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  1. acrocyanosis
    peripheral cyanosis;  blue color of hands and feet in most infants at birth that may persist for seven to ten days
  2. caput succedaneum
    Swelling of the tissue over the presenting part of the head caused by the pressure during labor.
  3. cephalhematoma
    A subcutaneous swelling containing blood, often found in the head of a baby several days after birth. Usually disappears in 2-3 months
  4. colostrum
    secretion from the breast before the onset of the true lactation two or three days after delivery. The secretion contains mainly serum and white blood corpuscle. so called "first milk" "liquid gold"
  5. engorgement
    vascular congestion; distention
  6. erythema toxicum neonatorum
    a bengin self limited occurrence of firm yellow-white papules
  7. fontanel
    an unossified space or soft spot lying between the cranial bones of the skull of a fetus.
  8. hperbilirubinemia
    elevation of unconjugated serum bilirubin concentration
  9. icterus neonatorum
    jaundice concentrations
  10. involution
    turning or rolling inward and the reduction in size of the uterus and other organs
  11. kernicterus
    accumulation of indirect bilirubin in brain cells causing cells destruction which may result in death or impaired intellectual
  12. lanugo
    downy, fine hair characteristic of the fetus btw 20 weeks gestation and birth
  13. lochia (alba)
    the whitish or yellow flow that takes place 10-21 days after delivery
  14. rubra
    the sanguineous flow of the 1st to 3rd day after delivery
  15. serosa
    the serosanquinous discharge taking place about 3rd to 10th day after delivery
  16. LGA neonate
    large for gestational age
  17. milia
    plural of milium- white pin head size- kertain filled cyst
  18. mongolian spots
    a slate grey area of pigmentation of a neonate skin
  19. parpere
    the bare
  20. molding
    shaping of the fetal head, adapting itslef to the pelvic inlet
  21. physiologic jaundice
    yellowish discoloration of the body tissue caused by the deposits of bile pigment
  22. postpartum period
    from delivery until involution completes
  23. puerperium
    the period of 6 weeks following child birth and expulsion of the placenta and membranes
  24. SGA neonate
    small for gestational age
  25. subconjunctival hemorrhage
    red spot on sclera as result of pressure during delivery that cause rupture of a small capillary in the eye
  26. sutures
    line of union in an immovable articulation as those between the skull bones
  27. vernix caseosa
    protective gray-white fatty substance of cheesy consistency covering the fetal skin
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