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  1. Reasons for Japan's distinctive culture
    Island; isolated by water
  2. How the emperor united Japan
    Created shoguns
  3. Common belief of Muslims, Christians, and Jews
    1 God
  4. Duties of a lord
    to protect the serfs
  5. Life of a peasant
    hard; plain food, permission to leave or marry
  6. Life on a manor and life in a town
    work for many in towns; dirty; diseases
  7. Reasons for the success of feudalism
    Viking attacks, dangerous times
  8. Major religion of Western European (during the Middle Ages)
    Roman Catholic
  9. Why people accepted Martin Luther's ideas
    disliked church's power
  10. Problems in medieval cities
    dirty, crowded, diseases (Black Death)
  11. Growth of trade during the Middle Ages
    crusades brought back new gods
  12. The importance of the Holy Land
    sacred to 3 religions, where Jesus lived
  13. Reasons Portugal led exploration of the world
    Prince Henry's schools; location
  14. The search for a new route to Asia
    sick of paying which prices to Italians
  15. Columbus's beliefs
    Sail west to Asia, world small
  16. First European empire in the Americas
  17. Use of African slaves in Europe and the Americas
    cheap labor in America
  18. Reasons the Incas were conquered
    kidnapped, civil war, diseases
  19. Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs
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