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  1. Defense Mechanism) What 2 belong at level 1, Psychotic?

  2. Defense Mechanism) which 6 belong to level 2, immature
    -acting out




    -passive aggression

    -wishful thinking
  3. Defense Mechanism) Which 7 belong to level 3, neurotic?






  4. Defense Mechanism) which 5 belong to level 4, mature?


    -thought supression


    -emotional regulation
  5. after freud) 3 characteristics of ego analysis
    -control over environment

    -finding ways of meeting one's needs

    -focus on individual's current living conditions and sometimes delve deep
  6. after freud) Ego has it’s own needs and energies that are separate from the ID- what were 3 principles behind Karen Horney's theory?


  7. After freud) Ego has it’s own needs and energies that are separate from the ID- which Erikson theory fell under this category?
    his stages of development
  8. Brief psychodynamic therapy) 5 characteristics of this therapy
    -assessment rapid and early

    • -therapist takes a more active role
    • *asks more questions instead of waiting for the clues to surface about whatever is bothering the person

    • -therapy limited, quick results
    • *cure vs help

    -goals are concrete and focus

    • -role of transference
    • *they do not spend much time with this only if it arises.
  9. What are the 3 psychodynamic theories it follows?
    -childhood experiences help shape adult personality

    -there are unconscious influences on our behavior

    -the causes and purposes of human behavior is not always clear.
  10. What is ID based on?
    instinctual principle
  11. What is ego based on?
    reality principle
  12. what is superego based on?
    conscience principle
  13. What is significant about the stages of psychosexual development?
    personality is fixed in childhood interactions, if they overcome the fixation then they can progress to become a fully mature adult. If not, they will become fixated to that stage when they grow up
  14. What is significant about Erikson's theory?
    personality is not fixed in childhood rather it keeps evolving as the person gets older. At every stage, one has to overcome the stage.
  15. Freudian Psychoanalysis) What is insight?
    bring unconscious material into conscious
  16. Freudian Psychoanalysis) what does free association tell us?
    interpretation used to suggest hidden meanings
  17. Freudian Psychoanalysis) What should the therapist balance out when building a relationship with their client?
    countertransference and transference
  18. Freudian Psychoanalysis) What 4 things are important ?

    -free association

    -balancing countertransference and transference when building a relationship

    -replacing defense mechanisms
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