstone what size extension ladder should you use on the rear 4th floor?
    35' extension ladder
  719. On a brownstone...what size portable ladder should you use on the 3rd floor rear?
    25' or 35' extension ladder
  720. Brownstones....what size portable ladder should you use on the 2nd floor?
    16' or 25' extension ladder or 10-14' A frame
  721. How high can you climb on a portable ladder?
    Do not climb higher then the 3rd rung from the top
  722. True or can get shocked on a portable ladder without touching an electrified line?
    True sometimes when you are in close proximity
  723. Can metal ladders be brought into electrical generating stations or substations?
    Under NO circumstances
  724. What are examples of portable ladder defects?
    • cracked welds
    • loose rungs
    • bent rungs or beams
    • missing or loose rivets, nuts, or bolts
    • discoloration signaling excessive exposure to heat
    • broken mechanical lock assemblies on extension ladders
  725. When should plain wax or paraffin be applied to all contacting surfaces of multiple section ladders to insure smooth contact?
    every 3 months
  726. What is paramount to a successful fire ground operation?
    The stretching and operating of hose lines
  727. When does the planning and preparing for an engine company response begin?
    The moment a fire officer and firefighter enter quarters
  728. The blackboard at house watch should be checked for any info that may affect the response or operations of the unit. Things such as what should be listed?
    • street closings
    • hydrants or mains out of service
    • standpipe or sprinkler systems OOS
    • Equipment changes on rig
    • adjoining companies OOS
    • Alternate courses of action
  729. At roll call what shall the officer assign to each member?
    • riding position
    • firefighting positions
    • mask and handie talkie radio
  730. When and with who does the officer inspect the rig?
    • Immediately after roll call accompanied by the chauffer....following shall be discussed:
    • general response routes and any modifications to normal response routes
    • dangerous areas or intersections
  731. What shall be carried by each engine company member ?
    a hose strap, chock, and spanner
  732. The most important tools engine company firefighters use on the fire ground are?
    • Serviceable hydrants
    • Engine apparatus
    • Hose and fittings
    • Nozzles
  733. All engine company firefighters should be able to perform the following functions:
    • Transfer the engine apparatus from "road" to "pump"
    • Connect to the hydrant using all connections
    • Charge and maintain pressure on a hose line using pump panel controls
  734. What is the solid stream tip(MST) useful for?
    high volume flows with a long reach, superior penetration and reduced nozzle reaction. It is required for standpipe ops due to its effective performance at low pressures
  735. What is a fog tip effective for?
    • Ventilation
    • fires near energized electrical equipment
    • dispersing vapors at gas leaks
  736. When should all nozzles be inspected and for what?
    • At the start of each tour
    • rubber washers placed correctly and not dried and cracked
    • nozzles are hand fastened to hose and tips screwed on by hand
    • fog nozzles are not clogged and maintained  in the straight stream position all hand controls operate smoothly and are not
  737. How long is MUD?
    1 1/2 hours...90 minutes
  738. What should engine company members monitor when responding to alarms?
    • The Department Radio
    • handie-talkie
    • MDT screen
  739. Engine Ops---who will determine where to position once the fire location has been determined?
    The officer
  740. True or False...Engine companies shall precede ladder companies when both units are responding together on the same alarm?
    TRUE...the officer of the first engine company should strive to enter the block ahead of the first ladder company and from the same direction
  741. When should the ladder company enter a block ahead of the engine?
    On dead end streets and winter ops where the buildings are over 3 stories
  742. What is essential for a safe fire operation?
    Establishing a positive water source
  743. Whenever possible the following guidelines should be followed for supplying hand lines from pumpers?
    • Only 2 hand lines should be operated from a pumper
    • The supply pumper in a relay operation should not supply any handlines or large caliber streams
    • The pumper supplying a large caliber stream should not supply and hand lines or additional large caliber streams...THESE THINGS CAN BE DONE IN AN EMERGENCY..PUMPER MUST BE AUGMENTED AND IC NOTIFIED
  744. The general plan or course of action decided upon by the IC in order to achieve firefighting objectives is what?
  745. The operations or actions required to carry out the strategy selected by the IC is called what?
  746. The responsibility for size up initially lies with who?
    The first officer on scene. Then gets passed up the chain of command as higher ranking officers arrive
  747. An accurate and complete size up must include consideration of the following strategic factors. What are they?
    • Time of day
    • Life
    • Area
    • Height
    • Construction
    • Occupancy
    • Location and extent of fire and smoke
    • Water supply
    • street conditions
    • Auxiliary appliances
    • weather
    • apparatus and equipment
    • exposures
  748. What is the primary consideration at any fire ground operation?
    The protection of life
  749. Immediate rescue attempts by the first arriving engine company without simultaneously stretching and positioning a hoseline should be attempted only when?
