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  1. secluded
    a secluded place is private and quiet because it is a long way from other places and people 僻靜的﹐偏僻的

    We eventually came to a secluded farmhouse .   最後我們到了一間僻靜的農舍。

    a secluded life
  2. evangelizing tour
  3. disembark
    to get off a ship or aircraft 下船; 下飛機

    When Jesus and his disciples disembarked at their planned solitary refuge, it was no longer adeserted place.
  4. solitary
    1. 單獨的﹐無伴的

    a long , solitary walk across the moors   獨自長途跋涉通過荒野

    2. not a solitary word/thing etc -if there is not a solitary thing or person, there is not even one 一言不發/空無一物

    He followed her round without a solitary word .   他跟着她到處走﹐一句話也不說。
  5. refuge
    a place that provides protection or shelter from danger 庇護所﹐避難處
  6. resentful
    feeling angry and upset about something that you think is unfair 〔對不公平的事物〕感到憤怒的﹐不滿的﹐憎惡的 

    [+of/at/about etc]His daughters became increasingly resentful of his authority .   他的女兒們對被他支配越來越憎惡。
  7. rebuff

    His suggestion was very sharply rebuffed .   他的建議遭到嚴厲回絕。
  8. astounded

    Clearly, all teh disciples were astounded.
  9. meager
    • 1.瘦的
    • meager arms   瘦削的手臂

    • 2. 粗劣的;不足的;貧乏的
    • meager cultural resources   貧乏的文化資源

    He could not support his family on his meager salary .   他靠微薄的工資無法養家。
  10. expectant
    hopeful that something good or exciting will happen 期待的﹐期望的

    a row of expectant faces   一張張滿懷期待的面孔
  11. sustenance
    • food you feel you need because you are tired and hungry 【非正式】〔因疲勞或飢餓而需要的〕
    • 食物

    I need sustenance ! Let ' s go get some food !   我需要補充一下!咱們去弄點吃的來!

    Everyone could see that in Jesus Himself was sustenance for life.
  12. intercede     /ˌɪntə(r)ˈsiːd/
    to speak in support of someone, especially in order to try to prevent them from being punished 代為請求﹐說情

    My good friend , Senator Bowie , interceded with the authorities on my behalf .   我的好友鮑伊參議員為我向當局求情。
  13. communion
    a special relationship with someone or something in which you feel that you understand them very well 【正式】〔與某人或某物之間的〕情感交融 

    [+between/with]He sought meaningful communion with another human being .   他尋求與另一個人進行有意義的溝通。

    Undoubtly, much of Jesus' prayer was intimate communion between Son and Father.
  14. terse      /tɜː(r)s/

    Derek ' s terse reply ended the conversation .   德里克的簡短回答使談話終止了。
  15. ceremonial laws

    It concerned all the laws of ceremonial cleanness and uncleanness that God had laid down to seperate His people from the sorrounding Gentile nations.
  16. susceptible to   /səˈseptəb(ə)l/
    1. easily influenced or affected by something 

    Police officers here are very susceptible to corruption.

    2. likely to suffer from a particular illness or condition, or to be affected by it more severely than others are

    Susceptible livestock have been separated from the herd.

    Children are particularly susceptible to the disease.
  17. tithe  /taɪð/
    什一稅 a tax that people paid to the church in the past

    Others point to the priests' wish to receive their tithe only from clean hands.
  18. pious  /ˈpaɪəs/
    1. having strong religious beliefs, and showing this in the way you behave 〔對宗教〕虔誠的 

    2. pretending to have sincere religious feelings in order to make people think you are better than you really are 假虔誠的﹐虛偽的﹐偽善的

    Don ' t believe any of his pious talk .   不要相信他那些虛偽的話。

    3.pious hope/wish -something that you want to be true or to happen, but that probably will not 不大可能實現的希望/願望
  19. crumble
    to break something into very small pieces, or to be broken into very small

    Crumble the biscuits over the fruit mixture.
  20. fall short of
    射不中; 達不到; 不符合 to not reach a particular level or to fail to achieve something that you were trying to do

    The performance fell short of our expectations .
  21. arbitrary    /ˈɑː(r)bɪtrəri/
    1. decided or arranged without any reason or plan, often unfairly 專橫的﹐武斷的﹐霸道的

    Management is weak , morale low and punishment is arbitrary .   管理不力﹐士氣低落﹐懲罰武斷。

    2. happening or decided by chance rather than a plan 任意的﹐隨機的

    Jesus did not arbitrarily pick the fifth commandment to point out the leaders' sin.
  22. sidestep
    sidestep a problem/issue/question -to avoid doing something that will cause you difficulty or inconvenience, such as dealing with a difficult problem 迴避問題

    The report simply sidesteps the environmental issues .   報告乾脆迴避了環境問題。
  23. dire     /ˈdaɪə(r)/
    extremely serious, bad or terrible 極其嚴重的; 極糟糕的; 極可怕的

    He was in dire trouble and he knew it .   他麻煩大了﹐他自己也知道這一點。

    They were in dire poverty.
  24. lofty   adj.      /ˈlɒfti/
    1. seeming to think you are better than other people 高傲的﹐傲慢的

    a lofty manner   傲慢的舉止

    2. lofty ideas, beliefs, attitudes etc are of an unusually high moral quality 〔理想﹑信仰﹑態度等〕高尚的﹐崇高的

    lofty ideals of equality and social justice   平等和社會正義的崇高理想
  25. meticulous     /mɪˈtɪkjʊləs/
    1. very careful about small details, and always making sure that everything is done correctly 對細節十分注意的﹐一絲不苟的

