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  1. You want to know about train times for Cambridge. What do you ask?
    Could you tell me the times of trains to Cambridge, please?
  2. Ask if you can stay on the same train all the way.
    Do I need to change?
  3. Ask how long the journey is,
    How long does it take to get there?
  4. You want to know how much it costs if you go today and come back another day. What do you ask?
    How much is a period return?
  5. You decide to go for the day. What do you say at the ticket office?
    A day return to Cambridge, please.
  6. How do you ask if you can get anything to eat and drink on the train?
    Is there a buffet service on the train?
  7. There’s a train on the platform and you want to check it’s the one you need. What do you ask an official?
    Excuse me, is this the right train for Cambridge?
  8. On the train you see an empty seat. What do you ask the man sitting next to it?
    Excuse me, is this seat free?
  9. He’s English. How do you ask if he’s going to the same station as you?
    Excuse me, are you getting off at Cambridge by any chance?
  10. You’d like him to tell you when you’re near the station. What do you ask?
    Could you tell me when we’re nearly there, please?
  11. Ask how often the buses to the city centre are.
    How often do the buses to the city centre run?
  12. You want to know the latest time you can return. What do you ask?
    What time is the last bus back?
  13. Ask the driver for a ticket to the city centre, and if a return ticket is cheaper.
    City centre please. Is it cheaper to get a return?
  14. You’re going to the hospital and see a bus at the bus stop. What do you ask the driver?
    Excuse me, does this bus go to the hospital?
  15. You’d like the driver to tell you when it’s your stop. What do you ask?
    Could you tell me when to get off, please?
  16. You’re driving and see 2 friends walking home. How do you offer to take them?
    Would you like a lift?
  17. If someone gives you a lift, how do you tell them when you want to get out?
    Could you drop me off here, please?
  18. You’ve arranged to drive a friend to the airport and will be at her house at 7 o’clock. What do you say?
    I’ll pick you up at 7.00.
  19. You’re driving to Stratford and think you’ve gone the wrong way. What do you ask someone?
    Excuse me, I’m lost. Is this the right road for Stratford?
  20. You have a map. What do you ask the person?
    Could you show me where I am on the map, please?
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