Bubba Gump

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  1. #1 ALL
    All actions will display overwhelming care and concern for both the guest and each other
  2. #2 Be
    Be part of the team. Look your best!
  3. #3 Attend
    Attend and participate in the 5 minute meeting. It's show time!
  4. #4 Smile
    Smile & Say " Hi, How are you?" to every guest.
  5. #6 Engage
    Engage our guest.... make them feel at home.
  6. #7 Impress
    Impress the guests with your knowledge.
  7. #8 Do
    Do the right thing even when no one is watching and be proud of your effort!
  8. #9 Care
    Care about everyone's safety and health and ensure proper sanitation at all times.
  9. #10 Talk
    Talk to your managers - before, during and after your shift.
  10. #5 Greet
    Greet guest fast & help them find stuff they will love.
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