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  1. G0
    Rapid traverse
  2. G1
    Linear interpolation
  3. G2
    Circular interpolation CW
  4. G3
    Circular interpolation CCW
  5. G4
    Dwell (in seconds)
  6. G28
    Auto home
  7. G40
    Cancels cutter radius compensation
  8. G41
    Cutter radius compensation (left of program path)
  9. G42
    Cutter radius compensation (right of program path)
  10. G43
    Tool length compensation
  11. G49
    Cancels tool length compensation
  12. G54 thru G59
    Multiple fixture offsets
  13. G73
    Peck drill C.C. (chip breaking)
  14. G74
    Left hand tapping
  15. G80
    Cancels C.C.
  16. G81
    Spot drill C.C. (feed in/rapid out)
  17. G82
    Counterbore  C.C. (feed in/dwell/rapid out)
  18. G83
    Peck drill C.C. (full pullout)
  19. G84
    Right hand tapping
  20. G85
    Renaming C.C. (feed in/feed out)
  21. G90
    Absolute coordinates
  22. G91
    Incremental coordinates
  23. G92
    • Specifies the distance from home to program zero
    • X0 Y0 Z0
  24. G98
    Return tool to initial plane
  25. G99
    Return tool to rapid plane
  26. M0
    Program  stop
  27. M1
    Optional stop
  28. M3
    Spindle rotation forward
  29. M4
    Spindle rotation reverse
  30. M5
    Spindle stop
  31. M6
    Commands tool change
  32. M8
    Coolant on
  33. M9
    Coolant off
  34. M19
    Spindle stop with orientation
  35. M30
    Program reset/rewind
  36. M98
    Calls sub program to execution
  37. M99
    Return to main program
  38. O1234
    Program label (begins with letter "O"
  39. (   )
    Notes to operator (control ignores)
  40. N
    Line number
  41. ;
    End of block
  42. /
    Block skip
  43. S
    Spindle speed
  44. F
    Feedrate (in inches per minute)
  45. T
    Calls tool to the ready position
  46. H
    Position in offset page (tool length compensation)
  47. D
    Position in offset page (cutter radius compensation)
  48. P
    Sub program number (used with G98 code)
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