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  1. any event that a drug used or consumed that was not originally intended
    medication error
  2. a situation which error was detected before it affected or reached the patient
    near miss
  3. harm to a patient due to administration of a medicine
    adverse drug event
  4. an event in which error occured but did not cause injury
    potential adverse drug event
  5. known reaction to medication
    side effect
  6. a system comprising a group of interconnected parts that work together to achieve a common goal
    medication use process
  7. stages of medication use process
    • prescribing
    • transcribing
    • dispensing
    • administering
    • monitoring
  8. a process of comparing a patient's historical and current medicatio.s to determine the accurate current medication list
    medication reconciliation
  9. provide useful infos to help identify weak spots in medication system
    medication incident reporting
  10. network of computer networks
  11. html
    hypertext mark up language
  12. first internet browser
    NCSA Mosaic
  13. entity that owns the computer to which you dial in on a modem
  14. coming from well recognized and reputable sponsor
    high quality site
  15. sites who are not well recognized but infos appear to be reputable
    medium quality site
  16. provided by one or few individuals who are not qualify for medium quality status
    low quality site
  17. something that can be used fo support or help
  18. general but less current information
    tertiary literature
  19. informatics pharmacists are involved in
  20. unique subset of medical informatics that focuses on the use of information technology and drug info to optimize medication use
    pharmacy informatics
  21. role of info pharmacist
  22. an area separated from the pharmacy dedicated to provide drug infos
    drug info center
  23. infos in the drug info center are
  24. a collection of words with specific meaning
    controlled vocabularies
  25. a structured set of data held in a computer
  26. examples of database
    • telephone books
    • library catalogues
  27. types of database
    • flat file
    • heirarchy
  28. basic operating instruction of a computer
  29. function of the computer on the application that are used regularly
    physical memory
  30. video cards
    graphic cards
  31. back up strategies of a computer
    • personal back up
    • business back up
  32. save to a physical device
    save to a central server in workplace
    email files
    personal back up
  33. how the internet recognize a computer
    IP address
  34. name that human can use to identify the computer
    host name
  35. use to encrypts the data just on the part of the network that resides within the organization
  36. a self reproducing application that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other computer
  37. steps in the peer review process
    • 1. submission of manuscript
    • 2. screening of the manuscript by the editor
    • 3. peer review of potential publication
    • 4. submission of peer reviews comment for revision and resubmission for possible publication
  38. advantage of peer review process
    reduces: poorly written. inappropriate design. inappropriateness for journal audience. other flaws
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