Domain 4 - Printers

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  1. Describe how a laser printer works.
    Laser printers use a laser to charge a metal drum.  The drum then picks up plastic toner, and the toner is fused onto the paper using rollers and heat.
  2. Describe how a dot matrix printer works.
    Dot matrix printers use tractor feed to pull paper through printer.  Print head strikes ink ribbon, pressing ink into paper.  Platen is metal plate behind printer ribbon that is necessary for force of pins striking paper.
  3. Describe how an inkjet printer works.
    Droplets of ink travel through nozzles and are propelled onto paper
  4. Describe how a thermal inkjet printer works.
    Thermal inkjet (aka bubble jet) printer heats ink in printhead nozzles.  This causes ink to boil and expel itself from nozzle.
  5. What does a developing roller do?
    In a laser printer, applies toner to drum, causing toner to stick to charged areas
  6. What does a transfer corona do?
    In a laser printer, the transfer corona (aka secondary corona) charges paper to attract toner
  7. What does a primary corona do?
    In a laser printer, the primary (aka charge) corona charges drum to prepare it for writing.  The primary corona can be wires or rollers.
  8. What do fusing rollers do?
    In a laser printer, fusing rollers attach toner to paper by pressing and melting it.
  9. Describe how a solid ink printer works.
    • They melt an ink stick onto a print head that is transferred to a drum in liquid form, where it
    • is applied to paper and dries.
  10. Describe how a direct thermal printer works.
    Special thermal paper passes over the thermal print head and turns black where heat is applied.
  11. When would you recommend a solid ink printer?
    Solid ink printers typically produce high speed, high quality images on a wide variety of media at relatively inexpensive prices.  They cannot produce images on photographic paper, but can produce high quality photographic images.
  12. When would you recommend a dye sublimation printer?
    Dye sublimation printers produce images by heating colored dye to a gas then transferring gas to paper, where it cools and solidifies. This process is ideal for producing photographic quality images on a variety of media.  They are typically more expensive than other printers, use special paper, and take over one minute to produce a single page.
  13. What would you use Printer Properties for?
    view drivers used by printer; also view port, user permissions, and color management profiles
  14. What would you use Print Server Properties for?
    View all printer ports used by computer; also view print drivers on system, drivers required by network users, notifications, and spooler location
  15. What is Print Spooling Service?
    Software process that captures print jobs from apps, places them in print queue, and sends print job to print device
  16. What is Print Queue?
    Location on hard disk where jobs are stored until they are sent to printer
  17. You have a 64-bit Windows 7 workstation with 3 shared printers.  You want to add drivers for 32-bit version.  What do you do?
    Add drivers to print server in Print Management.  Drivers are automatically downloaded when clients connect to the corresponding printer.
  18. On a network printer, you cannot delete another user’s job.  Why not?
    You do not have Manage Documents permission.
  19. What is Manage Documents permission?
    Can manage all documents in queue, including deleting other users' jobs.
  20. What is Print permission?
    Can print and manage own documents, but not others'.
  21. What is Manage Printer permission?
    Can edit printer properties and pause printer, but cannot manage documents.
  22. You have a printer installed on a workstation with 64-bit Windows 7.  Local printer is connected with USB so that other users can share.  32-bit users can’t install driver for shared printer, but 64-bit users are fine.  How do you fix this?
    On your computer, add x86 drivers or manually install correct driver on each computer that is having problem.
  23. What are most common printer languages?
    • PCL (Print Control Language) = HP
    • Adobe PostScript = Adobe

    Early printers used Escape Codes
  24. How can you connect a printer to an Ethernet network?
    Some printers have network card. Or you can connect printer to network using an external printer server, which is gateway between printer and network.
  25. Your dot matrix printer is jamming; the paper is accordion jamming when it exits the printer.  What can you do?
    Install a maintenance kit.  Accordion jams are caused by worn rollers.  Replacements are found in maintenance kits.
  26. What problem is common for dot matrix printers?
    Paper scraps are caught in feed mechanism
  27. You have just installed maintenance kit on laser printer.  What do you do next?
    Reset page count.
  28. You have just installed maintenance kit on dot matrix printer.  What do you do next?
    Check gap between printer head and paper to avoid images becoming faint.
  29. Inkjet printer is printing letters with missing lines or pictures with missing colors and/or gaps. What should you do?
    Use automatic cleaning feature; nozzles sometimes become clogged, preventing ink from leaving nozzle and reaching paper.
  30. You just replaced print cartridge on inkjet printer.  What should you do next?
    Calibrate printer.
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