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  1. SECNAVINST 5300.26D
    DoN Policy on Sexual Harassment
  2. Purpose of sexharr
    To provide a comprehensive DON policy for all military and civilian personnel on identification, prevention, and elimination of sexual harassment and to establish regulations to enforce that policy
  3. Policy Cont'd
    Sexharr is prohibited! Educated and trained will be done within 90days to the event if possible and annually thereafter
  4. Policy Cont'd 2
    Those who feel sexharr shall be provided the opportunity to seek resolution n readdress
  5. Policy Cont'd 3
    Leaders shall provide an environment comfortable enough to make report without fear of reprisal
  6. Policy Cont'd 4
    All incidents shall be handled at the lowest level.
  7. Accountibility
    Violations r punishable under the UCMJ
  8. ie: sexharr
    Verbal, to physical acts.
  9. Violators of sexharr
    Will be processed for ADSEP on first involving actions, threats, career or job in exchange for sexual favors, rewards in exchange for sexual favor. Physical contact.
  10. who is responsible
    Leadership is the key but all of us are resposible
  11. Def: reasonable person standard
    An objective test used to determine if behavior meets the legal test for sexual harrassment
  12. Def: reprisal
    It is taking or threatening to take an unfavorable personnel action or withholding or threatening to withhold favorable action, or any other act of retaliation.
  13. Def: sexual harassment
    A from of sex discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests fo sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  14. Def: work environment
    The workplace or any other place that is work-connected, as well as the conditions or atmosphere under which people are required to wrk.
  15. Def: unwelcome behavior
    A behavior that a person does not ask for and which that person considers undesirable or offensive.
  16. Def: behaviour sexual in nature
    Telling sexually explicit jokes, displaying sexually suggestive pictures, talking about sex.
  17. in order for sexual harassment to occur
    Unwelcome sexual behaviour must occur in/or impact the work enviroment.
  18. Leadership & you
    Is the key to eliminating all forms of unlawful discrimination.
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