FDNYprivate dwellings

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  1. In structures more then one story, the interior stairs to the cellar will usually be located  where?
    Under the main stair
  2. With semi attached structures or those with minimal space on one side, the cellar stair will usually be found?
    Near the side or rear entrance
  3. True or false due to renovations the interior stairs to pd's may have been removed?
    True...It is common to find a closet where the stairs use to be located
  4. Straight line colonial and Queen annes are usually what type of construction?
    Usually balloon frame construction
  5. The absence of this in the peak of pd may be an indication of flat roof private dwelling?
    A window
  6. If no garage is located in the front, then what might be in the rear providing for easy access?
    A community driveway
  7. What might a single offset window on the 2nd floor be an indication of?
    The top of the interior stairs leading to the second floor
  8. With a wide line cape with dormers where might  the easiest access to the 2nd floor with portable ladders be?
    The side windows
  9. When does size up begin and end?
    It begins with the receipt of the alarm and ends when the fire is under control
  10. What are possible indications of multiple families?
    The number of electric meters, several mailboxes , fire escapes, multiple entrance doors, numerous cars in the driveway, exterior cellar/basement entrance, and garage doors removed and replaced with normal entrance doors
  11. Possible indications of attic occupancy are?
    attic area with dormer, adequate height(approx. 7 ft. in attic), air conditioner at attic level, and windows of fair size  and normal appearance with curtains and drapes
  12. What type of construction limits fire extension?
    Platform construction
  13. Can offset windows be entered for VEIS?
  14. All horizontal ventilation is controlled by who?
    The Ladder Company Officer operating in that area?
  15. Which type of porch should you not use to conduct operations above?
    aluminum or similar lightweight material
  16. Upon transmission of the 10-75 what roof information must be transmitted?
    Whether it is a flat or peaked roof
  17. Side entrances may often have stairs leading where?
    To the first floor and cellar
  18. When the first arriving engine company backstretches to the hydrant, they should consider doing what?
    Dropping two hand lines in front of the building
  19. The ECC must inform the officer when the pumper is operating on_________water and then again when using _____________.
    Booster tank....hydrant water
  20. What is the primary consideration in the placement of the first hoseline for access to a fire on the first floor or floors above in a private dwelling when an interior attack is ordered?
    The main entrance door to the building
  21. The primary consideration in the placement of the first handline for access to a fire in the cellar when an interior attack is ordered is?
    The entrance door that provides the quickest access to the fire area
  22. Before committing the first hose line for a fire on the first floor or floors above what should be done?
    Check that the fire did not start on a lower floor or cellar
  23. Who should announce when a hoseline attack is to commence?
    The engine officer
  24. What may be the source of origin for fire in a cellar?
    boilers...electrical service panel boxes...kitchen stoves in basement apartments
  25. Possible indications of a cellar fire are?
    fire or smoke from cellar window...smoke pushing from chimney...high heat and no visible fire on the first floor...smoke from attic windows or louvered vents
  26. Before a line is stretched to the top floor what must be done?
    Intermediate floors must be checked for fire
  27. The status of interior cellar door is a critical factor. If conditions permit, the status and door construction should be determined and communicated to who?
    The IC
  28. what are some example where the IC might order an exterior line operated into a cellar window for a quick knockdown?
    unable find secondary cellar entrance and unable to advance down interior cellar stairs...unable to locate any cellar entrance...serious or advanced cellar fire...fire involving lightweight construction
  29. What is the primary consideration for members operating on the first floor above a cellar fire?
    Closing the interior cellar door
  30. In an emergency such as members trapped by fire in the cellar or endangered by fire because a collapse has occurred, the IC should order what?
    The immediate operation of a hoseline into the cellar window...good idea to have precautionary line stretched for this
  31. What is the least desirable of the secondary entrances for a cellar for the first line?
    The bilco doors
  32. What is the paramount concern in making the decision to advance down the interior cellar stairs?
    The safety of the members
  33. Cellar fires--The decision to reposition the first hoseline to a secondary entrance can only be made by who?
    An Acting chief/chief officer...the IC must transmit an URGENT when doing this
  34. When can you apply water into a cellar window(or bilco door)?
    For a quick knock down if there is a heavy fire condition or entry is delayed
  35. When ever two hose lines are stretched and operating where will a third hose line be stretched and positioned?
    To the front of the fire building and operated as ordered by the Incident Commander
  36. First Floor fires....After size up, the first hose line should be stretched where?
    The first hose line should be stretched through the main entrance door to the first floor in order to extinguish the fire
  37. What should members do before committing the first line at apparent first floor fires during initial size up?
    Members should ensure they check to determine that the fire did not start in the cellar
  38. First floor fires...where does the second line go?
    If not needed to backup the first line, it can be used to extinguish any fire discovered in the cellar or any other floors or exposures
  39. Upper floor fires---First hose line placement?
    Threw the main entrance door to the upper floors to extinguish the fire
  40. Upper Floor fires--2nd hoseline placement?
    Initially to back up the first line if not needed there any where else to extinguish fire
  41. Upper floor fires==3rd hose line placement?
    To the front of the building and used as ordered by the Incident Commander
  42. For a fully involved building what should the first engine drop in the front of the fire building during a backstretch?
