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  1. You wanted a table for you and a friend tonight at 8.00. What do you say when you ring the restaurant?
    Hello, I’d like to book a table for 2 for 8 o’clock this evening, please.
  2. What do you say when you arrive?
    Good evening. I rang earlier and reserved a table.
  3. Ask if your friend wants a first course.
    Are you having a starter?
  4. It’s an Indian restaurant and you don’t know much about the food. What do you ask the waiter?
    Could you recommend something from the menu?
  5. Ask if you need to order rice with it.
    Does it come with rice?
  6. The waiter goes away while you decide. What do you ask when you’re ready?
    Could we order, please?
  7. Order some vegetable soup.
    I’d like the vegetable soup, please.
  8. Your friend orders Chicken Korma and you want it too. What do you say to the waiter?
    I’ll have the same, please.
  9. Your food comes but the waiter doesn’t come back with the drinks. What do you say to another waiter?
    Excuse me, we ordered some drinks but they haven’t arrived.
  10. After the meal the waiter asks if you want anything else. How do you say no?
    No thank you. Could we have the bill, please?
  11. The bill includes coffee, which you didn’t have. What do you say?
    Excuse me, I think there’s been a mistake. You’ve charged us for coffee and we didn’t have any.
  12. You want to pay for your friend. How do you say this?
    Let me get this.
  13. Your friend wants to pay. How do you say that you really want to?
    No, I insist.
  14. He recommends ‘Chicken Korma’. What do you ask?
    What exactly is Chicken Korma?
  15. Your friend is determined to pay. What do you say?
    Oh, alright then, if you insist. But you must let me pay next time.
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