HSP3U1 Unit 4 Anthropology Test

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  1. What is perception?
    How we make sense of our senses
  2. What influences perception? (5)
    • Nature of stimulus
    • Change, repetition, size, and intensity
    • Background and surroundings of stimulus
    • Previous experiences
    • Personal feelings
  3. What is a defense mechanism?
    Ways of dealing with a problem so it is less troublesome; are not harmful unless we rely on them
  4. Name the 7 types of defense mechanisms
    • Fantasy
    • Regression
    • Rationalization (sweet lemons and sour grapes)
    • Denial
    • Projection
    • Repression
    • Reaction formation
  5. Fantasy
  6. Repression
    Pushing something out of conscience mind
  7. Denial
    Denying the existence
  8. Rationalization
    Coming up with reasons as to not accept the real reason
  9. Projection
    Projecting bad qualities onto others
  10. Reaction formation
    Taking extreme feelings and acting out the opposite
  11. Regression
    When a problem cannot be dealt maturely, revert to childlike manners
  12. What is a neuroses?
    Exaggerated defense mechanisms to deal with anxieties and life
  13. What is a psychoses?
    More severe than neuroses; caused by organic and chemical damage
  14. Neuroses or psychoses: can deal with daily life
  15. Neuroses or psychoses: cannot deal with daily life
  16. Characteristics of neuroses
    • Aware of problem
    • Cannot cope but in touch with reality
    • Do not hallucinate, delusion, personality change
    • Understand problem
  17. Characteristics of psychoses
    • unable to function normally
    • unaware of problem
    • lose touch with reality via hallucinations and delusions and personality shifts
  18. Name five types of neuroses
    • Anxiety
    • Hysterical reaction
    • Phobias
    • Obsessions
    • Manias
  19. Name two types of psychoses
    • Organic psychoses
    • Functional psychoses
  20. Name three types of functional psychoses
    • Manic depression
    • Schizophrenia
    • Personality disorders
  21. What's an organic psychoses?
    Organic problems, vitamin deficiencies, poisons, damaged brain
  22. What's manic depression?
    Super high to suicidal
  23. What's schizophrenia?
    Lose contact with reality, live in fantasy, emotionally flat, hallucinations, delusions, illogical
  24. What are the four types of schiozphrenia?
    • Simple
    • Hebephrenic (child)
    • Catatonic (stay still)
    • Paranoid (persecution)
  25. What are the two types of personality disorders?
    • Multiple¬†
    • Psychopathic (no conscience)
  26. What's the new definition of intelligence?
    The ability to learn from past mistakes from biological inheritance and past experiences
  27. What is the old definition of intelligence?
    Intelligence quotient: attempt to measure intellectual ability and probably success in school through standardized testing
  28. Who created the first standardized testing?
    Alfred Binet & Theodore Simon (called the Simon Binet test)
  29. How do you calculate IQ?
    mental age / chronological age x 100
  30. What IQ score labels you gifted? Slow learned?
    120; 80
  31. What are the problems with labels such as gifted and slow learner?
    • Gifted labels encouraged students & increased self confidence
    • Teacher's expectations change because of label
    • Teacher awarded higher marks
    • Teacher paid more attention to them
  32. Why do minorities score lower in IQ tests?
    • Experiences differ from those of test makers
    • Poor
    • Culturally based on middle class white Americans
  33. Name the weaknesses of IQ testing (6)
    • Assuming IQ tests can measure intelligence
    • IQ cannot be alterable
    • Biased
    • Doesn't measure other skills and abilities
    • Doesn't consider subject's state of mind
    • Label students incorrectly = self fulfilling prophecy
  34. What's the pigeon effect?
    Test may sometimes label students incorrectly = self fulfilling prophecy
  35. What are the nine types of intelligences?
    • Linguistic
    • Musical
    • Logical
    • Spatial
    • Bodily kinesthetic
    • Intrapersonal
    • Interpersonal
    • Naturalist
    • Existential
  36. What are some negative self fulfilling prophecies in the movie "Stand and Deliver"?
    • Daughter about to be pulled out of school to work at the restaurant bs stupid
    • Police stopping teenagers bc delinquints
    • No summer school for kids - pointless
    • No university; not gonna amount to anything slow learner
    • Math department saying they can't learn calculus
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