Vascular organization of the CNS

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  1. What is the arterial supply to the brain, what does it supply and how does it enter?
    • Vertebral artery courses in transverse foramina and then enters the skull throughout the foramen magnum. It si the primary blood supply to medulla, pons and midbrain. 
    • Internal carotid artery enters through the carotid canal located below the cavity of the midldle ear and it is the primary blood supply to the diencephalon and cerebral cortex
  2. Incidence of ________ following a report of aortic aneurisms why?
    Paraplegia due to inadequate blood in the ventral portion of the vertebrae.
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  11. What is the vascular supply to the medulla and the spinal cord?
    vertebral artery and its branches including posterior inferior cerebellar a and posterior and anterior spinal a
  12. What is the vascular supply to the pons?
    basilar via the pontine a and long circumferential
  13. What is the vascular supply of the telencephalon>
    minddle cerebral a, anterior cerebral a and posterior cerebral a
  14. What is the vascularization of the cerebellum?
    vertebral artery vua hthe posterior inferior cerebellar and anterior inferior cerebellar and basilar via the superior cerebellar
  15. What is the vascular supply of the midbrain?
    basilar via the posterior cerebral a and posterior communicating a
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