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  1. What do you say when you telephone a hotel to reserve a room?
    I’d like to make a reservation, please.
  2. You’d like to stay for two evenings by yourself. What do you ask?
    I’d like a single room for two nights, please.
  3. You’d like a room for you and your husband or wife, with a bathroom. What do you say?
    I’d like a double room with en suite bathroom, please.
  4. You want a room for you and your friend, with separate beds, and a shower. What do you ask?
    I’d like a twin-bedded room with shower, please.
  5. Ask if you have to pay extra for breakfast.
    Does the price include breakfast?
  6. Ask how much it costs to have evening meals in the hotel.
    How much is half board?
  7. Ask how much it costs to have all your meals in the hotel.
    And how much is full board?
  8. What do you say when you arrive at the hotel?
    Hello, I have a reservation. The name is Chris Smith.
  9. You find the traffic outside your room very noisy. What do you say at reception?
    Excuse me, my room’s rather noisy. Do you have anything a bit quieter?
  10. You’d like to find a cheap local restaurant. What do you ask the receptionist?
    Could you recommend a reasonably priced restaurant near here?
  11. Ask the receptionist for a taxi.
    Could you call a taxi for me, please?
  12. You make a telephone call from reception and want to pay for it when you leave. What do you ask?
    Could you put it on my bill, please?
  13. At midnight the people in the next room are talking and shouting. What do you say to them?
    Could you make a bit less noise, please? I’m trying to sleep.
  14. You close the door and it locks with your key inside the room. What do you tell the receptionist?
    Excuse me, I’ve locked myself out.
  15. What do you say at reception when you’re ready to leave?
    I’d like to check out, please.
  16. You don’t understand one of the things listed on your bill. What do you ask?
    Could you tell me what this charge is for, please?
  17. You’d like to see the sea from your room. What do you ask?
    Do you have a room with a view of the sea?
  18. You’re leaving tomorrow and want to know the latest time you can leave the room? What do you say?
    I’m leaving tomorrow. What time do I have to check out by?
  19. You want to stay three days longer. What do you ask?
    Could I extend my stay for three more days, please?
  20. You need to get up at 6 o’clock and you don’t have an alarm clock. What do you ask at reception?
    Could you give me an alarm call at 6 o’clock in the morning, please?
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