    in EXTREME situations
  750. Engine Ops---Eactors impacting on the decision to attempt an immediate rescue include?
    • occupants endangered by being in the immediate vicinity of the fire
    • number of persons trapped
    • occupants threatening to jump
    • means of egress cutoff by fire
    • ability to reach with portable ladders
    • Anticipated arrival time of the 1st due ladder company
    • staffing levels 4 or 5 firefighters
  751. Extinguishment is what stage of the fire suppression effort?
    3rd stage
  752. What are the warning signs of a backdraft?
    • reversal of air
    • glass windows stained with smoke and pulsating from the pressure of the fire
    • color of smoke
  753. What are the colors of smoke associated with a potential backdraft?
    Dense black smoke, dirty brown, yellow brown and gray yellow
  754. The placement of the aerial ladder is dependent on 4 conditions, what are they?
    • Whether immediate rescue is apparent
    • size of frontage of building to be covered
    • smoke heat or fire causing danger to victim
    • area or street conditions that might hamper optimum positioning
  755. What is the best placement from the building for aerial? in feet
    25-35 feet
  756. What is the average city sidewalk from building line to curb?
    13 feet
  757. What can you use to help line up the center of the turn table with a victim at a window?
    Side walk markings
  758. What is the recommended distance of the tip of the aerial to the objective?
    2 to 6 case of rescue use the 2 inch positioning so that the ladder will rest against the window sill after weight is put on it
  759. When placing the aerial ladder at a window for rescue how should the aerial be placed?
    The tip should be less then 6 inches over the sill
  760. Who assists the chauffer in setting up and placing the aerial ladder and climbs the ladder as soon as it is locked in position for a window rescue?
    The OVM
  761. How do you place the aerial ladder against the building alongside the fire escape?
    1 to 3 feet above the balcony railing
  762. When can all ladder company operations be performed efficiently with portable ladders?
    Where  involved and exposed structures are 3 stories or less in height
  763. With a severe fire in a building with over 30 feet in frontage and no people showing where should you place the aerial apparatus?
    Place the center of the turntable approximately 15 feet from the side wall passed on your approach
  764. For fires covering an extensive floor area where more than one ladder apparatus will be needed, position to cover the portion of the building as ordered by who?
    Officer in command of the fire
  765. In a cantilevered position, what is generally the maximum safe distance measured horizontally from the tip of the aerial to the center of the turntable of the aerial ladder?
    40 feet
  766. How should you vent windows with the aerial?
    Aim at upper window panels, just above sash, and extend without hitting the sides or tops of window frames...only slightly extend threw window don't strike lower ladder to break sash...NEVER exert lateral pressure
  767. Who is supposed to set the chocks and tormenters on an aerial ladder?
    The OVM(tillerman)
  768. When can the aerial ladder be moved with both a firefighter and victim on it?
    Only in extreme situations when being exposed to flame or great heat
  769. What is the order of removal for victims in the front and rear?
    BS FD....Back Simple Front Difficult
  770. If the 2nd ladder company is moving into the block opposite the 1st engine company what the must the officer do?
    Verify that the engine has a hydrant before moving to close
  771. Whenever an engine officer elects to use in line pumping, he must be certain the ladder company has what?
    Unobstructed access to the front of the fire bulding
  772. At vacant building fires the aerial ladder officer gives precedence to the positioning of his apparatus, when?
    • A building not completely vacant
    • The officer receives information or has prior knowledge that part of this building is used by vagrants or squatters
    • the reach of his 100' aria is required to expedite or execute certain tasks or assignment's
  773. Who is charged with responsibility for proper placement of the aerial ladder?
    The Officer
  774. Generally, the preferential order for removal of people is via?
    • Interior stairs
    • Horizontal Exits
    • Fire Escapes
    • Ladders
    • Life Saving Rope
    • ---In Hot Fires Ladders Leave---
  775. LCC should remain on turntable when members have entered the building by aerial ladder and are in precarious positions such as:?
