Closed Kinetic Chain

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  1. CKC
    • Multiple joints
    • predictable patterns
    • distal end fixed
    • eccentric co-contraction
    • decrease shearing
    • increase joint compression, stability and proprioception
  2. Intro to CKC
    • Predictable movement of one joint based on movement of other joints
    • Terminal joints meet considerable external resistance which prohibits or restrains free motion
    • Progressed in 80s for safe quad rehab in ACL reconstruction pts
    • Iso knee extention (0and20) more strain on ACL than biking and walking
    • SAQ 30-0 high PF compression compared to partial aquat in same range
  3. Functional CKC testing
    • WB excursion tests
    • B and U squat test
    • Balance reach test
    • Step up/down
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