NEETS module 7--Introduction to Solid-State Devices and Power Supplies, Part I (NAVEDTRA 14179)

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  1. What is an electronic device which operates by virtue of the movement of electrons within a solid piece of semi-conductor material?
    A solid-state device
  2. What term is the way of saying "it's resistance to electrical current flow decreases as temperature increases"?
    Negative Temperature Coefficient
  3. Name 3 of the largest users of semiconductor devices.
    • 1) Commercial products
    • 2) Industry
    • 3) Military
  4. State 1 requirement of an electron tube, which does not exist for semiconductors, that makes the tube less efficient than the semiconductor.
    The electron tube requires filaments or heaters
  5. Define "matter."
    Anything that occupies space and has weight
  6. What are the 3 states of matter?
    • 1) Solids
    • 2) Liquids
    • 3) Gasses
  7. What is the smallest particle into which an element can be broken down and still retain all its original properties?
    The atom
  8. What are the 3 particles that comprise an atom?
    State the type of charge they hold.
    • 1) Electrons--negative charge
    • 2) Protons--positive charge
    • 3) Neutrons--neutral (no electrical charge)
  9. What is the outer shell of an atom called?
    Valence shell
  10. What term is used to describe the definite discrete amounts of energy required to move an electron from a low shell to a higher shell?
  11. What is a negative ion?
    An atom that has more than its normal amount of electrons.
  12. What is the main difference in the energy arrangement between an isolated atom and the atom in a solid?
    The atom in a solid has energy levels grouped into energy bands.
  13. What determines, in terms of energy bands, whether a substance is a good insulator, semiconductor, or conductor?
    • The width of the forbidden band
    • (Or the separation between the conduction and valence bands)
  14. What determines the chemical activity of an atom?
    The number of electrons in its valence shell
  15. What is the term used to describe the sharing of valence electrons between two or more atoms?
    Covalent bonding
  16. Name the two types of current flow in a semiconductor.
    • 1) Electron current flow
    • 2) Hole flow
  17. What is the name given to a piece of pure semiconductor material that has an equal number of electrons and holes?
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