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    • What stain is used to identify rickettsia
    • castaneda stain
  1. What stain is used to identify spirochette
    Fontana tribondeau stain
  2. What stain is used to identify capsule
    Copper sulfate
  3. What stain is used to identify spores
    Dorners stain
  4. What stain is used to identify granules
    Albert stain
  5. What is the color of rickettsia
    Blue and red cytoplasm
  6. What is the color of spirochette
  7. What is the color of capsule
    Dark purple to faint blue
  8. What is the color of Spores
  9. What is the color of granules
    Blue black with green cytoplasm
  10. What is the other name of special stain
    Relief or indirect stain
  11. Used to test if the material contains low microbial count
    Cultural method
  12. Any material in which microorganism find nourishment
    Culture method
  13. The growth of microorganism obtained in a culture medium
  14. culture used one specie of the same kind
    Pure culture
  15. culture that contains 2 or more different species of microorganism
    mixed culture
  16. the culture medium is accidentally containing other specie
    contaminated culture
  17. a culture used for conducting laboratory and research procedure
    stock culture
  18. weils disease
  19. lyme disease
    borrelia burgdorferi
  20. relapsing fever
    borrelia recurrentis
  21. syphilis
    treponema pallidum
  22. yaws or lock jaw
    treponema pertenue
  23. a type of culture media where the exact chemical composition of the ingredient is known
    synthetic or chemical-known composition
  24. example of synthetic or chemical-known composition
  25. type of culture media where the composition is not exactly known
    non synthetic/complex media
  26. example of non synthetic/complex media
    beef broth
  27. type of culture media used to color medium for different organism
    differential media
  28. example of differential media
    blood agar plate and mannitol salt sugar
  29. type of culture media that allows the growth of desirable organism and retards the growth of desirable one
    selective media
  30. example of selective media
    • 1. mac conkey agar
    • 2. mannitol salt sugar
    • 3. sauborauds dextrose agar
    • 4. bismuth nitrate agar
    • 5. loefflers serum
  31. type of media that contains added nutrients
    enrichment media
  32. example of enrichment media
    • milk agar
    • chocolate agar
    • blood sugar
  33. type of media uses reducing agents for cultivation of anaerobic microorganism
    • thioglycolic acid solution
    • wrights tube
    • brewers petri dish
    • anaerobic jar with gas pack
  34. is done when some material to be used cultured is placed in a fluid medium or solid medium either by used of sterile swab or platinum loop
  35. for gram negative
    mac conkey agar
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