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  1. conjugate reddO (indicative)
    reddO    reddimus

    reddis    redditis

    reddit    reddunt
  2. conjugate PrOcEdO (subjunctive)
    prOcEdam    prOcEdAmus

    prOcEdAs    prOcEdAtis

    prOcEdat    prOcEdant
  3. conjugate sum (indicative)
    sum    sumus

    es      estis

    est     sunt
  4. conjugate possum (subjunctive)
    possim    possImus

    possIs    possItis

    possit    possint
  5. decline virtUs, virtUtis, singular
    Nominative   virtUs

    Genitive       virtUtis

    Dative          virtUtI

    Accusative     virtUtem

    Ablative        virtUte
  6. decline virtUs, virtUtis,plural
    Nominative    virtUtEs

    Genitive        virtUtum

    Dative           virtUibus

    Accusative     virtUtEs

    Ablative         virtUtibus
  7. case, number and translation of vEritAtis
    genitive singular, of the truth
  8. case, number and translation of lUce
    ablative singular, by/with/from the light
  9. case, number and translation of mIlitEs
    nominative plural, the soldiers verb OR accusative plural, verb the soldiers
  10. case, number and translation of mIlitum
    genitive plural, of the soldiers
  11. case, number and translation of Caesaris
    genitive singular, of Caesar
  12. case, number and translation of mEnsibus
    dative plural, to/for the months OR ablative plural, by/with/from the months
  13. case, number and translation of vEritAtI
    dative singular, to/for the truth
  14. case, number and translation of CaesarI
    dative singular, to/for Caesar
  15. case, number and translation of lUcum
    genitive plural, of the lights
  16. case, number and translation of virtUte
    ablative singular, by/with/from strength
  17. Caesar's soldiers are conquering.
    MIlitEs Caesaris vincunt.
  18. Caesar speaks the truth to the soldier.
    Caesar mIlitI dIcit vEritAtem.
  19. Let us advance!
  20. Let truth be the light of the mind.
    Sit vEritAs lUx mentis.
  21. The soldiers' strength is great.
    VertUs mIlitum est magna.
  22. The woman is learning by the strength of (her) mind.
    Mentis virtUte discit mulier.
  23. Render (plural) praise to Caesar1
    CaesarI laudem reddite!
  24. Let us render praise to the truth!
    ReddAmus laudem vEritAtI.
  25. The soldiers cannot deceive Caesar.
    Caesarem dEcipere mIlitEs nOn possunt.
  26. We are not able to learn the truth.
    VEritAtem discere nOn possumus.

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