    • A floor over a heavy fire
    • The roof of a building with a heavy fire condition
  776. If the street has a severe crown make sure the aerial ladder does not exceed ___ degrees?
    70 degrees
  777. How can you warn members besides handie talkie communications that you are you using the ladder pipe?
    Sweep the stream horizontally across and into the windows without hesitating or stopping
  778. How should the tip of the aerial ladder be placed when its used to the roof?
    At least 5 feet above the point where the ladder comes in contact with the building
  779. Aerial ladder rungs are spaced how far apart?
    14 inches
  780. Can you extend or retract the Aerial Ladder while men are on it?
  781. How do you remove ice from the aerial ladder?
    • First free Rungs
    • Next ladder Rung Locks
    • then Trussing
    • and the Main Beams
    • ---Ron Reagan Lost The Marbles---
  782. Fluoropolydol is used at a ___ % rate for hydrocarbons  and ___% rate for polar solvents
    3 and 6
  783. What is the preferred foam if entry into a pool of fuel must be made?
  784. What is the FDNY's use of AFFF limited to?
    The 2 1/2 gallon extinguisher
  785. How can you produce a 3% solution in a 500 gallon booster tank when using foam?
    Dump 3 5 gallon buckets in
  786. High Pressure engines can pump up to what psi?
    600 psi
  787. 3rd stage engines can pump up to what psi?
    700 psi
  788. Who shall be notified when high pressure pumping is necessary?
    The IC
  789. High Pressure pumping is defined as operating at discharge pressures over?
    250 psi
  790. Can conventional engines provide pressures of over 250 psi?
    Yes...but they should not unless emergency conditions exist and ordered to by he IC
  791. What is the recommend pump discharge pressures for standpipe operations?
    • 1-10...150 psi
    • 11-20...200 psi...etc...
  792. Whenever possible , an engine supplying high pressure should be positioned within __ hose length of the fd connection being supplied and no more then  ___ lengths away?
    1 and 2
  793. What is the size of the safety zone around the high pressure pumping operation?
    At least 50 feet around a working engine and all appliances in every direction
  794. For high pressure pumping where should the tether strap be secured to?
    To both the engine and the building fire department connection
  795. Who is to supervise a high pressure pumping  operation?
    A BC
  796. When other then first due to a fire in a high rise building, officers of high pressure Engines and 3rd stage engines shall direct their ECCs to position the apparatus where?
    At a hydrant in proximity to the standpipe Siamese connection
  797. The standpipe system should be supplied by 2 engines, if high pressure pumping is required what might have to be done?
    Special calling of another high pressure engine or 3rd stage pumper
  798. Who may order the use of 3rd stage pumping?
    Only an IC at the rank of battalion chief or opposed to just hi pressure pumping where just the IC can give order(not specified who)
  799. Buildings that require a stretch of more then how many lengths off the standpipe shall have this included in the CIDS?
    more then 3 lengths
  800. Standpipe systems should always be supplied with what size hose?
    3 1/2
  801. If the first due engine is supplying both the standpipe and sprinkler systems, h second and third due engine must due what?
    Stretch additional lines to augment both systems
  802. The pump discharge pressure for each hose line attached to a standpipe system is what?
    100 psi plus 5 psi for each floor above grade
  803. Can you operate with a PRD on a standpipe valve?
    Yes if you cannot get it off and you don't have another option...It SHOULD be removed
  804. When is an area considered an IDLH?
    When a fire progress past the incipient stage
  805. What is a known life hazard?
    • A victim can be seen by the rescuer
    • A victim can be heard by the rescuer
    • A member has info from a credible source or person at the scene indicating the location of the life hazard
  806. When will an engine or ladder company on scene take a defensive position?
    When they are the only unit on scene and understaffed(less then 4 firefighters)...only when there is a known life hazard can rescue activity happen
  807. What are examples of defensive positions?
    • Checking hydrants
    • hooking up to hydrant
    • charging the pumps
    • stretching a line to outside the IDLH
    • providing medical treatment to victims
    • positioning aerial or TL/PL
    • conducting a size up
    • Transmitting the appropriate radio signals
  808. On what codes is a FAST Unit assigned?
    10-60, 10-66, 10-76, 10-77 and 10-80 codes 1,2,3,4
  809. Upon arrival what shall the FAST unit officer due?
    Announce over the handie talkie there arrival and report to the ICP, unless otherwise directed by the IC.... Bring up to date copy of the resonse ticket to the IC....if assigned duties other then FAST ...officer shall remind IC that they are the FAST
  810. When the FAST unit comes upon a downed member what shall they assess?
    • FAIR
    • Fire
    • Air
    • Immediate medical care
    • Removal
  811. In addition to  normally assigned ladder company tools, the FAST Unit shall report to the ICP with the following equipment?