    They should drop 2 hand lines...consider stretching a 2 1/2 inch line for a faster knockdown, greater reach of stream, increased volume of water and increased exposure problems
  43. When encountering a wind impacted fire, or a heavily involved first floor fire in a larger private dwelling(queen anne) what type line should you use?
    A 2 1/2  inch
  44. What can you due quickly to determines whether a structure is balloon frame?
    Is to remove the baseboard on an exterior wall and check for the presence of a sole plate
  45. Who ensures roof ventilation on a flat roof pd?
    2nd due truck
  46. Who shuts down utilities in a pd?
    2nd due truck...taxpayers is 1st due truck
  47. At cellar fires, if the first ladder did not advance into the cellar, and the second line has been stretched via a secondary entrance, who performs search and examination of the cellar using this secondary entrance in coordination with the engine company?
    The 2nd due truck
  48. peaked roof pds...what is the primary means of entrance  to a fire on the first floor or floors above?
    Is the main entrance door to the building
  49. peaked roof pds...for fire in the cellar what entrance door is used?
    Whatever entrance provides the quickest access to the fire area
  50. If manpower and conditions permit, have members conduct an examination of _____ to determine if the fire started at this location?
    the cellar......notify 2nd arriving ladder company if unable to cover this area
  51. The first due outside team and LCC should survey the sides and rear for means of entry to the cellar and other floors and the presence of window bars and rear extensions...who should they notify of there findings?
    An IMMEDIATE notification to the IC is required of findings
  52. Who does the first LCC team up with prior to entry and search?
    The 2nd LCC
  53. How should the LCC position the first due truck?
    To cover to sides of the building
  54. What should the LCC of a first due tower ladder do?
    Remain at the turntable for overall safety , control and coordination
  55. What is the main responsibility of the 2nd to arrive ladder company?
  56. Why is it critical for the 2nd ladder officer to contact the 1st ladder officer?
    To determine there location
  57. Who should you do prior to proceeding to the floors above via the interior stairs?
    Notify company officers operating on the fire floor
  58. At top floor fires what should the 2nd ladder company do?
    check the floors below to ensure the fire did not start or drop down to lower floors. Members MUST remain on the floor below until needed
  59. What is the 2nd to arrive roof/ov teams tool assignment?
    portable ladder, 6' halligan hook and/or halligan...
  60. When and by who should the 2nd due outside team vent the roof?
    As directed by the ladder company officer operating inside the fire area to be vented
  61. Cutting of a peaked roof is not considered an initial operation. However when required who is usually responsible?
    The second arriving ladder company
  62. What is the order of preference for roof access at a peaked roof?
    Tower Ladder...Aerial Ladder...Portable Ladder
  63. If the tower ladder apparatus cannot be place in the preferred position, place the basket where?
    To the valley area where a hook ladder can be used to reach the peak...( preferred is the apparatus parallel to the front of the building, so basket can be placed over corner of building near the peak of the roof?
  64. How far and where should the aerial ladder be extended at a peak roof?
    It should be at least 5' above and to one side of the peak
  65. Where should the initial vent hole be in a peaked roof when cutting?
    At the main gable...the saw may ONLY be used from the basket of the TOWER LADDER...firefighting procedures , ladders 6
  66. What is the 1st due roof fire fighters tools at a flat roofed PD?
    halligan, 6' halligan hook and LSR
  67. What should the roof firefighter at flat roof pd notify the officer of?
    Any life hazard, location of fire escapes and shafts, and the ventilation profile of the rear and sides of the building
  68. When can the roof firefighter perform vertical ventilation at a flat roof pd?
    Upon direct communication with the ladder officer in the fire area or he hears that the inside team has door control or a charged hoseline is advancing on the fire...same as mds
  69. What is the first due ov tool assignment at a flat roof pd?
    halligan and/or a 6' hook and portable ladder
  70. What is the tool assignment for the 2nd to arrive roof firefighter at a flat roof pd?
    6' halligan hook and saw
  71. What is the tool assignment for the second to arrive ov at a flat roof pd?
    portable ladder, halligan and/or 6' hook
  72. In attached pd's except for assisting chauffer in front of the building when aerial or portable ladders are needed for rescue or removal who ensures ventilation in the rear has been completed?
    2nd due ov
  73. In queen annes it is a good idea to special call a what?
    A ladder company due to the size and the number of occupants that may be there
  74. If there is limited access to an attic and there is trouble getting water on the fire...what can the ladder do to assist the engine in this?
    They can open up a 3' section of the ceiling on the floor below...the engine can then operate from a small extension ladder and sweep the attic
  75. In a two family pd...when there are two front doors present which door will usually provide access to the 2nd floor?
    The door closest to the outside wall
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