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    • Pupose of TB
    • To provide policy and guidence for controlling TB among DON, MSC, CIVMAR.
  1. TB background
    Navy and marines often work in areas of the world where there is a high prevalence of TB infection. Combined with close living quarters makes an TB breakout concerning.
  2. TB program summary
    • 1To detect, treat, and report.
    • 2To protect persons in close contact with TB.
    • 3 To prevent TB in military, MSC, CIVMAR, DON employees through targeted and effective treatment for Lalent TB infection.
  3. TB recording
    • 1. NAVMED 6224/7 initial TB exposure risk assessment.
    • 2. NAVMED 6224/8 interim tuberculosis exposure risk assesment.
    • 3. NAVMED 6224/9 monthly evaluation for PT receiving LTB infection.
  4. TB responsibilities
    • 1. Navy medicine Region commanders shall ensure maintance of TB control program.
    • 2. Commanders, CO, OIC of MTF, and fleet fleet marine surgeon
    • SHALL; control TB by supporting managing local efforts in accordance with ATC, CDC prev, WHO. And assist (NAVENPVNTMEDU) in conduct, completion, and reporting of TB contact.
  5. OIC of NAVENPRVTMEDUs shall
    • 1. Provide tech support to navy n marine units in AOR.
    • 2. Conduct contact investigation of all active TB cases within DON in their AOR
  6. TB Consultants
    Can be found from NAVENPVNTMEDU, NAVMAR public health center, ot the infectious diseases divisions of Walter reed military medical center Bethesda, Naval medical center, Portsmouth, va, and naval medical san Diego, can.
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