MUSED Quiz 1: People

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  1. boethius
    music = math
  2. guido
    solfege, staff, pitches, sight-singing
  3. william woodbridge
    • one of the first educators to promote music in schools
    • founder of Boston academy of music
    • taught music to kids using pestalozzi (thought it was better than the singing school approach)
  4. john tufts (1689-)
    • preached sermons that said musical literacy was important
    • wrote 1st am textbook to solve issue of musical literacy
    • encouraged note-for-note singing as the only acceptable way of praising God
    • helped simplify notation reading for non-musicians
    • his work led to the singing school
  5. cotton mather (1663-1728)
    • singing reform
    • religion and music closely related
  6. henry ainsworth (1571-)
    published the book of psalms (later reworked into bay psalm book)
  7. Reverend Thomas Symmes (1677-1725)
    • new way!
    • writings to support it. it grew quickly
    • founder of the first am singing school in 1717
  8. Elam Ives Jr.
    • first to apply pestalozzian principles to music ed in US
    • influenced the ideas of thomas hastings and Mason
  9. william Billings (1746-1800)
    • chester, composer
    • warned against unnecessary convo
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