    • FAST Pak
    • Search rope
    • Stokes Basket with long backboard
    • 2:1 rope
  812. A member will suffer brain damage without air in __ to ___ minutes. In ___ to ___ minutes a member will move towards clinical death.
    4:6 and 6:10
  813. What are the 3 ways to determine if a downed member has air?
    • Turn the purge valve. Listen for flow
    • If face piece is on...break the seal, listen for air
    • Look at the remote gauge of the downed member
  814. Once an unconscious member is supplied with air, turn the purge valve ________ to allow a constant flow of air?
    half way
  815. What should you ascertain from a missing conscious member?
    • LUNA
    • Last known location
    • Unit working in that tour
    • Name
    • Assignment
  816. Positioning an unconscious member on their right side will provide access to what?
    • Members name on back of bunker coat
    • PRA id number which will provide unit and position( as long as SCBA not a spare)
    • Helmet front piece of downed member
    • Engraved ID number on the side of the handie talkie
    • Also downed members tools may indicate position
  817. If you are tying to remove an unconscious member how should you position them?
    If possible position the member so that their back is facing toward the direction of removal prior to starting the packaging process
  818. Prior to the arrival of the FAST unit, the IC shall designate any of the following for possible assistance or rescue?
    • Safety team
    • Companies in reserve
    • Companies available for immediate
    •  reassignment
    • Member available for immediate reassignment
    • Uncommitted chauffeurs or full duty aides
  819. The activation of the Emergency alert Button on a members handie talkie will increase the output from?
    2 to 5 watts...emergency channel is 16 can be used by FAST group if necessary
  820. The IC should obtain the following information from a unit/member who locates a distressed member?
    • Fire Situation
    • Air status of member
    • Identity of member
    • Injuries
    • Location
    • Route to location
    • Resources needed
  821. When can the FAST unit be relieved from an operation or be used to relieve operating units?
    When the Fire is Placed UNDER CONTROL
  822. What is the safety team if 1 engine is on scene (4 and 5 firefighter)?
    • 5FF) control and door
    • 4FF) two FF's designated by officer
  823. What is safety team of 1 Ladder company on scene?
    • 5FF) LCC and OV
    • 4FF) LCC and outside FF designated by officer
  824. Safety team with 1 engine and 1 ladder on scene?
    Control and LCC
  825. Safety team of 2 engines on scene?
    Backup and Control FF's of 2nd arriving engine
  826. A stuck elevator with trapped passengers not in immediate danger and no evidence of injury is what?
    An incident
  827. An elevator emergency is a situation where one or more of what exists?
    • Fire endangering passengers in a stuck elevator
    • Passenger of stuck elevator injured
    • Passenger of stuck elevator in panic
  828. What is the most frequent cause of elevator malfunction?
    Electrical problems
  829. How can you locate a stuck elevator car?
    • Lobby control panel
    • Intercom or telephone system
    • Open hoist way door on first floor
  830. Hazmat---what is the area of safe refuge?
    The warm zone
  831. After removing people from the contaminated area, ideally what should be the first step in the decon process?
    Removal of the victims outer layer of clothing....can get rid of up to 90% of decontaminants
  832. What is the recommended operating pressure during mass decon, when using a 2 ½” line equipped with an Aquastream fog nozzle?
    50-80 psi
  833. True or False---Place a Turbomaster fog nozzle on each pumper on a selected inside discharge gate for decon?
    False place a Aquastream nozzle...Turbo Towerladder--TT
  834. T or F  SOC Support Ladders are equipped to perform mitigation activities such as leak stopping, neutralizing, or overpacking a product when operating by themselves
  835. To operate as a SSL, the unit shall be staffed with a minimum of one trained officer or acting trained officer and at least how many trained FF’s?
  836. SSL companies should utilize the _____ rope when lowering a safety line to stranded workers B
    ½” kermantle rope
  837. T or F  SSL companies shall not be permitted to attempt any entry that would require the rescuer to leave the direct line of sight of the officer supervising entry at the confined space.
  838. What is the primary consideration at a Trench Cave-In operation?
    Prevention of a secondary cave in
  839. You are the officer working in a Rapid Response Vehicle. After repeated attempts to contact the dispatcher by radio to report your availability have failed, what would be your next move?
    Immediately return to the staging area from which you responded and report “AQ”
  840. Two enclosed utility trailers have been placed in service to carry specialized containment vessels and additional over pack equipment for use with leaking containers of hazardous materials. Both trailers are assigned to the Haz Mat operations and located where?
