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  1. You see a picture of something and want to know its name in English. How do you ask?
    What do you call this in English?
  2. Your teacher says it’s ‘muggy’ today, and you don’t understand. What do you ask?
    What does ‘muggy’ mean?
  3. How do you ask for another word with a similar meaning?
    What’s another way of saying ‘muggy’?
  4. How do you ask for its opposite?
    What’s the opposite of ‘muggy’?
  5. You don’t know how to write it. What do you ask?
    How do you spell it?
  6. You read a word but don’t know how to say it. What do you ask?
    How do you pronounce this word?
  7. You’re not sure whether it’s correct to say ‘hotel’ or ‘hotel’? What do you ask?
    Is the stress on the first or the second syllable?
  8. Your teacher explains something but you don’t understand. What do you say?
    I’m sorry, could you explain that to me again?
  9. Your teacher gives you some instructions and you don’t understand everything. What do you say?
    I’m sorry, i’m not quite sure what I have to do.
  10. You need to go to the toilet. What do you ask the teacher?
    Could I leave the room a minute, please?

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Situational English
Situational English
Situational English
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