Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series (NAVEDTRA 14188)

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  1. What system is currently used by all branches of the military to identify test equipment?
    The Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS)
  2. What are the two classifications of electronic test equipment?
    • 1) General Purpose (GPETE)
    • 2) Special Purpose (SPETE)
  3. Items classified as general purpose are managed by whom?
    The Space and Warfare Systems Command (SPAWARSYSCOM)
  4. What program was designed to keep track of all installed and portable equipment in the fleet?
  5. What Navy office oversees the MEASURE (Metrology Automated System for Uniform Recall & Reporting)?
    The Chief of Naval Operations
  6. Responsibility for repair and maintenance of test equipment generally rests with what group of personnel?
    Maintenance personnel
  7. What calibration label is used when actual measurement values must be known to use the test equipment?
    The CALIBRATED-REFER TO REPORT label.  It has red lettering and a white background.  It comes in 2 sizes.
  8. An instrument that must be calibrated in place requires what type of calibration label?
    A Special Calibration tag.  The special condition that resulted in the special calibration label should be described on the large label when sufficient space is available on the instrument, or on the tag when the small label is used.
  9. What are the 2 main categories of maintenance?
    • 1) Preventive (routine)
    • 2) Corrective
  10. What type of maintenance involves isolating equipment troubles and replacing defective parts?
    Corrective maintenance
  11. Which quantity (voltage or current) determines the intensity of an electrical shock?
  12. What tool is used to de-energize capacitors in a circuit that has been disconnected from its power source?
    A safety-shorting probe
  13. On what range should you set the voltmeter prior to taking a voltage measurement?
    On the highest range
  14. When taking a voltage measurement, which lead of the voltmeter should you connect to the circuit first?
    The ground lead
  15. Is an ammeter connected in series or in parallel with the circuit under test?
    In series
  16. What must be done to a circuit before you can use an ohmmeter for testing?
    The circuit being tested must be completely de-energized.
  17. What is the term used to refer to the losses which can be traced to the dielectric of a capacitor?
    The Power Factor
  18. What effect does an increase in capacitance have on a capacitor's opposition to current flow?
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