Health services Augmentation Program (HSAP)

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  1. BUMEDINST 6440.5C
    Health Services Augmentation Program (HSAP)
  2. Purpose of HSAP
    to issue policy and procedure quidelines for active duty Navy Med. Dept. personnel assigned to augment operational platforms.
  3. Background of HSAP
    This INST. applies to all Navy Medical activities (NMA) (CONUS/OCONUS).

    EMF's/T-AH platform have no peacetime staffing and maintain only reduced operating status (ROS)
  4. Action by Cheif of BUMED and Serg. is
    • 1. Directs, Coordinates, and monitors the execution of the HSAP & the software used by budget submitting office (BSO) 18 monitor readiness req.
    • 2. coordination of official Navy msg taskers from higher authority. when asked by CNO, will task a specific echelon 3 commander of execution.
    • 3. monitors and when requested submits reports on augmentation assignment.
    • 4. recommends or nominates CO, XO, and CMC for Navy medical platform.
    • 5. gives input N093 on augmentation platform personnel fill rates and trng readiness for the Joint Quaterly Readiness Report.
    • 6. Establishes quidelines for developing Deployment support centers (DSC) at sourcing command.
  5. Action by NavyMedReg. (NAVMED East, West, National Capital Area, and Navy sourcing Command).
    • 1. Monitor, assist trng, and jprovide med and non-med personnel to support NavMar combat directed by OPNAV
    • 2. Monitor capability of sourcing command to meet req. and training status via Expeditionary Medicine Platform Augmentation Readiness and Training System (EMPARTS). or Navy Official manpower data system.
    • 3. Assist sourcing command (SC) w/in their AOR w/ platform assignments. Help BUMED in shortfalls & residual personnel.
    • 4. employ global sourcing as a mitigating strategy within thier AOR to source shortfalls or sub's within HSAP process.
    • 5. Conduct quarterly readiness reviews using EMPARTS or Navy manpower data sys. to verify HSAP compliance.
    • 6. give HSAP, tech quidance, and admin support to activities w/in AOR.
    • 7. Provide assistance, as needed, to SC in established HSAP augments.
    • 8. annually review HSAP policy & procedures manuals prepared by SC w/in the respective AOR.
  6. Action by Navy Medical Personnel.
    • 1. complete admin readiness req. w/in 30d of CHKIN and maintain req. continually thereafter.
    • 2. update POMI w/in 15d of receiving deliquint reports of admin req.
    • 3. w/in 30dys of assignment, get with DH, LCPO, readiness Off., Security Off., and staff edu. and trng. dept. to complete training and becoming familiar.
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