World Civics

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  1. Essay Concerning Human Understanding
    John Locke
  2. Tabula Rasa
    Blank Tablet
  3. Magistrate
    Judge in a lower court that typically deals with misdemeanors
  4. Social Contract
  5. Hierarchy
    agreement of power
  6. Salon
    fashionable assembly if notables, literally figures, and artist held in the home of a prominent person
  7. Jesuits
    catholic missionaries that were dedicated to missions and educated work

    A member of the Roman Catholitic Society of Jesus found by St. Ignatius Loyla in 1534
  8. Individualism
    Belief that religion exist of the individule, who must not be constrained by organized religious laws
  9. Predestination
    Doctrine that ones eternal path is preset by god
  10. Nuclear Family
    Immediate family in the house
  11. Extended Family
    Multi-generational family.
  12. Ostracism
    exclude from group by common concent
  13. Wet Nurses
    A woman who is paid to care and suckle a child that's not her own.
  14. Overlaying
    Parent rolling over a child in a shared bed.
  15. Infantcide
    Killing of an infant
  16. Foundling
    An infant that had been abandoned by their parents at birth
  17. Swaddling
    A narrow strip of cloth wrapped around an infant to restrict movement
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