REL 3383

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  1. A film we will see the U.S. government's willingness to intervene in other countries?
    d. The Panama Deception
  2. Coastal regions of Central and South America _________ considered to be part of the Caribbean
    b. are
  3. Who came to the Caribbean after emancipation?
    a. indentured servants
  4. The worlds first independent black republic was formed in
    a. 1804
  5. The revolution that toppled Batista in Cuba in 1959 was begun by university students
    a. true
  6. What was discovered in Trinidad in the 1920s?
    a. oil
  7. Marx and Engels thought that people with no jobs and no hope for them would
    c. live lives that were impulse ridden
  8. Weber thought that capitalism and Calvinistic Protestantism created _____________ rational societies.
    b. practically or functionally
  9. According to Arendt, "pariahs"
    c. in danger
  10. According to Richard Rubenstein, besides population growth without a concomitant rise in resources, how many other factors can lead to the growth of surplus populations?
    b. four
  11. A disproportionate number of pariahs are?
    c. black
  12. How many different groups experiencing tragic consequences are listed at the end of the chapter
    b. four
  13. The United Nations says that the richest 238 people in the world have as much wealth as that of ____ billion others.
    a. 2.3
  14. Who complained about the "new immigration law" in the US that prevented people from coming here legally?
    d. Cocoa Tea
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