    Fire Academy, Building 8
  841. All levels of command shall access the Computerized Injury/Exposure Reporting System (CIRS) _______ to provide any required review/recommendations.  Please fill in the blank? (Safety Bulletin 7, section 6.1)
  842. “A CIRS report missing a member’s signature and/or narrative is not a reason to return for clarification.” Would you agree or disagree with the above statement? (Safety Bulletin 7, section 6.2.1)
  843. When a member sustains a burn, smoke or heat exhaustion injury, the ___________ is required to prepare a Burn/Smoke/Heat Exhaustion Injury Report.  Please fill in the blank? (Safety Bulletin 7, section 5.1)
  844. All available injury/exposure information must be initiated and submitted no later than ___ days from the date of the injury/exposure with or without the member’s signature and/or narrative. B
  845. Minor Injury - is an injury determined by the on duty medical officer. A minor injury does not require the member to be granted the remainder of the tour or be granted a medical leave. The following shall not be classified as Minor Injuries:  Please choose the incorrect item from the list below?                  (Safety Bulletin 7, section 2.1.3)  A)  Burns, other than first degree B)  Chest pains C)  Sprains or strains, with no swelling or discoloration D)  Any injury resulting in fainting, blackout, or loss of memory E)  Shortness of breath
    C)  Sprains or strains, with no swelling or discoloration
  846. In order to collect data on the events that lead to multiple injuries and to prepare strategies to prevent injuries, the Chief of Operations requires the supervisor of a unit to submit a report when; Three or more members suffer injuries at the same incident resulting in medical leave that tour. Who does the report get sent to?
    Company Commanders shall forward the report via chain of command to the Chief of Operations. 8
  847. If the investigating Battalion Chief deems it appropriate, in questionable cases (e.g., numerous injuries, unusual circumstances), the Battalion Chief shall consult with the ____________________________ prior to making an accident determination. Please fill in the blank?                  (Safety Bulletin 56, section 5)
    Division Chief and a Safety Battalion Chief
  848. The CD-19 report shall be forwarded by the apparatus operator/Officer within _____ hours of the apparatus accident/incident.  Please fill in the blank?             (Safety Bulletin 56, section 26.1)
  849. From the list below please choose which item represents a 10-60-1 signal?                 (Communications Chapter 8, 10-60)  A)  Major Emergency Incident with the potential for multiple casualties, e.g. collapse of a private dwelling, derailment of a subway car. B)  Major Emergency Incident with the potential for multiple casualties, with the need for Enhanced Technical Rescue Resources. C)  Major Emergency Incident with the potential for multiple casualties, with the need for Enhanced Technical Rescue Resources. Incident is of a larger scale requiring an enhanced 2nd Alarm assignment, e.g. collapse of a 6 story multiple dwelling, an explosion with severe collateral structural damage, airplane crash (except Airport Crash Boxes 37 LaGuardia and 269 JFK).
    B)  Major Emergency Incident with the potential for multiple casualties, with the need for Enhanced Technical Rescue Resources.
  850. 10-70 - A notification that the first arriving engine does NOT have a positive water source. This shall be an "urgent" message to the dispatcher from the unit transmitting the signal. It will also require an "urgent" HT transmission to all units on the scene.  Examples of situations that would require a 10-70 include:  Please choose the correct item(s) from the list below? (Communications 8, 10-70) 
    A)  Dead or Frozen Hydrant
    B)  Unable to Access a Hydrant
    C)  Unable to Hookup to a Hydrant
    D)  Insufficient Hydrant Pressure
    E)  No Water/Insufficient Pressure at Standpipe Outlet
  851. EMS resources assigned on a 10-75 are properly shown in which choice(s) below? (Communications 8, 10-75) 
    A)  1 - Conditions Officer B)  1 - BLS ambulance C)  1 - ALS ambulance D)  1 - Division Chief
  852. If you were presented with a fish odor inside an apartment with tape around the windows or doors you would expect that this is a possible chemical suicide. The fish odor could be?
    Phosphine---phish-> fish
  853. While operating with a FDNY Rapid Response Vehicle Task Force you would know that the primary method of communication is which item listed below?
    DARS radio 400 mhz  3,,,then 800mhz,,,,cell phone.....dept. radio
  854. The priority order for the use of Positive Pressure Fans is as follows:  Please choose the correct order?                        (AUC 349, section 6.5)  A) Pressurizing the attack stairwell to support the fire attack, by controlling the smoke condition at the attack stair doorway and throughout the attack stairway.  B) Pressurizing the evacuation stairwell for smoke and CO control.  C) Ventilating the public hallways for smoke and CO control.
