Electrical System

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  1. What are the volts and amps for the Starter Generators?
    28VDC and 400 amps
  2. How many volts is the battery?
  3. How many hours is the battery rated for?
    44 amp hours, means it can deliver 1 amp for 44 hours
  4. At what temperature does the BATT O' TEMP light go on?
    145 degrees F
  5. At what temperature does the BATT O' TEMP light flash?
    160 degrees F
  6. How many amps do the Starter Generators deliver continuously to all the electrical buses?
    400 amps
  7. What is the amp overload limit on the ground?
    600 amps for 5 minutes
  8. What is the amp limit above 35,000 feet
  9. What do Generator Control Units do?
    • Differential Voltage Protection
    • Overvoltage Protection
    • Ground Fault Protection
    • Load Sharing
    • Voltage Regulation
    • Reverse Current Flow Protection
  10. What does the Hot Battery Bus connect to?
    • Basic Electrical Stuff:
    • -Volt Meter and Battery Relay

    Left and Right Starters

    • Lights (Front to Rear)
    • -Nose and Tail bag lites
    • -Exit Lites
    • -Tailcone Lites

    • Emergency Stuff
    • -Emer Power Relay
    • -Emer Lite Battery Pack
    • -ELT
  11. What is the power flow for the Emer Bus?
    From Battery

    Through Hot Battery Bus

    To Emer Bus
  12. What is on the Emer Bus?
    • Comm1
    • Nav2
    • Heading2
    • Floodlights
  13. What is the power flow on the Battery Bus both with and without a GPU?
    • Without a GPU
    • -Hot Bus to Batt Buss
    • -Through 225 amp Current Limiters
    • -To Left and Right Main Buses

    • With a GPU
    • -Power goes the other way to charge the battery
    • -Must be in BATT to charge the battery
  14. Why would you ever use the reset button on the generator switches
    To reset the generator if you had a windmilling engine
  15. What two AC voltages are provided by inverters?
    • 115VAC
    • 26VAC
  16. What's powered by the 115 VAC power?
    • ADC
    • Autopilot
    • Flight Director
    • Radar
  17. What's powered by the 26 VAC power?
  18. How do you do the inverter test?
    Move the switch to the test position and the corresponding inverter fail light should illuminate
  19. Why do we have wing inspection lights?
    They're mandatory for flight into icing
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