CH0002 - Lecture 2

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  1. What happens when a ball is released?
    • Ball drops - due to gravity
    • Dissipates heat to the floor every bounce - comes to rest
    • Ball attains minimum energy state
  2. Are we right to assume that only exothermic reactions occur spontaneously?
    • No... Not all spontaneous changes are exothermic.
    • Ice melts at room temperature
    • Water evaporates
  3. States of order for H2O are...
    • Ice crystals: highly ordered
    • Liquid water: fairly ordered
    • Water vapour and steam: disordered
  4. Second law of thermodynamics
    • During spontaneous change, energy and matter become more disordered.
    • Release of enthalpy
    • Increase in entropy
  5. What decides if a reaction is spontaneous?
    • Gibbs free energy
    • ΔG = ΔH - TΔS
    • When ΔG<0, the process is spontaneous
  6. At equilibrium...
    ΔG=0 and the reaction seems to stop
  7. When a reaction has reached equilibrium...
    ...the composition doesn't change
  8. At the equilibrium point, you can use the concentrations to find K using formula
    • K= (CcxDd) / (AaxBb)
    • Where aA + bB <> cC + dD
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