Chapter 27-28 Quiz Review

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  1. caused by a secret society trying to drive out imperialists in china
    boxer rebellion
  2. led by Francis E Willard and 1 m women still trying to sober up America
    Women's Christian Temperance Movement
  3. the US would protect and intervene on behalf of Latin America nations
  4. US wants china to remain open to missionaries and also open as a market and not be colonized by other nations
    Open Door Policy
  5. heavy fines for RR rebates
    Elkins Act
  6. no ten hour day for bakers
    Lochner v. New York
  7. prevented mislabeling of food and drug and also cleaned up the food industry
    pure food and drug act
  8. reduced the tariff which was considered "the mother of all trusts"
    Payne Aldrich Bill
  9. collected money from public lands in west and used them for irrigation projects
  10. said that a nation's greatness is measured by its naval power
    Mayan, Influence of Sea Power on History
  11. blew up spanish harbor, starting the Spanish American War
    USS Maine
  12. promotion US foreign policy or control of smaller governments through money
    dollar diplomacy
  13. direct election of senators
    17th amendment
  14. extend the Monroe doctrine and saves US
  15. documented NY slums with photography in How the Other Half Lives
    Jacob Riis
  16. power to nullify existing rates and set maximum rates
    interstate commerce commission
  17. writers who exposed wrongs in business and society
  18. control of corporations, consumer protection, and conservation
    square deal
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