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  1. General rules to follow in any emergency
    • 1 maintain breathing
    • 2 stop bleeding/maintain circulation
    • 3 prevent or treat for shock
  2. what is not a primary consideration of first aid?
    proper medical diagnosis
  3. irreversible brain damage can occur a minimum of hoe long after breathing has ceased?
  4. the navy ambulance will be stocked in accordance w/?
    NAVEMEDINST 6700.9
  5. tactical situation casualty w/ injuries that require immediate life sustaining measures, initially they require a minimum amount of time, personnel, & supplies would be placed in what triage class
  6. in a non combat situation, the casualties which have minor injuries or have mortal wounds and are expectant would be classified as priority?
  7. what procedure is highly effective in removing water from the lungs of a drowning victim?
    abdominal thrust
  8. the use of esophageal obturator airway (EOA) can
    • 1. be placed by unauthorized per. 
    • 2. can be inserted w/out visualizing the larynx
    • 3. helpful in the prevention of gastric regurgitation (vomiting)
  9. what type of artificial ventilation is most effective on the battlefield after a chemical or biological warfare attack?
    back pressure arm lift
  10. what was designed to help ventilate an unconscious victim for long periods, while delivering high concentrations of oxygen?
    bag-valve-mask BVM
  11. applying pressure and fracturing the xiphoid during CPR can cause what?
    damage to the liver
  12. CPR sternum depression should be____for an adult
  13. what is the compressions to ventalation ration for 2 person CPR
    5 to 1
  14. compression rate for children and infants?
  15. to prevent anaerobic infections, primary closure is not made for what type of wound?
  16. the spiral reverse bandage would be used to retain a dressing on the
  17. what bandage is useful in retaining large compresses of the foot?
    Triangular bandage
  18. the cravat bandage for the temple, cheek, or ear is also known as a?
    modified barton
  19. what pressure point should be used only if it's absolutely essential?
    common carotid
  20. what is the term used to describe excretion of tarry black stool?
  21. what is the principal aerobic bacteria that cause infection is?
    staphylococci & streptococci
  22. facts furuncles and carbuncles (abscesses)
    • 1. most are caused by staphylococcal infections.
    • 2. squeezing may damage healthy surrounding tissue & spread the infection
    • 3. Px should be relieved with aspirin
  23. do not use______on an abdominal wound with protrusion of the intestines.
    Vaseline guaze
  24. facts of wound closure
    • 1. Corpsman should not attempt it
    • 2. Don't close the wound if discharge of puss, fever or toxemia present.
    • 3. never suture a puncture, animal bite, or large gaping wound.
  25. what type of suture needle may cause small amounts of tissue damage & are most often used int deep tissues?
    taper point
  26. which of the following suture material is absorb-able
  27. which of the below suture material has the smallest diameter?
  28. all sutures in the soles, palms, back or over joint should be removed in?
    10 days
  29. what type of shock is due to a diminished total blood volume?
  30. what type of shock carries a poor prognosis and must always be treated under the supervision of a MO?
    Septic shock
  31. which are the Sx of shock?
    • 1. Pupils Dialated
    • 2. Pulse rapid weak
    • 3. Restlessness and apprehensive
  32. what is the best electrolyte solution to use to replace body fluids?
    Ringer's Lactate
  33. if casualty has thready pulse 100-120, BP 90/100, Diaphoresis, anxiety, restlessness, & a decreased urinary output what degree of shock does he have?
    25-35% decreased blood volume-Moderate
  34. Facts for administration of morphine?
    • 1. Adult dose is 8-16mgm
    • 2. Don't give in Moderate Shock
    • 3. No more 1/4 grain may be given in a four hour period.
  35. facts of Medical Anti-Shock Trousers MAST
    • 1. Designed to correct or counteract internal       bleeding  & hypovolemia
    • 2. The garment creates pressure up to 120         mm hg around both legs, the pelvis, &         abdomen.
    • 3. once garments is inflated vital signs are       taken every 5 min.
  36. what is the proper procedure for splinting a fracture of the upper arm?
    • 1. apply padded splint on the outside of the arm and apply a sling
    • 2. use two wide splints or four narrow ones on the are and apply a sling
    • 3. place a pad or folded towel in the armpit, bandage arm to body and apply a splint
  37. the Thomas half ring or hare splint may be used to splint a fractured?
    tibia or fibula
  38. what is the best method for immobilizing a fractured rib?
    swathe bandage
  39. which of the below is not true concerning the treatment of a fractured jaw?
    ensure the bandage pulls the jaw backward
  40. if a casualty is unable to move his fingers, he would probably be suffering from a what type of spinal facture?
    cervical spine
  41. a patient with what type of fracture is unable to sit or stand and complains of feeling as though he is coming apart?
  42. A corps man shout not attempt to reduce a dislocation if medical aid can be reached in?
  43. what type injury involves a monetary dislocation with the bone slipping back in place of its own accord?
  44. what is the priority for obtaining info. on a poison victim?
    identify the poison, determing the quantity of poison take, time of occurrence, sx/mhx
  45. what is a classified corrosive poison?
  46. what is not recommended in the treatment of non-corrosive poisoning?
    gastric lavage is preferred for phosphorus poisoning
  47. the treatment of acid (corrosive) poisoning included all of the below except?
    Bicarbonate of soda
  48. vomiting is not induced in what type poisoning due to the danger of additional poison entering the lungs/
    petroleum distillates
  49. Cherry-red coloration of the skin and the mucous membranes include which type of poisoning?
    Carbon monoxide
  50. treatment for bee's, wasps or fire ant stings are?
    • 1. give .5cc Epi. 
    • 2. use ice or analgesic-corticosteroid lotion for Px
    • 3. remove rings, bracelets and watches
  51. facts of care of all western hemisphere snakebites, except for the coral snakes?
    • 1. Polyvalent antivenin is given in doses of three vials for small reactions
    • 2. Polyvalent antivenin is given in doses of 5-8 vials for swelling of the hand or foot
    • 3. at lest 8 vials should be given for moderate or severe envenomation
  52. what is the first step treating an injury caused by a jellyfish or Portuguese man of war?
    Pour sea water over the injured area
  53. what is the most abused drug to date?
  54. what is the most important consideration in evaluating the seriousness of a burn?
  55. if a man were burned on all extremities, he would have what % of his body burned?
  56. ice water immersion should be used on burns of less than?
  57. an acid burn of the eye should be flushed with water for?
    5-10 min
  58. burns caused by phenol (carbolic acid) should be flushed with?
  59. apply what type of dressing to PT w/ embedded white phosphorus particles?
  60. in doubt if PT has insulin shock or diabetic coma, just give?
  61. what heart condition is caused by insufficient oxygen being circulated to the heart muscle
    angina pectoris
  62. what is the most serious type of epileptic seizure?
    grand mal
  63. childbirth is appoaching if the mother's contractions are less than how many minutes?
    3 min
  64. the protective gas mask is not effective against?
    Carbon Dioxide/ Carbon Monoxide
  65. what stage in the extraction of victims involves giving life saving emergency care?
  66. what stretcher should be used to lift casualties from engine rooms, holes, compartments, or other areas where access hatches are small?
    Neil Robertson
  67. what is used if a victim is in an auto wreck in order to avoid further spinal damage?
    Short Spineboard
  68. what stage of anesthesia is used for all operations?
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