  855. The Ventilation support group supervisor shall supervise the placement of positive pressure fans. The ground floor shall be the initial location for rapid deployment; however, the following variables should be considered when choosing that location:  Please choose the correct variables listed below?                     (AUC 349, section 7.3)  A) Research and field experience has proved that one fan can provide the proper pressure in the stairwell up to 10 stories depending on conditions, and two fans will pressurize a 40 story building when properly positioned.  B) If the fire floor is above the 10th floor or additional pressures are required to maintain the stairwell free of smoke, a second fan must be brought to three floors below the fire floor and set up, following the proper positioning (4 to 6 feet back, 80 degree angle).  C) In buildings over 40 stories in height, the Incident Commander (IC) should consider special calling an additional ventilation support group. The extra fans can be used to augment pressures in the stairwell. D) All of the above.
  856. T or F...If a chauffeur is granted leave after the start of a tour, the officer on duty shall have the unit remain in service with a school trained chauffeur or company trained chauffeur from the unit the member was working in when the leave was granted.
    False....from the quarters the member was working in not just unit....ex.. if truck member was working across the floor
  857. The _______________________ shall be prepared to provide a copy of the incident based riding list report to the Command Post upon arrival at an incident.  Please fill in the blank?   (AUC 346, section 3.2)
    Field Communications Unit
  858. Firefighters may be confronted with incidents that range from accidental fires or terrorists attacks on bridges. The Incident Commander (IC) must assess the risk and possibility of localized or progressive bridge collapse prior to committing First Responders to an extensive and time consuming rescue plan. The IC should transmit an incident assessment report to the Dispatcher using the “Size-up” section of the Field Guide. The report should include?
    • What has occurred
    • The life hazard
    • The magnitude and location of damage to bridge components
    • If the bridge is secured
  859. Based on the description of damage to the bridge, the ___________ will determine whether to implement rescue, evacuation or defensive tactics.  Please fill in the blank?              (AUC 344, section
    Command Chief
  860. What are the  minimum safe operating distances for applying water on energized or de-energized electrical components at a Con Edison facility.....
    • 15 feet on live 138 kV electrical components for 30 or greater fog streams.  
    •  75 feet on live 138 kV electrical components for all straight or solid streams and streams less than 30 fog. 
    • 25 feet on live 345 kV electrical components for 30 or greater fog streams. 
    • 125 feet on live 345 kV electrical components for all straight or solid streams and streams less than 30 fog.
  861. The second due Battalion Chief at crash box 269 (JFK) will be designated to which position ?                     (AUC 325 add # 2, section 1.2)
    Staging Chief
  862. The Officer on duty discovering an illegal entry of quarters shall immediately notify?
    • Administrative Battalion and Division.  
    • Police Precinct.  
    • Office of the Inspector General (only if there is a theft in which a Department employee is a suspect).  
    • Bureau of Fire Investigation (only if incident involves a false alarm response).
  863. Bunker Gear must be donned in the following order:  Please choose the correct order? (AUC 310, section 3.1)  A) Pants and Boots (Personal Safety System in place) B) Handie-Talkie (remote speaker clipped to outside of coat)  C) Protective Hood D) Bunker Coat
    B)   1, 2, 3, 4
  864. For any reduction below level C Citywide after the start of a tour, whats the order in order to get manpower?
    • Rebreather 2 (if staffed) shall be placed OOS and their FF(s) shall be detailed to the unit(s) with a vacancy.  
    • Hazardous Material Technician Units (HMTUs) shall detail their 5th FF to the unit with a vacancy.  
    • Ladder Companies 5th firefighter shall be detailed to keep Engine and Ladder Companies staffing at 4 firefighters.
  865. CIMS states that the core competencies of the FDNY are?
    • Fire suppression  
    • Pre-hospital emergency medical care  
    • Search and rescue 
    •  Structural  evacuation 
    • CBRN/Haz-Mat Life Safety Operations and mass decontamination 
    • Arson investigation (cause and origin)
  866. Which members of the department can administer the Weapons of Mass Destruction Nerve Agent?
    CPC Members
  867. Hazmat--WMD nerve agent---Which zones will the antidote be administered in?
    Hot and Warm zones
  868. Who is responsible for oversight of the administration of the antidote to victims of nerve agent/ organophosphate exposure?
    Office of Medical Affairs
  869. Who directs the administration of the antidote in the Exclusion and Contamination Reduction Zones?
    Haz Tac Officer
  870. Antidote administration in the Hot and Warm Zones will be directed primarily to, but not limited to _____ tag patients.