    He kept meticulous accounts .   他記賬非常詳細準確。

    2. What traditions, rules and little sacrifices do we meticulously keep?
  26. defile
    to spoil something important, pure, or holy

    Jesus called the ordinary people to Him to explain what God considers true defilement.
  27. scrupulous   /ˈskruːpjʊləs/
    very careful to be honest and to do what is morally correct

    scrupulous attention to detail   對細節的一絲不苟

    No amount of water, no religious ceremony, no scrupulous attention to rules can make a person cleanbefore God.
  28. uproot
    • 1. 連根拔;根除;滅絕
    • Windows were broken and large trees uprooted .   窗被打碎,大樹被連根拔起。

    2. 趕走;把……趕出家園

    Many people were uprooted from their homes by the flood .   水災令許多人背井離鄉。
  29. entrenched    adj.    /ɪnˈtrentʃt/
    1. strongly established and not likely to change 牢固的 

    2. entrenched attitudes/habits/positions etcThe government ' s attitude now seems less entrenched .   政府的態度現在似乎不那麼強硬了。

    • 3. deeply/firmly entrenched
    • deeply entrenched racial views   頑固的種族偏見
  30. tares
    biblical -an unwanted plant growing in fields of grain; WEED(1) 【聖經】稗子﹐莠草
  31. minister    v.
    to give help to someone who needs it 【正式】給以…幫助ministering to the sick   幫助生病的人
  32. demonize      /ˈdiːmənaɪz/

    1. This woman learned there was hope for her demonized daughter.

    2. A community feels it has been demonized by mainstream society
  33. leak out
    if secret information leaks out, a lot of people find out about it 泄露

    Somehow(不知怎麼地), the news of Jesus' arrival leaked out.
  34. deliberately
    done in a way that is intended or planned 故意地﹐蓄意地

    I don ' t think he deliberately tried to shove you .   我想他不是故意推你的。

    The Lord delibrately withdrew from Israel.
  35. foreshadow
    to be a sign of something that will happen in the future 預示; 是…的預兆

    It foreshadowed the spread of the Gospel to the whole world.
  36. deliverance
    the state of being saved from harm or danger 【正式】拯救﹐解救

    She probably had heard of Jesus' acts of deliverance and restoration.
  37. desperation
    the state of being desperate 絕望; 拚命﹐不顧一切

    a look of desperation in his eyes   他眼中絕望的眼神
  38. deperate     adj.
    1. needing or wanting something very much 非常需要的﹐極其需要的

    By then I was desperate for a holiday .   到那時候﹐我已特別渴望休假了。

    2. We had no food left at all and were getting desperate .   我們一點食物都沒剩﹐十分絕望。

    an appeal from the teenager ' s desperate parents   少年絕望的父母的懇求
  39. strip    /strɪp/
    1. strip sb of sth -to take away something important from someone as a punishment, for example their title, property, or power 〔作為懲罰〕剝奪某人的頭銜﹑財產或權力

    Captain Evans was found guilty and stripped of his rank .   埃文斯上尉被判有罪﹐被免去了軍銜。

    Her desperation and need stripped her of prejudice.

    2. Jack stripped off and jumped into the shower .   傑克脫掉衣服﹐跳進淋浴間。
  40. scanvenger       /ˈskævɪndʒ/
  41. diminutive     /dɪˈmɪnjʊtɪv/
    1. very short or small

    a shy diminutive man   一個腼腆的矮個子男人

    2. 暱稱Sue is a diminutive of Susan .   Sue是Susan的親暱稱呼。
  42. deter     /dɪˈtɜː(r)/
    1. to persuade someone not to do something, by making them realize it will be difficult or will have unpleasant results 勸說〔某人〕不做〔某事〕﹐制止

    security measures aimed at deterring shoplifters   意在防止店鋪遭竊的安全措施

    deter sb from doing sth

    a new program designed to deter kids from experimenting with drugs   為防止孩子嘗試毒品而制定的新計劃
  43. earnestly

    God rewards those who earnestly seek Him.
  44. culminate  in     /ˈkʌlmɪneɪt/
    to happen or exist as the final result of a process or situation

    a series of minor clashes culminating in a full scale war   最終導致全面戰爭的一系列小衝突

    This retreat culminated with Peter's confession of Christ.
  45. scorch    /skɔː(r)tʃ/

    The grass was scorched, and the crowd sat on the bare earth.
  46. vicinity     /vəˈsɪnəti/
    1. 附近地區;近處,近鄰[U][P1][(+of)]

    There is no high school in the vicinity .   附近沒有高中。

    2. 鄰近,接近[U][(+to/of)]

    The cost of the car is in the vicinity of 10 , 000 dollars .   這輛汽車約值一萬元。
  47. persevere      /ˌpɜː(r)sɪˈvɪə(r)/

    perseverance /ˌpɜː(r)sɪˈvɪərəns/

    In spite of all obstacles and failures , the scientist persevered with his experiments .   儘管阻力重重並屢遭失敗這位科學家還是堅持試驗。
  48. (show) favouritism
    1. If we give her the job we ' ll be accused of favouritism .   如果我們給她這份工作﹐我們就會被人指責為徇私。

    2. He was accused of showing favouritism to particular students.
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