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  1. What was America's First Planning Legislation and when was it created?
    Law of the Indies (1573)
  2. What is "buildout" and why do many planners believe it will not happen?
    The moment in the future when all land has finally been consumed & everyone is settled into a tidy neighborhood.

    Even when the population slows or stops, communities continue to evolve & people continue to build new things.
  3. What is the Colonial Town Planning Tradition?
    • European "fortress/village" concept
    • -surrounded by communal farmland

    • "Preplanned community development"
    • -based upon the grid system

    • -Small population centers
    • -Limited specialized land use
    • -Municipal government as a Corp. determined land use

    • --Europeans beginning of planning
    • --Communities were pre-planned
  4. What is planning?
    The process by which society decides gets built where.
  5. What are the 3 themes of history?
    Immigration, migration, technology
  6. What are the 5 interrelated activities included in the planning process?
    • -Design
    • (physical layout of community or project)

    • -Laws & Regulations
    • Shaping & application of state laws & local regulations to a particular planning process

    • -Environmental Analysis
    • Task of assessing the impact of any given plan or proposed development project of on the state's environment.

    • Socioeconomic Analysis
    • Task of assessing the impact of a plan or project on a neighborhood's social structure, or other socioeconomic concerns

    • Political Approval
    • Task of winning the support of the public & elected representatives for a plan, general plan, etc...
  7. What is the purpose of planning?
    To insure land preservation and use in ways which are economically and socially desirable in an attempt to improve the quality of life in CA
  8. What underlying socioeconomic trends are helping to create the environment within which planning operates?
    Population growth & demographic change

    Redistribution of the population within the state & within metropolitan areas

    A dwindling land supply in most metropolitan areas

    Lingering effects of the Great Recession
  9. What is "infill" development?
    High-density housing & commercial projects, often in locations that were previously used for other, lower intensity activity.

    ex: Old warehouses have become apartments
  10. What are the 6 ongoing planning issues in California?
    1. The political nature of the planning process

    2. The ongoing state-local fiscal crisis

    3. Competition & lack of cooperation among local governments

    4. Location- and price-appropriate housing

    5. Suburban sprawl versus compact urban form

    6. Property rights
  11. What 3 characteristics make it difficult to manage the political nature of planning?
    • 1. Heightened Political Awareness
    •    (slow growth vs. developers)

    • 2. Single-Issue Politics

    3. The Politics of Proximity
  12. What are the migrations?
    • 1. Pioneers settled on the continent
    • 2. From farms to factory towns
    • 3. To great Metropolitan centers (industrial)
    • 4. From Metropolitan to suburb
    • 5. "Reurbanization" of inner cities
    •     (mostly immigrants, some from suburb, long term residents)
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