Fuel System

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  1. How much fuel does this airplane hold?
    5008 lbs

    742 gallons total

    371 gallons usable per tank
  2. How much fuel asymmetry are you allowed?
    200 lbs in flight, 600 lbs in an emergency
  3. How much AVGAS can you run through the engines?
    3500 gallons for no more than 50 hours

    1 hour is 70 gallons
  4. How is each fuel tank vented?
    Through the NACA vent on the bottom, and through a small hole in the fuel cap
  5. Does the electrical boost pump go on during engine start?
  6. What terminates a normal start sequence?
    A motive flow pressure switch
  7. When will the boost pumps go on in the NORM position?
    • Start
    • Crossfeed
    • Low fuel pressure
  8. When will the boost pumps go on in the OFF position?
    • Start
    • Crossfeed
  9. At what fuel pressure does the FUEL FILTER BYPASS annunciator light go on?
  10. At what pressure is the fuel filter actually bypassed?
  11. How can you close the firewall shutoff valves from inside the cabin?
    Press the Engine Fire button
  12. What happens when you operate the Crossfeed switch?
    • -InTransit light goes on
    • -Boost pump on the pumping side goes on
    • -Crossfeed valves open
    • -InTransit light goes out
    • -3 seconds later the motive flow valve on the unused side closes
  13. When does the Fuel LEVEL Low annunciator light go on?
    169-219 lbs of fuel left (15 minutes of fuel)
  14. When does the Fuel PRESSURE Low annunciator light go on?
    Below 5 psi.

    Then the pumps go on, unless the switch is OFF
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Fuel System
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