Hydraulics and Landing Gear

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  1. What holds gear either up or down?
    Uplock hooks and downlock hooks
  2. When you want to retract the gear, how much hydraulic pressure is required to release the downlocks?
    350 lbs
  3. What kind of hydraulic system do we have?
    Open Center
  4. What operates off the hydraulic system?
    • Gear
    • Speedbrakes
    • Reversers
  5. How much pressure is in the hydraulic system?
    1500 lbs
  6. When does the HYD LEVEL LO light come on?
    at .2 gal
  7. At what temperature does Skydrol decompose into acid?
    270 degrees F
  8. What is the Emergency Gear Extension Procedure?
    • Slow to 150
    • Gear Down
    • Pull T Handle and Twist
    • Blow Down by pulling knob behind T Handle
  9. When does anti-skid disengage
    at 12 knots
  10. When does locked-wheel crossover protection stop?
    Below 40 knots
  11. Does using the parking brake have any effect on brake cool-down time?
    Yes, it increases brake cool down time because it locks fluid in the lines to the hot brakes
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