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  1. Antidote
    A remedy to counteract the effects of poison
  2. Augument
    To increase; make larger or supplement
  3. Augures
    A diviner who foretells events by the behavior of animals or signs from celestial phenomena/unusual events
  4. Avarice
    Excessive desire of gain; greediness after wealth
  5. Balm
    Healing ointment
  6. Bane
    A cause of misery/death; an affliction/curse
  7. Beguille
    To decieve
  8. Bestowed
    To deposit for safe keeping; store away
  9. Blanched
    Lacking complexion or colour
  10. Blaspheming
    To deny Christian beliefs
  11. Buffets
    A counter or sideboard from which foods and drinks are serve or may be brought; A small stool for a buffet/counter
  12. Censures
    The act of blaming, criticizing, or condemning as wrong; reprehension
  13. Champion
    Someone who has been a winner (of a contest)
  14. Cherubim
    A statue or other depiction of a winged child, and seen as the 2nd highest order of angels
  15. Chid
    To admonish in blame; to reproach angrily
  16. Clamor
    Any loud and continued noise
  17. Cloistered
    Isolated, protected, hidden away
  18. Combustion
    Violent agitation
  19. Confound
    To confuse; to mix-up
  20. Corporeal
    Having a physical, tangible body
  21. Credulous
    Gullible, excessively ready to believe things
  22. Dauntless
    Invulnerable to fear or intimidation
  23. Deftly
    Quickly and neatly in manner; skillfully
  24. Desolate
    Barren and lifeless
  25. Diminutive
    Very small
  26. Disdaining
    A feeling of contempt or scorn
  27. Dispatch
    To hurry up
  28. Ecstasy
    A state of emotion so intense, a person is carried beyond rational thought/self control; intense pleasure
  29. Entreat
    To treat or conduct toward; to deal with; to use
  30. Epicures
    A person who takes particular pleasure in find food/drink
  31. Equivocation
    The use of ambiguous expressions, in order to mislead
  32. Esteem
    To regard someone with respect
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