Unit 7 Vocab

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  1. Facsimile
    • n. A copy or imitation
    • Example: Ruby was determined to become her own person, and not a facsimile of Summer.
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  2. Factotum
    • n. An assistant who does a variety of jobs
    • Example: Aki, a Jack-of-All-Trades, served as a factotum to Rouge.
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  3. Proficient
    • adj. Skilled at
    • Example: Aki is expertly proficient in the usage of Dust.
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  4. Facile
    • adj. Too simplistic or easy
    • Example: The police's facile description of Sun was pathetic, as they had forgotten to even mention his tail.
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  5. Expound
    • v. To expand upon or further explain
    • Example: Ruby fell asleep as Weiss expounded upon the nature of Dust.
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  6. Proponent
    • n. a supporter of something
    • Example: When Blake was younger, she was a strong proponent of the White Fang's ideals.
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  7. Infrastructure
    • n. The basic framework of a system
    • Example: The infrastructure of Beacon academy is both complex and beautiful.
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  8. Construe
    • v. to interpret or analyse¬†
    • Example: Aki construed Ozpin's kindness as an insult to her character.
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  9. Constructive
    • adj. Having a helpful effect
    • Example: Ozpin's small gestures of kindness were constructive in his goal of gaining Aki's trust.
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  10. Destitute
    • adj. Having no money, poor
    • Example: Aki was surprised by the vastness of Beacon Academy and the prosperity of Vale in general, as she was used to the destitute neighborhoods of her old city.
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  11. Restitution
    • n. payment, compensation
    • Example: After Junior damaged Yang's hair, she destroyed the club as restitution.
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  12. Stature
    • n. Level of authority, rank
    • Example: Weiss' family held a high stature in society as being one of the most successful businesses in Vale.
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