Theology Section 3 Part 1

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  1. the suffering of Jesus during his final days in his life; his agony at the garden at Gathsemane, trial and crucifixion
  2. these were Jewish priests of high rank in the Temple. They had administrative authority and presided over improtant Temple functions and were proably leaders in the Sanhedrin
    chief priests
  3. "one who is sent", reffered to any missionary of the church during the new testament period. twelve companions chosen by Jesus. special witnesses of Jesus on whose ministry the early Church was built and whos successors are the bishops
  4. An assembly of Jewish religious leaders—chief priests, rabbis, scribes, and elders—who functioned as the supreme council and tribunal during the time of Christ
  5. A word used to describe Roman governors. These men had administrative and legal authority over a province or region of the Roman Empire
  6. speech or actions that show disrespect or irreverence for God; also, claiming to have the powers of God or to be God
  7. the dead body of christ
  8. special prayer forms with visual elements
    • the stations of the cross
    • the mysteries of the rosary
  9. When did things come to a head for Jesus
    When he came to Jerusalem
  10. who did Jesus cast out of the temple
  11. at Passover Jesus identifies himself as _____ because his blood was shed and flesh was eaten
    Paschal Lamb
  12. Where does Jesus go after Passover meal?
    the garden of Gethsemane
  13. what was jesus guilty of
  14. hill Jesus was crucified on
  15. dramatic events after Jesus' death
    • an eclipse
    • an earthquake
    • splitting of the veil of the Temple
  16. three metaphors for Jesus' death
    • the suffering servant
    • the paschal lamb
    • ransom for many
  17. wrote hymns to combat herosies
    Saint Ephraim of Syria
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