  871. The OMA Response Physician will always operate in the ________ Zone?
  872. USPS buildings---The BDS analysis process may take as long as ____ minutes to complete.
  873. T or F   An Initial Emergency Response Meeting Point will be established as per the Individual Facility Plan. Initial responding units will meet USPS personnel at this location to confirm the BDS alert.
  874. USPS buildings
    10-80 Code 3
  875. USPS buildings---BDS activations--T or F   The FDNY is responsible for accounting for all employees, visitors, and/ or customers and they are responsible to conduct a primary and secondary search if necessary.  A
    FALSE--THE USPS is responsible
  876. USPS buildings---BDS activation--The FDNY will be responsible for decon of which patients?
    Group 2 and Group 3
  877. A copy of the Emergency Action should be available for who to inspect it?
    New York State PESH Inspectors
  878. The Officer on duty within quarters shall review the Emergency Action Plan when?
    • Initially when the plan is developed
    • Whenever the plan is changed
    • When new personnel are assigned
    • Quarterly, JAJO
  879. What is the distance that studs are placed when a new concrete floor is poured in a hi rise building under construction?
  880. T or F ---On the day after a floor is poured, it has set up sufficiently to have its forms and supporting studs removed?
  881. Where is lumber usually stored for buildings that are pouring concrete floors in hi rise buildings under construction?
    This lumber is usually found stored on the floor which is two levels below the most recently poured floor and will serve as the forms for the next floor to be poured.
  882. Unless there is a responsible person at a construction site that is pouring concrete floors, when should you assume the last floor was poured?
    Within the last 24 hours
  883. How and how far down in a building under construction should you reshore recently poured concrete floors?
    One 4' x 4' stud every 8 feet for 8 floors down
  884. When are formal critique held?
    After large scale operations
  885. Who is to lead an informal critique?
    The company officer
  886. What is the first consideration on arrival at an operation involving electrified track ?
    It will be the determination of whether the power is to remain on or turned off
  887. What are located near a blue light in the subway?
    The power removal box and emergency telephone...power removal confirmation must be made threw the FD dispatcher
  888. Who shall put a wooden slipper on a contact shoe?
    Transit personnel
  889. subway---If the direction of smoke travel can be established, what should the IC do?
    a unit shall be sent to the next emergency exit or station in an attempt to isolate the source of the fire.  Information will be relayed to the Officer in Command via Handi-Talkie or apparatus radio.
  890. Subways---T or F---Engine Companies shall not connect to a hydrant until the fire is located.
  891. The decision to use a "Light Train" is to be made only by who?
    The chief officer in charge based on the size up of the incident
  892. When can the light train not be used?
    When there is no communications link established
  893. What is the primary means of communications when using the light train?
    Unit uses train radio-->ta command center-->FD boro dispatcher-->chief in charge then back the opposite way
  894. Who operates the train radio when on the light train?
    The FD unit on the light train
  895. How often should progress reports be transmitted from a light train?
    At least once every 15 minutes
  896. 2.6 A "Light Train" shall not travel past the next station without the permission of who?
    The chief in charge
  897. When are light trains to be used by FD personell?
    To extinguish small fires readily extinguishable with one or 2 cans
  898. T or F---The evacuation of passengers from under-river tubes should take place away from any fan operated in the exhaust mode
  899. How much power do catenary lines deliver?
    Approximately 12000 volts AC...they contain residual electricity after the power has been shut off
  900. Where is the 480 standby power located at train stations?
    Its a heavy black cable running on the under side of the platform that provides power for lights, AC etc...
  901. What kind of nozzle and stream should you use for a fire in a train at a subway station?
    The Fog nozzle...and use it in short residual power may still be in the 3rd rail and catenary lines after the power is off
  902. All fire teams applying water with hand-held fog nozzles should take advantage of the reach of the fog stream and observe to a minimum approach distance of _____feet to catenary wires.
    10 feet...the NFPA min. standard is 4 feet
  903. Penn station response---When conditions permit, or prior to leaving the scene, the Incident Commander shall review the Command Post log, and make note of any of the required railroad personnel that failed to respond to the Command Post. Then what should he do?
    Upon return to quarters, the Incident Commander shall promptly notify the Public Transportation Safety Unit, Bureau of Operations at 718-999-2066, followed by a brief report through the chain of command, advising of the required railroad personnel that failed to respond to the Command Post, or of any other problem that he/she had experienced during the incident.
