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  1. people with psoriasis are at risk for developing what conditions
    • chron's 
    • type II DM
    • depression
    • metabolic syndrome
    • CVD
  2. trigger factors that worsen psoriasis
    • cold weather
    • stress
    • infection
    • trauma
    • drugs
  3. clinical presentation of psoriasis
    scally papules that coalesce to form silvery-white scaly plaques
  4. what are the most common forms of psoriasis
    • p. vulgaris
    • erythrodermic psoriasis
    • pustular psoriasis
  5. what are the most severe forms of psoriasis
    • erythrodermic psoriasis
    • pustular psoriasis
  6. what is PASI
    psoriasis area and severity index

    quantification of percentage of body involvement
  7. what is SAPASI
    self administered psoriasis area and severity index

    used for pt assessment of disease severity and response
  8. what is an acceptable PASI score for systemic agent efficacy
    >75% decrease in score at 3 months from baseline
  9. which potency CCS are used to treat psoriasis
    high and very high potency
  10. what is the max amt of interval time to used CCS
    2 to 4 wks
  11. what is the main SE of CCS
    atrophy of epidermis and dermis
  12. how oftern is CCS dosed for psoriasis
    BID to QID with occlusion at HS
  13. what is the Goeckerman regimen
    coal tar + UVB
  14. what is the Ingram regimen
    UVB + anthralin
  15. what is the topical natural Vit D3 analog
  16. what is the synthetic Vit D3 analog
  17. main SE for Vectical and what can it lead to
    hypercalcemia, can cause muscle weakness
  18. where can calcitriol not be applied
    to face lips and eyes
  19. when can Dovenex not be applied to face and genital area
    when combined with a CCS
  20. what should you not combine Dovenex with
    salicylic acid or other acids
  21. what inactivates Dovenex
    UVA and UVB
  22. comparison of tazarotene to CCS
    tazorac sustains effects longer
  23. which UV penetrates deeper
  24. how is UVA dosed
    wt based; 0.6-0.8 mg/kg
  25. what is UVA administered with
    psoralens (methoxalene or 8-MOP)
  26. what should pts be advised and counseled on while taking UVA
    do not use tanning bed

    d/c any photosensitive drugs if possible or take after UVA tx
  27. what is the sunburn spectrum of UVB
    290 - 320
  28. which band of UVB is more effective
    narrow band is more effective than broad band but both are less effective than PUVA
  29. how often is tx administered for UVB
    3 - 5 times/wk
  30. how should UVB be d/c once clearing occurs
    gradually over 2 to 4 mths
  31. what are the efficacy of the ingram and goeckerman regimens
    clears in 3 to 4 wks and reduce remission for mnths
  32. when can female pts become pregnant again after treatment of Soriatane
    3 yrs
  33. what is one the main SEs of soriatane and how is it managed
    hyperlipidemia; check lvs and counsel pt on proper diet and exercise
  34. what is the dosing for MTX when tx psoriasis
    10 -25 mg/wk with max dose of 30 mg/wk
  35. MTX is contraindicated in what
    hepatic disease or alcohol abuse
  36. when should LFTs be monitored when taking MTX
    every 3 mths
  37. when should a liver biopsy be taken for pts taking MTX
    • 3.5 g for low risk
    • 1.5 g for high risk
  38. what are some important drug interactions with MTX
    NSAIDs and bactrim
  39. what are the 7  Biosimilar Substitution NPF position statements
    • 1. designated by FDA as interchangeable
    • 2. unique nonproprietary name 
    • 3. follows same ROA and dosage form
    • 4. Pharmcists notifies prescriber w/in 24 hrs
    • 5. must fill if explicit permission not                 obtained within 24 hrs
    • 6. pt must be informed and educated
    • 7. retain a permanent record
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