Music midterm

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  1. Staff
    the lines you write music on
  2. bar line
    lines that divide when the beat counts are all counted for
  3. Measure
    spaces between two bar lines
  4. time signature
    how many beats per measure
  5. key signature
    to indicate the composition key
  6. Double bar line
    shows the end of the piece
  7. ledger lines
    lines used to identify notes above and under the staff
  8. sharp
    symbol to make the note rise pitch by half-step
  9. Flat
    symbol to make note lower pitch a half-step
  10. natural
    indicating note to go back to regular pitch after sharp or flat
  11. rhythm
    interference of sound and underlying pulse
  12. harmony
    the simultaneous sound of three or more tones
  13. cresendo
    quickly increase volume
  14. decresendo
    quickly lower volume
  15. allegro
    quick happy rapid, allegre
  16. Tempo from slowest to quickest
    grave - largo - adagio - andante - presto
  17. articulation
    the art of distinct pronouncing
  18. accent
    stress of one note over the others, usually firts note
  19. Marcato
    • heavily accented
    • marcado con accentos
  20. staccato
    • separate
    • stuck up
  21. legato
    • smooth, no pause between notes
    • smooth like cat, never stop moving cat
  22. Vivace
    • brisk tempo, quick
    • viva rapido
  23. fermata
    • hold note
    • firme como roca
  24. slur
    line indicating legato (played with no pause)
  25. tie
    symbol meaning two notes should be played as one unbroken note
  26. accapella
    without accompany
  27. syncopation
    • normal rhythm, accent, meter
    • compactly normal
  28. en-harmonic tones
    notes spelled different but sound alike
  29. intervals
    space between two notes
  30. accidentals
    symbol placed to raise, lower, or return note to normal pitch
  31. Musical Forum
    • overall structure or plan
    • the layout divided into sections
  32. Phrasing
    • playing a musical sentence that lasts one breath
    • separates melody into small units
  33. Musical texture
    arrangement of different layers of sound in the music
  34. Intonation
    • realization of perfect pitch 
    • may be flat, sharp or both, successively or simultaneously
  35. simple meter
    having 2,3,or 4 in the upper number of a time signature
  36. subito
    suddenly soft
  37. sforzando
    emphasis on a note
  38. Aerophones
    instrument that use a body of air to create a vibration
  39. membranophones
    instrument that creates sound with vibration of a stretched membrane
  40. idiophones
    instrument that creates sound with vibration of without the need of a stretched membrane
  41. chordophones
    instrument that creates sound with vibration stretched string
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