  904. When should units inspect the sound powered phone and dry standpipe cabinets?
    During a units semi-annual subway emergency inspection period
  905. T or F----In most cases, the sound powered phone outlet jack box will be inside the stainless steel standpipe cabinet (figure 3).
  906. Subways---Where is the Yellow EED located at underground and grade level stations?
    The EED is located at the first Blue light location south of the southbound platform
  907. Subways---Where is the EED located at elevated stations?
    In the area of the full time token booth
  908. Subways---Where are EED's locate at under river tubes?
    At the base of the emergency exit at each end of the tunnel
  909. When positioned against the side or end doors of a subway car the EED will reach the roadbed at approximately a ___degree angle?
    70 degree
  910. Where are the Blue power removal boxes located on the air train?
    Each end of the station platforms
  911. How many cars make up an air train?
    one to four cars
  912. How often do air trains run during the peak hours?
    Every 2 - 4 minutes
  913. How fast can the air train go?
    70 mph
  914. Where is the emergency exit located in the air train tunnel?
  915. How often are blue power removal boxes located on the air train guide ways?
    Every 800 feet
  916. What is the minimum response for all Air Train responses on high speed roadways?
    2 and 2 and a unit MUST be TL
  917. What is the primary means of accessing the guide way?
    From an overpass
  918. When you must access the AIR TRAIN from a roadway what must always be done?
    The roadway MUST be completely shutdown to traffic
  919. What is the primary method for evacuating passengers from the air train in between stations?
    The primary method for evacuating passengers from an AirTrain that is located between stations is to have AirTrain personnel bring a rescue train from either the front or the rear of the disabled train, or to the adjoining track, and safely evacuate and transport the passengers to the next station.
  920. before members are committed to the guideway of the air train what must be done?
    The Incident Commander shall insure that grounding straps are in place on each side of the operation
  921. If their is no guardrails on the parapet wall of the air train, what is this generally an indication of?
    That the walkway is in the center and the 3rd rail will be against the parapet wall
  922. What wattage are the subway repeator channels?
    5 watts
  923. If you have a problem such as a dead spot with the subway repeater system who should you notify?
    The boro dispatcher
  924. What does the single exit subway station sticker look like?
    Black guy on stairs with yellow background
  925. How can you locate the wheel lock on the Nolan rail cart?
    The corner is painted red
  926. How should stoke baskets and stretchers be placed on the Nolan rail cart?
    So that they extend over the front and rear
  927. What color coding is used to connect the sections of the Nolan rail cart?
    Orange and Green
  928. What is the box number series for all Subway stations in Manhattan Bronx and Brooklyn?
    7000 series.....400 for queens
  929. If a standpipe is not found in a building that requires one what should you do?
    Request a Battalion chief to respond and consider a possible vacate
  930. Can standpipe systems have an outside contractor with a certificate of fitness?
  931. When should a wet standpipe be installed in a  building?
    • In all buildings or portions thereof exceeding six stories or seventy-five feet in height, except that open parking structures shall not require installation of a wet standpipe system unless they exceed ten parking levels or seventy-five feet in height. 
    • 1.1.2  In all portions of buildings two or more stories in height that have a floor area of ten thousand square feet or more on any floor.
  932. 1968 code....when should standpipe systems be installed
    A standpipe system shall be installed in all buildings exceeding three stories in height that have an area exceeding seven thousand five hundred square feet on any floor
  933. 2008 building code....When is a standpipe required?
    • In buildings 3 stories or more in height with floor area 7,500 square feet or greater on any floor. 
    • In buildings 2 stories or more in height with a floor area of 10,000 square feet or greater on any story
  934. Over what height should all office buildings be required to be fully sprinklered ?
    100 feet or more
  935. If you suspect a hazardous material being stored during BISP what should you do?
    Prepare and fax AN A-8-H form to the Toxic Substance Unit...also forward a CIDS card
  936. When are reinspections performed during BISP?
    At the start of the BISP period
  937. Who should an officer notify if you cant leave in time for BISP?
    The administrative battalion
  938. When BISP is cancelled because  of inclement weather, what shall the officer do?
    officers shall utilize at least one hour of the period to conduct a Fire Prevention Drill.
  939. HAZING--  Once informed or made aware of any such incident or allegation, all officers and supervisors must report the incident how?
    all officers and supervisors must report the incident, in writing, up the chain of command to the Chief of Department---BITS investigates
  940. Social Media Policy---who should you contact if you have questions about this?
    Office of Public Information or Bureau of Legal Affairs
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