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  1. Your host asks, “Would you like a cup of tea?” How do you say yes?
    Yes please, I’d love one.
  2. You’re offered alcohol, but you’ve got your car with you. What do you say?
    I’d better not drink because I’m driving.
  3. How do you ask if you can smoke in the house?
    Do you mind if I smoke?
  4. You need to go to the toilet. What do you ask?
    Could you tell me where the toilet is?
  5. You have dinner before visiting some friends. What do you say when they ask if you want to eat with them?
    No thank you, I’ve already eaten.
  6. You make a very short visit to a friend’s house. What do you say when you arrive?
    I can’t stay long.
  7. You spend the evening at a friend’s house. What do you say a few minutes before you leave?
    I’d better be going soon.
  8. What do you say just before you get up to leave?
    Well, I really must go.
  9. You’re at someone’s house and start to feel very ill. What do you say?
    I’m afraid I don’t feel very well. Could you call a taxi for me?
  10. You arrive for dinner and can smell the food. What do you say?
    Mmm, that smells good.
  11. What do you say when the food comes to the table?
    It looks wonderful.
  12. Your host offers you some spicy food, which you don’t like. What do you say?
    No thanks, I’m not very keen on spicy food.
  13. She asks if you’d like some carrots. How do you say yes?
    Yes please, I’d love some.
  14. How do you ask someone to give you the salt at the table?
    Could you pass the salt, please?
  15. What do you say after tasting the food?
    Mmm, it’s delicious.
  16. You don’t want very much dessert. What do you say when your host offers you some?
    Could I just have a small portion, please?
  17. She offers you some more. How do you say no?
    No thank you. That was delicious, but I really couldn’t eat another thing.
  18. You’re offered more wine. How do you say you want a small amount?
    Just a drop, please.
  19. What do you say when it’s time to leave?
    Thank you for a lovely evening. The meal was wonderful.
  20. How do you ask if you can have a shower?
    Would it be alright if I had a shower?
  21. You don’t know how to use the shower. What do you ask?
    Could you show me how it works, please?
  22. It’s too cold in your room at night. What do you say?
    I’m a bit cold at night. Would it be possible to have another blanket?
  23. You break a cup. What do you say?
    I’m really sorry, I’ve broken one of your cups. Can I buy you another one?
  24. You stay with a family for 2 weeks. What do you say when you leave?
    Thank you for having me. I’ve really enjoyed my stay.
  25. Your friend drives you home. What do you say afterwards?
    Thank you. I’m sorry to cause you so much trouble.
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