organ system (table 2.1 lab)

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  1. Integumentary system/ Major components
    • skin,nails,and hair
    • cutaneous sense organ and glands
  2. integumentary system/ function
    * Protects deeper organs from injury due to bumps,chemicals,bacteria and dehydration
  3. integumentary system/function
    excretes salts and urea
  4. integumentary system/ function
    helps regulate body temperature
  5. integumentary system/function
    produces vitamin D
  6. skeletal system/major components
    bones,cartilages,tendons,ligaments, and joints
  7. skeletal system/ function
    supports and protects internal organs
  8. skeletal system
    provides levers for muscular action
  9. skeletal system/function
    stores minerals (calcium and others)
  10. skeletal system /function
    cavities provide a site for blood cell formation
  11. muscular system/ major components
    muscles attached to the skeleton
  12. muscular system/ function
    • skeletal muscles contract, or shorten; in doing so they move bones to allow motion(walking,running)
    • grasping and manipulation of the environment and facial expression
  13. muscular system/function
    generates heat
  14. nervous system/major components
    • brain
    • spinal cord
    • nerves
    • and special sense organs
  15. nervous system/function
    • allows body to detect changes in its internal and external environment
    • responds to such information be activation appropriate muscles or glands
  16. nervous system/function
    helps maintain short-term homeostasis of the body via rapid transmission of electrical signals
  17. endocrine system/ major components
    • pituitary
    • thyroid
    • parathyroid
    • adrenal
    • pineal glands
    • ovaries
    • testes
    • pancreas
  18. endocrine system/ function
    promotes growth and development;produces chemical "messengers"(hormones) that travel in the blood to exert their effects on various "target organs" of the body
  19. endocrine system/functions
    plays a role in regulation of long-term homeostasis
  20. lymphatic/immune system/major component organs
    Lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, spleen thymus and tonsils
  21. lymphatic system/immune system/function
    picks up fluid leaked from the blood vessels and returns it to the blood
  22. lymphatic/immune system/function
    cleanses blood of pathogens and other debris
  23. lymphatic/immune system/functions
    houses cells (lymphocytes and others)that act in the immune response to protect the body from foreign substances(antigens)
  24. cardiovascular system / major component organs
    • heart
    • blood vessels
    • blood
  25. cardiovascular system/functions
    a transport system that carries blood containing oxygen.carbon dioxide, nutrients, waste,ions hormones and other substances to and from the cells where exchanges are made;pumping action of the heart propels blood through the blood vessels
  26. cardiovascular system/ functions
    protects body with blood clots,antibodies, and other protein molecules in the blood
  27. respiratory system/major component organs
    • nose
    • pharynx(throat)
    • larynx,(voice box)
    • trachea (windpipe)
    • bronchiĀ and lungs
  28. respiratory system/function
    keeps the blood continuously supplied with oxygen while removing carbon dioxide
  29. respiratory system/function
    contributes to the acid-base balance of the blood via its carbonic acid/bicarbonate buffer system
  30. digestive system/organ components
    • Mouth
    • esophagus
    • stomach
    • small and large intestines
    • accessory structures(teeth,salivary glands,liver,gallbladder and pancreas)
  31. digestive system/functions
    breaks down ingested foods to tiny particles, which can be adsorbed into the blood for delivery to the body's cells
  32. digestive system/functions
    undigested residue leaves the body as feces
  33. urinary system/organ components
    • kidneys
    • ureters
    • urinary bladder and urethra
  34. urinary system/functions
    rids the body of nitrogen-containing wasted(urea,uric acid and ammonia) which result form the breakdown of proteins and nucleic acids by the body's cells
  35. urinary system/functions
    maintains water electrolyte and acid-base balance of blood
  36. male reproductive system/organ components
    • testes
    • scrotum
    • penis
    • duct system, which carries sperm to the body exterior
  37. male reproductive system/function
    produces germ cells (sperm) for perpetuation of the species
  38. female reproductive system/ organ components
    • ovaries
    • uterine tubes
    • uterus
    • and vagina
  39. female reproductive system/functions
    produces germ(egg) the female uterus house a delveloping fetus until birth
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