US History 2

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  1. America went through a massive growth expansion,
    and became the richest country in the world. A lot of raw material iron an
    coal. Had a large and growing work population. Surge of technological
    innovation. An immersion of a group of talented entrepreneurs. A growing
    domestic to buy products.
    1. Industrial Growth:
  2. first commercially useful telephone.
    2.Alexander Graham Bell:
  3. 1,093 patents in his name. light bulb, Dictaphone, movie projector, America’s greatest inventor. Menlo Park, New Jersey lab was.
    3. Thomas A. Edison:
  4. two different men one English one American developed the produce of make making steel. By blowing air into the steel to remove the impurities in the molten iron. Silverware, buildings, cars, battleships,  farming equipment. Bridges.
    4.Bessemer-Kelly Method:
  5. Abram Hewitt made another method of changing iron into steel.
    5. Open-Hearth Method:
  6. established the first oil well in Pennsylvania. In 1859.
    • 6. Edwin L. Drake:
  7. packaged meats, a meat packing company. Refrigerated box cars.
    7. Gustavus Swift:
  8. bicycle mechanics that made the first airplane that flew and that they survived. Knew how to fly before they flew the first airplane.
    8.  Wright Brothers:
  9. first American gasoline driven car.
    9. Charles and Frank Duryea:
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