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  1. How do you ask to send a letter so that it’ll arrive the next day?
    Could I send this first class, please?
  2. You want to send some books to Japan but need to check it’s not too expensive. What do you ask?
    Excuse me, how much would it cost to send these books to Japan?
  3. You wrap the books later and take them to the post office. What do you say?
    Could I send this parcel to Japan, please?
  4. It’s too big to push into the post box. What do you ask the man behind the counter?
    Can I leave it with you?
  5. You go into a bank with your traveller’s cheques. What do you say to the cashier?
    I’d like to change some traveller’s cheques, please.
  6. She asks how much you want to change. You need a hundred pounds. What do you say?
    A hundred pounds worth, please.
  7. You want to know how much of your currency you have to pay for each pound. What do you ask?
    What’s the exchange rate?
  8. Ask how much the bank charges for changing the money.
    How much commission do you charge?
  9. The cashier asks “How would you like the money?” What do you say?
    4 twenties and 2 tens, please.
  10. You’d like to see ‘Cats’ on Friday night. What do you ask?
    Do you have any tickets left for ‘Cats’ on Friday night?
  11. You don’t want to spend more than £25. What do you ask?
    What do you have available under twenty five pounds?
  12. You’re offered some seats. How do you ask if they’re upstairs or downstairs?
    Are they in the circle or the stalls?
  13. You want to make sure you can see well in the seats she suggests. What do you ask?
    Do you get a good view of the stage from those seats?
  14. How do you ask if there’s an afternoon performance?
    Is there a matinee performance?
  15. Ask how much it costs to have your hair washed, cut and dried.
    How much is a cut and blow dry, please?
  16. You’d like an appointment tomorrow morning. What do you ask?
    Could you fit me in tomorrow morning?
  17. You don’t want much hair cut off. What do you say to the hairdresser?
    Just a trim, please.
  18. The hairdresser has finished, but you think it’s too long at the back. What do you ask?
    Could you take a bit more off the back, please.
  19. It costs £18. You give the hairdresser £20 and want to leave a £2 tip. What do you say?
    Keep the change.
  20. You’re sending a birthday card abroad. Ask when it will arrive.
    How long will it take to get there?
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